Friday, September 17, 2010

Saleh Is Playing Another American President

Looks like the Obama administration is thinking about filing criminal charges against the radical Islamic terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki. Unless the men in black(also know as the CIA) don't cap his butt first. Or he is captured alive in Yemen. And if that scenario happens, then he will be either pardoned, get house arrest, and or allowed to escape. The Dictator of Yemen, President Saleh has already inform Obama that al-Awlaki will not be extradited to America. Just like he refused to extradite any of the Cole bombers and still does.

But Saleh's refusal to play fairly with Obama is paying off Big Time! He has actually gotten more money from Obama than he did from Bush. In 2006 Saleh made $5 million from Bush, as opposed to $155 million in 2010! New York Times Who said it does not pay to support Terrorism!

Saleh is more of a professional politician than Obama can ever hope to be. He is a mastermind at weaving lies, and concealing the truth. Both Clinton and Bush thought they could control Saleh, and he took both of them to the bank, and left egg all over their faces on more than one occasion. Saleh told Clinton that the Port of Aden was safe from terrorists attacks, not to worry! Clinton was also warned by top military officials not to use the port in Yemen as well. That the risk was too great. And Clinton was constantly trying to explain why Saleh kept refusing the FBI their requests to Saleh concerning the Cole investigation after the attack on the Cole. And Bush was always having to make excuses for his fair weathered friend's behavior as well. Saleh was caught helping out Al-Qaeda interests red handed more than once. But at least Bush tied the purse strings on Saleh on more than one occasion.

But as in previous American administrations their are those in Obama's team who know and see that Saleh's regime is no friends of ours. But those individuals are always ignored. Even though they are saying the same thing that others before them have said. That American money and arms could, and have been used against Saleh's political enemies. And that American money could and may even been used to help support Al-Qaeda. And probably was. Its a know fact that Saleh has used Al-Qaeda to further his own agenda. He had to pay them with something.

And now Obama wants al-Awaki to face justice. Not likely. At least not in Yemen. I mean Saleh would not even admit that a mere 25 to 50 US troops were helping his forces in Yemen in a recent speech to his beloved people. He later recanted and admitted the American soldiers are there. And Saleh keeps telling everyone the same old worn out excuse as to why he cannot be seen as a friend of America, that elements in his own country would used that admission against him. I don't know how many times he has used that excuse to justify his use of Al-Qaeda. Or how many times someone in our government has told me the same thing as to why Saleh let the Cole bombers go free.

Does anyone in the current administration remember the "Jihad Rehab" embarrassment that Bush had to deal with? Old Saleh promised Bush that any Yemenis sent from Gitmo would be rehabilitated in Saudi Jihad Rehabs if he would only send them back home. Bush did just that, and surprise, surprise! The Ex Gitmos completed their Rehab and then went back to Yemen, and rejoined Al-Qaeda! Who would have guessed that outcome!! Whats really insane is that Obama continued the practice until the spat of attempted bombings here in America took place. He then reluctantly told Saleh that he could send no more Gitmo terrorists back to Yemen. Dah!! You Think So!

Thank God! That Bush refused Saleh's request for more money to build a luxury Jihad Rehab in Yemen proper! Saleh of Yemen will never change his behavior. He will continue to tell the current administration what they want to hear, just like he did with the previous two administrations.

He will also continue to use Al-Qaeda for his own agenda when necessary, and play both sides against the middle. He is ruthless dictator concerned with only three things, his own survival, power and money. But then again are those not the same three things that drive all politicians?

What's really, really sad is that their are individuals who have been trying to tell our government for years now that Saleh's regime is extremely dangerous to America. But as of yet three American presidents have ignored their warnings. As a result the attack on the USS Cole happened, terrorists who were captured were freed to kill innocent people again, terrorists were allowed to go free in Yemen, and even given government support, and then attempted bombings took place here in America that had their beginnings in Yemen. The list goes on and on. And that does not even cover any of the misery that Saleh has committed against his own people. Yet no American President is willing to stop the insanity of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. What is it going to take to change Washington's attitude towards Saleh of Yemen?

Friday, September 10, 2010

9/11 and It's Ongoing Tragedies

9/11 was and is a day that will never be forgotten by Americans. That day was one of our nation's greatest tragedies. And to the shame of many of our politicians, and three presidents, the attack on 9/11 is still an on-going tragedy.

The first tragedy occurred on President Clinton's watch. When all the warnings that Al-Qaeda was up to no good were ignored time and time again. Even the last major attack by Al-Qaeda, on Clinton's watch which was the attack on the USS Cole on 10/12/00 was was down played and not given the proper attention by either Clinton, and or Bush. The second tragedy. I wrote letters to Clinton and Bush and just about every other politician in Washington begging them to take some kind of preventive action, before 9/11. To not let the Cole attack and the sacrifice of our son and his mates be in vain. It did not take a military genius to realize that Al-Qaeda would attack again, but with even more loss of life for Americans. Especially after I began to educate myself in all things Al-Qaeda. After the attack on the Cole and the loss of our son, I made it my business to educate myself about Al-Qaeda. I wanted to know how a group of terrorists could successfully attack an American Ship of War and then have our so called leaders tell us that they had no idea that how such an attack could have succeeded, and that there were no signs, indications and or warnings of the attack. Those excuses were chilling and implied that we were even vulnerable here at home. And if our leaders were oblivious to what the terrorists were doing overseas, then the same would hold true for here in our own backyard.

I was stunned with all the information that we discovered concerning Al-Qaeda, and all the countries that supported them in one way or another. I had kept abreast of Bin laden before the Cole attack, but I had not even scratched the surface. I made contacts with experts on Al-Qaeda, and Yemen who were willing to talk with me. They confirmed some of the information I had discovered, and provided me with even more. Many of the sites I had originally obtained the information from had been scrubbed clean. We sent all that information to the politicians in large brown envelope's. And to my surprise a few politicians from both parties responded back to us. Saying that they were aware of the threat, and were doing everything thing they could to bring more attention and action on preventing an attack on American soil. We received your standard formatted letter from the rest of them, and or no replies back at all from some.

To their credit a few politicians, and military people were already aware of the looming threat and were trying in vain to wake up our government. But politics interfered with any successful prevention for another attack. So the tragedy of 9/11 happened. Republicans blamed Democrats, and Democrats blamed republicans. Same old story, just a different day.

And now its the 9/11 anniversary again, 9 years later. And we have two more tragedies. The fact that the trials for the terrorists have been stopped yet again. And why? Politics again. And to add insult to injury we have Americans who are more worried about the terrorists who are to stand trial, then they are for their fellow Americans. These radical liberals helped to thwart the the Military Commissions efforts at giving the terrorists a trial successfully during the Bush years in most cases. Another tragedy. And to Bush's credit he fought back as best as he could to get the terrorists to trial.

And now we have people who want to build a mosque on the site were many Americans lost their lives. Its reprehensible that someone could even think of such a cold and heartless thought, let alone actually want to do it. And yet another tragedy for the 9/11 victims and their families. I am glad that many of the 9/11 families are fighting back, and we support their efforts 100%.

But Obama has no excuse now. None, zero, zip. Yet I am more than sure that he will find one if he gives a speech on 9/11 as to why he has dragged his feet on bringing the terrorists responsible for both 10/12 and 9/11. And why he supports the Mosque being built. Or he may just conveniently stay away from those two issues.

After 9/11 our country became united that I had never seen before. I had heard tales from old timers how united the American people had been during the both World Wars. And of course read about it in history books. Nary a squeak from the radical left about the war, and or the terrorists rights right after 9/11. Of course we all know how quick that changed. But what brings me hope now is that Americans are again becoming united and are standing together again. And maybe, just maybe we will be able to stop the Mosque from being built at the 9/11 site, and another maybe is that we could finally elect someone who will bring the terrorists to trial. But I am not going to hold my breath on either of those two things happening.

And to all the Victims Families, we are sorry for your loss.