Tuesday, June 28, 2011

European Parliament Requests United States Not To Give Cole Bomber the Death Penalty

  Various European nations which make up the European Parliament are asking the United States Government not to give the death penalty to al-Nashiri when and if he ever stands trial at Gitmo. These nations have much more confidence in the Obama administration than I do if they actually think that Obama and his liberal friends would allow a terrorist to receive the death penalty here in America. It want happen. Period. If he were to receive the death penalty he would die an old man before it could ever be carried out. The liberals in this country would have massive brain hemorrhaging at hearing such tragic news about a know terrorist who has murdered their fellow Americans.
  I just don't see that happening for al-Nashiri and or any other terrorist tried in a federal court, and or at the Tribunals. Of course he more than deserves the death penalty plus much, much more in my book. But I care more for the victims than the killers. Unfortunately in our society today, its usually the killers who get the most press and media attention, and not the victims. After all the victims were murdered and now gone, and an empty chair in the courtoom does not make for good entertainment. its much easier for the press to focus their efforts on the killer and how that creep is now the real victim. And then the terrorists always have their liberal friends who will go to any lengths to ensure that the killers are not held accountable for their crimes against humanity.
 We were surprised when al-buhul got a life sentence at Gitmo when we testified against him back in 2008 at Gitmo. The liberals immediately went ballistic upon hearing the verdict. We knew that the liberals would attempt to get his verdict overturned, and or reduced. And that is exactly what they have been trying to do since his conviction. There is this one team on liberal lawyers who have come together "to correct the injustice" that was inflicted on al-buhul in recieving such a harsh sentence.This team of lawyers is only one group of many liberals working hard to protect a terrorist who actions played a big part in recruiting more psychos to kill innocent people.
  If some Americans had tried to protect the Nazis back in WWII like the liberals have and are doing now with the terrorists at Gitmo they would have been thrown in prison for treason. But not today. Instead the liberals are supported in their efforts by many in the press and media, and of course our own government. The liberals effectively waged a propaganda war against Gitmo during the Bush years, and then thier liberal judges helped them in their fight to stop and or slow down the Tribunals tremendously. And of course along came Obama who had the the laws re-vamped so as to ensure more protection for the terrorists, and does everything in his power to stop the Tribunals, and close Gitmo as well. I only wish that the victims and their families had as powerful allies as the liberals do.
  And now al-Nashiri has the European Parliament in his corner as well. And since Obama loves everything European I see no reason as to why he would not feel like they do when it come to the death penalty for a terrorist who murdered his fellow citizens. He has to keep to keep his liberal base which is approximately twenty percent of the population happy so as to get their votes.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Presidents, Politicans, and the Press and the Dangerous Games They Play

The other nite we were watching Bill O'Riley as he was protesting the Pakistan arrest of the five informants that helped American Forces to bring down Bin laden. And how our own government needs to get tough with Pakistan for such a blatant act of sabotage in the war on terror. And that's not  mentioning all the other backstabbing activities that the Pakistani government has been engaged in while our military men and women die not only for them, but for the Afghanistan Government too. And of course the Afghan government is just as guilty as the Pakistanis are when it comes to taking our money, arms, and the use of our military personnel, and then turn right around get caught helping the enemy. But even when our so called allies are caught repeatedly at deceiving us, and actually helping our enemies little if any negative consequences are taken against them.
  Especially with the War on Terror, and all the seedy and undesirable allies that our leaders crawl into bed with on a regular basis.  So why was Bill bemoaning these common practices of our leaders? Especially when Obama, Bush, and Clinton have all looked the other way when our fair weathered allies are caught red handed in helping the enemy. And why the silence of our press, and the media when these nefarious behaviours are discovered? Oh the press may report such actions as a minor blip on the radar screen, but for the most part they go unnoticed and under reported by our press.
  Like I have mentioned earlier, its no secret that our government has sold military men, and women down the river along with American civilians on many occasions when the need suited our spineless leaders agenda. Translation: Our leaders always measured the size of the threat to their political careers as opposed to the nation when they make a decision to sell out our fellow Americans. Then they cloak that decision and behavior as the necessary and patriotic thing to do. And then their  supporters on the far left and the far right whatever the case may be, supports their cowardly behaviors while waving the American flag.  And there by ensuring that future presidents/politicians will continue to demonstrate the same selfishness and self-centerness in their political decisions. I am not saying all Americans by any means. Only those Americans who are blinded by their misplaced loyalty to their political man/woman, and or their party agenda. Notice I say loyalty to their man/woman, and party and not to the country itself.
  If Bill is so concerned along with the rest of the press on how we are being double crossed by the Pakistanis, then where was his and the rest of the media's concern and anger for Gaddafi of Libya, and Saleh of Yemen double crossing behaviors and our own governments acceptance of those behaviors?
   Why was our government allowed to sell out the 17 America sailors, and 39 more wounded to dictator Saleh who protected their killers during and after the FBI investigation, and went on to free them? And some of those terrorists went straight back to Al-Qaeda. Where was Bill and the press when Bush and Obama both sent terrorists from Gitmo back to Saleh of Yemen.  Some of those released scumbags went on to help form the new and improved Al-Qaeda in Yemen that our government is helping to fight in Yemen right at this very moment. Total friking insanity! Our government is now fighting the very terrorists that they freed, and Saleh of Yemen released!  Yet not one word in the press about any of this madness that three presidents helped to create in their blinded desires to get Saleh to play by their rules. Instead all the press can do us is tell us what a great friend Saleh has been for us in the war on terror. And his help in fighting Al-Qaeda in Yemen. But they never mention how Al-Qaeda in Yemen was allowed to grow so big in the first place. If that's not pure propaganda BS, I don't know what is.
  And now we have another undeclared war in Libya. Our government has know for years that the psycho Gaddafi was behind the bombings of Flight 103(270 killed), Flight 772(171 killed), and the Disco Bombing, (3) killed, for years. Not all the victims were Americans, but many were.  Only Reagan took any action against Gaddafi. While in 2008 Bush proclaimed to the world that Gaddafi was welcomed back into the arms of the civilized world, and was taken off the list of countries that support terrorism. That Gaddafi's was all better now! A cured dictator! And that our rehabilitated dictator friend was going to open his oil fields up for us too!  Everyone celebrated! Except for Gaddafi's victims, their families, and friends who were screwed and forgotten by their own government again. And some Americans who knew that evil people can change their clothes, but not beliefs. And surprise! Surprise! Because in less than two years the repented and rehabilitated Gaddafi  began another killing spree, but he started killing his own people this time around. So Obama immediately claims that all the circumstantial evidence in all the bombings against Gaddafi is now concrete evidence!! That Gaddafi really did kill all those Americans and other people from different nations years ago! And now its time to go to war against this madman! That justice calls for it! But we are doing it for the Libya people and the war on terror too! While many Americans just shake their heads in disbelief, and disgust at the behaviors of our leaders again. While our own press swallows this line of crap hook line and sinker.
   I think Obama saw how well  Bush had gotten away with declaring that Bin laden had in fact been responsible for the Cole attack, but only after the 9/11 attack. Bush had stated for 10 months that no evidence existed to connect Bin laden to the Cole attack, and that's why no action could be taken. But 9/11 gave him an opportunity to finally speak the truth and not risk his political career. The timing was perfect! The American people were fired up and wanted revenge! And rightly so. So why not fire them up some more by finally admitting that it was old Bin laden all along who had attacked the Cole.  So Obama must have figured that the same strategy would work for him too. And it did. It was encouraging to hear other Americans tell me, "Can you believe it! Obama done went and pulled a Bush trick." But it was and is still sad to see how our leaders will forget our murdered American friends, and family members only to see them pull out the victims later to use them for their political agenda. Same despicable trick, different president.
  Yet little if any mention of this repeated insanity from our own press, and talking heads. Maybe it's collective amnesia on the part of our press. Or maybe its their own guilt showing. Or maybe, and much more likely its because if they pick one president or party to expose and demand solutions, the other side will point out that their man/woman is just as guilty of doing nothing for small groups of Americans that are murdered by terrorists, and or military members who lives are threatened and some even killed due to our politicians refusal to put Americans and our country first, instead of their damn political careers. So the press just keeps quite, and reports the official line from our government. Not the truth.
  And so our presidents, politicians, and the press all keep playing the same game. Its called "Lets Ignore the Elephant in the Living Room".  Old Bill O'Riley also stated that if we accept corruption in our leaders and government that we will fall apart, and cease to exist as a nation like the Roman Empire. He is absolutely right on that remark. History has demonstrated that fact with other societies as well.
 But Bill left out an extremely important fact. That his own profession, the press and the media have to remain as neutral as possible in a free society. That they cannot take sides like what we now see here in America. That presidents and politicians need to be held accountable for disastrous decisions like the continued funding and support of dictators with the blood of Americans on their hands. And that the press has a duty to research our governments reasons as to why it supports, these corrupt regimes, and individuals and report those results to the American public. Instead of being a mouth piece for our own government's official stance on these brutal dictatorships, and governments that are riddled with corruption. Our democracy cannot continue to exist without a free press. Because corruption and costly mistakes will become an everyday occurrence. Some say that time is already here.
  I have actually know some people who cannot stand the idea of a president being held responsible for something like what has been allowed to transpire with the Pakistan, Afghans, Libya, and Yemen Governments. Granted they are normally both the hard core left and right. They believe its best to keep our dirty laundry to ourselves. But these people and their argument make my point for me. Just look at how our presidents and politicians create their own worst nightmares, and ours too time and time again. In a dictatorship we would have no chose but to accept the mistakes of our leaders. Mistakes that cost the lives of thousands of people. But we are supposed to have a democracy, where the press is one of its strongest guardians. Where a free press shines the light of truth on the dark secrets and mistakes that some of our leaders would rather keep to themselves so they don't have to be held accountable for their actions. Instead we the public get these pseudo governmental investigations that always end the same way. That yes there were some mistakes, but those mistakes were and are too diffuse to hold anyone accountable for. But the committees that investigate the mistakes are always other politicians, and people connected too politicians. Kinda like crooks investigating each other.
   Saleh's regime has helped Al-Qaeda to grow and prosper in Yemen along with our own governments willing help along the way and  Gaddafi of Libya murdered innocent Americans and was given a free pass for years and then even rewarded for his crimes with Libya being removed from the list of countries that support terrorism, and then given oil contracts and or the Pakistan/Afghan governments and their friendly behaviors towards bin laden, Al-Qaeda, and the Taliban while our own military bleeds for their governments, and ours. Yet where is the outrage from the press?
    I only know that as Americans if we continue to allow our leaders to continue to make the kind of decisions that they have been making with these despots, and governments riddled with corruption and sympathy for our enemies then our nation will continue to suffer greatly. That more young military men and women, and civilians will die for the stupid and selfish mistakes of our presidents and politicians.
   Presidents and politicians are no better than you or me. They are not Gods and or Kings and Queens like in days of old. And they are not dictators, even though as of late some people  have a good argument that they are close to getting there. And we are not their subjects, but Americans who pay their salary. They all need to be reminded of that in a serious way by being held accountable for serious mistakes.  Especially when those mistakes cost the lives of our service personnel, and innocent Americans. Like the old Bob Dylan song "We all have to serve somebody, no matter who we are."  And if we the average Joe and Jane were to make the same mistakes in our jobs over and over, we would be fired for incompetency, and dereliction of duty. Unfortunately Our presidents and politicians are not even held to the same standards that we as citizens are. In reality they would be held to a much higher level of responsibility.  They need to know that the blood of our soldiers, sailors, and airmen is not to be squandered in the same manner as they waste our tax money, and will not be tolerated.
   Not like now, where we were all promised that investigations would be held, and those responsible for all the mistakes leading up to the attack on the USS Cole, and 9/11 would have to answer for those mistakes. But in the final analysis, not one president, and or one single politician had to answer for anything at all. Business as usual.
  They all rushed to protect each other regardless of their party affiliation in the aftermath of 9/11. Many of our presidents and politicians initial mistakes have grown exponentially over the years. And now here we are 10 years later and they are still repeating some of those same mistakes over and over and which are responsible for many of our country's present predicaments, and the loss of American lives. While our press remains silent for the most part, unless they can make the mistake political and go after only one party. Again, business as usual.
  So in the end it will not be an external enemy that brings down the once late and great America, but the  unwillingness of our presidents, and politicians refusal to not only govern in a responsible manner, but to hold themselves accountable for all their choices, the good ones as well as the bad ones. And the press who only sees what they are told unless it can benefit their favorite political party. And us as American citizens who would rather keep our favorite man/woman in office then admit that he/she made some serious mistakes, and needs to face the consequences and have their mistakes corrected. And or the fear that we can't punish our man/woman because the other party will take their place in office. So in the end we all lose because of our selfishness to have it our way, and not whats best for the nation in the long run.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Why Does Our Government Continue To Protect Saleh of Yemen Who Has Protected Terrorists Who Helped With The USS Cole and 9/11 Attack?

Our governments continued attempts at protecting President Saleh of Yemen even as Saleh has lost his grip on power is one of the most insulting, and disgraceful acts that I have seen our government do in a long time.  And these disgraceful  acts continue to this present day. Our governments coddling of Saleh insults not only the 18 murdered sailors of the Cole attack, but all of the people who were murdered on 9/11, and every other American.  And that is disgraceful, no two ways about it.
 Fahad al-Quso is one of the terrorists who helped with the attack on the USS Cole, and  also was in attendance at the 2000 al-Qaeda summit in Malaysia where the attacks on a Navy ship and the 9/11 attacks were planned. After the attack on the Cole al-Quso was caught in Yemen, but he was protected by Saleh's government. When the FBI arrived to interview him they saw a Yemeni Colonel kiss al-Quso on both cheeks. This is a recognized signal that al-Quso was protected by the Yemeni government. Of course Saleh freeing al-Quso is a big giveaway too and it shows that he has always had a soft spot for terrorists who kill Americans.
 Suffice to say al-Quso did not fess up to all that he knew to the FBI. And why should he have, he had the protection of President Saleh, and Saleh had Ambassador Bodine in his corner as well, protecting him from the FBI requests that they have access to members of Saleh's family, and government for questioning.  The FBI had their hands tied by the Clinton administration when Clinton sided with Bodine, and refused to back the FBI.  Skip ahead to after the 9/11 attack approximately 10 months later. Now our government finally gets serious after thousands of innocent Americans have been murdered.  That attack finally got Bush to reconsider his previous idea to just forget about the Cole attack. So Bush  gives the go ahead to all the agencies to fire the Cole investigation back up, and get serious with the old dictator Saleh of Yemen and to send him the message, "You will cooperate, or else."  And low and behold they find all the evidence that was there to find immediately after the Cole attack. But this time the FBI were not blocked by Saleh's goons, and Ambassador Bodine. The pieces of the puzzle started to fall together. Yeah I know, 10months late and thousands more Americans murdered, but who's counting right?  Bush was finally ready to take off the kid gloves in dealing with the backstabbing and lying Saleh. And he got results too. Its just a damn shame that our leaders did not take that same kind of action after 17 sailors were murdered, but had to wait for the American body count to increase before they found their political nerve  to confront the scumbag Saleh to get him to let the FBI and other security agencies conduct a proper investigation. To a point that is. Saleh, his family, and goons were still not included in the investigation. But Saleh makes all kinds of promises to Bush to be good in the future and to cooperate with our government in the new war on terror. And Bush believes him!
 So then we fast forward to 2003 when al-quso, al-bedawi, and some other Cole bombers are tried in Saleh's puppet Courts. Their sentences varied from three years to life. Don't fret liberals! They were all eventually freed, and some went on to fight our troops in Iraq, and to hook back up with their old playmates, Al-Qaeda.  The Bush administration proclaims its a great day for all Americans, and free peoples of the world! But it was all a cruel joke. And we knew it. We wrote Bush and told him exactly what Saleh would do, that he would free them by any means necessary after the show trial. Which of course he did. Any idiot could have foreseen that outcome based on Saleh's long history with Al-Qaeda. As of today no Cole bomber is in prison. They were all freed by means of escape, and or given their freedom by President Saleh of Yemen.
 In 2007 al-Quso was secretly released by Saleh. Our government made a few obligatory feeble protests, and left it at that.  Except for their continued support of one of the most devious and diabolical men you can name, nothing has changed. A man who has been caught repeatedly aiding and abetting al-Qaeda. Which brings to mind one of those old statements that Bush used to make when he was riding high on the country's enthusiasm for the war."Any country and or man who aids al-Qaeda is no friend of ours. And they will pay for helping them..... You are either with us, or against us!" But Saleh must never have gottne the memo on those threats, and or he was excluded.
 Either way Saleh has never been held accountable.  Only rewarded time and time again. And us Americans have been the ones paying Saleh now for over 10 years!  We Americans have made him, his family, and cronies rich with American dollars, while they in return have continue to protect the killers of 18 American sailors, and al-Quso who was involved in both attacks.
  And while our news media here in American continues to tout our governments line that "Saleh is our ally." Even Fox news who will usually go the extra mile in obtaining their facts does not deviate from that line. There is one exception, Neil Cavuto who has at least made the effort to get our side of the story out to the public. For which we will be forever grateful too.
  I have not even heard of any reports here in American how Saleh's soldiers are using military equipment that was bought and paid for by our government to murder his own people as they fight to rid their country of the evil Saleh, family, and friends. Our own government is still living a big lie. And our media has bought it hook, line and sinker.
   How anyone can discuss the current state of affairs in Yemen with-out bringing up the the attack on the USS Cole, and 9/11 is mindbogglingly to say the least. Before the Cole attack Yemen was just another backwater country that no-one knew anything about. And after the Cole attack our government tried successfully to keep the American people in the dark about Yemen's brutal dictator, and all of his dealings with Al-Qaeda as they started funneling money, arms and equipment to Saleh's regime. They always focused on his so called one and only positive trait, he took their money so they could have limited access to go after al-Qaeda. And now our government is doing damage control. They backed a tyrant for over 10 years, and ignore his crimes not only against his own people but against 17American sailors, now 18. And 39 wounded as well. 
 Both our government, and Saleh's evil alliance is coming to its rightful conclusion. Saleh has been seriously wounded and is out of the country. With any luck he will die from his wounds. I suspect that the opposition  will take full advantage of his absence and take their country back from Saleh, and his goons. Good for them! While Obama will have to look for a new and willing partner to help him in his war against the al-Qaeda elements within Yemen. If he can find one after the way that not only Obama, but Clinton, and Bush treated the opposition.
 Obama could have made a great start with the opposition parties by agreeing to their demands that Saleh stand trial for all of the atrocities against the Yemeni people. But instead he chose to try and save his old friend repeatedly from what he deserved thereby  ccompounding years of mistakes made by three different presidents in dealing with Yemen. Yemen is of vital interest to America. It could easily become an even bigger Al-Qaeda stronghold than it already is.  And who helped to swell the ranks of Al-Qaeda in Yemen? Our good and trusted ally Saleh, as our own government pretended not to notice his double crossing actions, and or made excuses for them. In the past 10 years Saleh has released hundreds of terrorists including the Cole bombers so they could pick up where they left off. The Killing of innocent people. And in that process the released terrorists built one of the strongest Al-Qaeda units in the Middle East.  His and our own government's program of "catch and release" is the one of the reasons that our government is now helping Saleh to fight in Yemen.  Total insanity. Giving new and potent meaning to the age old adage, "that with friends like Saleh, we don't need enemies."  For 10 years now our government saw only the so called strongman Saleh that they could deal with. In reality Saleh was nothing but a devious and sly straw man at the head of a regime that was rotten to the core and using our government as a means to it's continued and worthless existence. Yet our presidents refused to take off their blinders, and too listen to any other ideas about supporting any other potential leaders in Yemen. All the while lying to the Cole victims families and all Americans just so they could continue with their backroom deals with Saleh, and his goons.
 Our government along with the help of Saleh has done an excellent job of  ensuring that little or no justice will come to those terrorists who murdered 18 American Sailors, and wounded 39 others. Three American Presidents all had their excuses why nothing could be ever be done, and never was. But in the end both Clinton and Bush ensured that 9/11 would be an eventuality by their lack of action after the Cole attack. And then Bush and Obama's continued support for the evil dictator Saleh led to all the murderers being freed, and staying free. And that Al-Qeada would only continue to grown and prosper in Yemen. And now they are doing all they can again to keep anything about Yemen out of the news, and to clean up the mess that they all helped to create by getting in bed with Saleh. And to add another insult to the growing list, they are going to let Saleh and his family get away with all their ill gotten riches at the expense of the Yemeni people, and the murdered sailors from the USS Cole.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saleh of Yemen Wounded! Obama Tries Again To Save the Old Dictator

Will President Saleh the old dictator of Yemen and ex-friend of Clinton, Bush, and Obama finally take that get out of town card for free that Obama and crew have been trying to give him? Especially since it was just reported that he has been wounded in an attack at a mosque at the presidential palace. The attack was launched by tribesmen who have sided with the youth and the majority of Yemen's population that want Saleh, his family, and cronies to stand trail for his brutal dictatorship for the past 30 years. Three American presidents have all worked hard at keeping the corrupt dictator in power for various reasons. But with even all the money, weapons, and military equipment that three administrations have given Saleh's regime, the Yemeni people will not be deterred from seeking his ouster from office any longer. The Yemenis are bound and determined to have a democracy.
  The attack was well timed, and not only hit Saleh, but some of his most trusted croonies. The prime minister, two deputy prime ministers, the heads of two houses of parliament, and the governor of Sanaa were all wounded. As of now no reports have surfaced as to how serious Saleh's wounds are, and if he will die from them.
  Even if Saleh recovers from his wounds and lives he will be in even worse shape politically than he is now. More of his fair weathered friends will no doubt desert him to join the ranks of the opposition, and or get out of the country before they wind up swinging from lampposts. This latest attack not only wounded Saleh and some of his top people, but there is more than a good chance that it smashed the belief that some of his hardcore supporters were holding onto that Saleh was untouchable.
 Obama's Homeland Security Advisor, John Brennan was sent to the Middle East to find a way to save Obama's old friend one more time. His visit ended this Friday. If Obama is not careful his old buddy Saleh may may be killed, and or brought to justice to stand trial for all of his crimes against the Yemeni people. This will make the third time that Obama has tried to arrange a deal that would save old Saleh's worthless butt.  All three times Saleh broke his promise to resign and leave the country with his ill gotten riches to the dismay of the Obama administration. But then again as Obama, Bush, and Clinton all knew that Saleh only kept promises if he benefited from them. Otherwise Saleh aways broke his promises on a regular basis, and was never held accountable, but only rewarded more aid for his devious, and duplicitous behaviors. As one Bush aid remarked, "Making promises with Saleh is only a formality, no-one really expects him to keep the promises."
  But Saleh had better move quick if he wants to escape Yemen with the help of Obama, or he may find himself in one of those prisons that he had so many innocent Yemenis sent to. And from which many of those innocent people never returned. But one thing is for certain, no one believes his worthless promises anymore. Except maybe our American presidents.