Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Obama Decides Not To Release Yemeni Terrorists at Gitmo Back to Yemen

It appears that Obama is having second thoughts on sending the 97 Yemenis who are currently at Gitmo back to Yemen. Good! The Obama administration is now concerned about the strong presence of Al-Qaeda in Yemen and the growing number of terrorists attacks there. And that President Saleh's corrupt regime has been deteriorating for quite awhile now for many reasons. And one of those reasons is that Saleh uses Al-Qaeda to further his own agenda when he deems it necessary. Salehs two face behaviors has been well know for years. But every new American president thinks he will be the one to beat Saleh at his own crooked game. They don't. Period. Saleh has always came out the winner and the American presidents with egg all over their faces. So maybe Obama is not going to play Saleh's game after all! At least to a point.

President Saleh of Yemen has had history of releasing know terrorists as soon as he gets them back from other countries, and or they always conveniently escape prison. No-one in his government can explain all of these mysterious Jihadist escapes from Saleh's prisons, and remains mystified at all these escapes.

Obama has been having one heck of a time in finding any countries who will accept the Yemeni terrorists making things even more difficult for the Obama administration.

Joanne Mariner, the director of Human Rights Watch Group has said that a Senior Yemeni Official claimed that Yemen would need some serious money from Obama to reeducate and to make the terrorists comfy once they are back home. Like One Million Bucks for each terrorist! That's like 97 million dollars. Whoa! And only for the terrorists to return back to Al-Qaeda after their Rehab like the majority of them have, is a ton of wasted money.

So at the present time it looks as if the Yemeni terrorists will be guests in American Federal prisons. That's if Obama can find a state that will accept them. Many Governors don't want them and or the risks that go with having them. Can't blame them either.

But all and all it is a good thing that Obama is not going to send the Yemeni terrorists back to Yemen. Now if only he will reconsider on keeping Guantanamo open. The only people who would be angry are the liberals, and the terrorists buddies. The terrorists themselves would even be happy. I mean the weather is great at Gitmo, the view is excellent and beautiful. They get everything they need, and want for nothing. Except their freedom.

Whenever I saw the terrorists at Gitmo they were all happy campers. Big old grins on their faces, healthy tans, clean and lightweight jumpsuits with comfortable sandals. The perfect attire for a holiday setting on a beautiful island. And yes they had their Korans and their skull caps too. Sometimes I just think the liberals are jealous and want Gitmo closed down because they can't go there too. click on title for source