Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

I cannot recall how many times I have heard the lunatic left use the phrase" Justice delayed is justice denied." But only they use that phrase to rally support and sympathy for the terrorists at Guantanamo. Never have I heard them complain how the real victims, the murdered Americans and their families have had justice delayed and denied to them for years now. But then again we all know that they cannot and will not ever take the sides of the terrorists victims. Because the liberals, the ACLU, Amnesty International and similar like minded groups are the main reason that the terrorists have not been tried in the first place.

I just read that phrase again in the Los Angeles Times in their biased report on how Sen. Jim Inhofe's efforts to keep Gitmo open and to stop Obama from sending terrorists to American prisons was squashed by Senate Democratic leaders. Still Senator Inhofe's efforts to stop Obama and his liberal supporters needs to be recognized as a courageous deed in these insane times. So thank-you Senator Inhofe for standing up and fighting for all the victims, their families, and all Americans.

The liberals go out of their way in ignoring the real victims, the sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, and friends that the terrorists at Gitmo murdered in cold blood. Yet rarely will you ever hear the liberals mention the murdered victims. And rightly so. Its their own guilt that keeps them from mentioning the thousands of people butchered by their terrorists friends at Guantanamo prison. Instead they harp incessantly on how bad the terrorists have been treated, and or that they are still waiting for a trial after all these years. But yet its their own fault that the terrorists trials have had "justice delayed and denied." Its the liberal groups that have successfully fought to keep the terrorists from being tried in the Military Tribunals. And then they turn around and blame Bush and or the Tribunals for the terrorists not receiving speedy trials. When in reality they knew that the terrorists would no doubt be sentenced to life, or at least most of them. And that is the last thing that the liberals want, is any form of real justice for the terrorists, and the real victims.

Its the liberal organizations like the ACLU and Amnesty International that actively aid and abet the terrorists at Guantanamo Prison. These groups and other like minded groups help the terrorists to file lawsuits that will effectively cripple and or stop the Tribunals. These groups and their liberal minions then use their victories in the Federal Courts to make the absurd claims that the Tribunals do not work. Its all liberal propaganda, designed to help the enemy.

Just look at some of the nations that openly support the liberals in their attempts to shut down Guantanamo and the Tribunals. Iran, Yemen, Syria, and Palestine to name a few. These nations all support terrorism in one way or another. My grandfather always told me to look at the company an individual, and or organization keeps. That a mans friends will speak volumes about him. Any right minded person would think that the ACLU and the liberals would be extremely embarrassed that all their efforts are endorsed by Bin Laden, the President of Iran, President Saleh of Yemen, and other terrorists groups.

The liberal mind must be an extremely sick mind. Liberals have become so angry and resentful at Bush and his successes at killing terrorists, and locking them up that they are willing to over look how American citizens have had justice delayed and denied to them and their murdered loved ones time and time again. Yet the liberals remain silent on that fact. And Obama does too. His efforts like his liberal supporters are all aimed at helping the terrorists, and to marginalize and or to forget the victims of the terrorists. It took years of hard work on the part of our military, the FBI, the CIA, NSA, and others to catch all the terrorists that are at Guantanamo. Not to mention all the work that went into building a system to have the terrorists tried in. We were safe and no attacks here at home, and the Tribunals when used were effective. And the terrorists had dates set for their trails to begin two over three months ago. And in a matter of three months Obama and his liberal supporters have undone all that progress. Plus Obama is freeing the terrorists as fast as he can. Just so he can claim that he has "resolved the Guantanamo issue". At Obama's present pace in freeing the terrorists, there will be none left too to stand trial. And still the trail dates have not been rescheduled.

And why all of this irrational behavior on the liberals part? I can think of nothing else except that they are blinded by their hate of the republicans, and are willing to not only sell themselves out, but their own neighbors, and country as well to the enemy just so they can "get even". Like the old adage "he is cutting his nose off to get even with his face." And of course the terrorists are more than happy that they have traitorous Americans on their side who are working with them and their lawyers so that they can escape the consequences that they so justly deserve.

Its my hope that more and more senators will follow Senator Inhofe's example, and start fighting Obama and his insane policies on dealing with the terrorists who are at Guantanamo. All the murdered Americans who were killed by these terrorists deserve Justice now. Their families have suffered enough delays and been denied their day in court far too many times already.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Former Human Rights Watch Lawyer Is Now On Obama's Detainee Task Force

Cmdr. Lippold sent me and other family members a copy of the article that he had wrote for the Washington Times this past Wednesday. He had attended another meeting this past Tuesday with the Detainee Task Force set up by President Obama to review each of the terrorists files at Guantanamo to determine how, and where each terrorist would be tried, or if some of the terrorists would be freed. Obama had stated that the victims families opinions would be considered in the final disposition of the terrorists. But so far Obama has not lived up that part, and it appears that this week's meeting was no different then the other meetings.

I have to agree with Cmdr. Lippold in that these meetings are only for Public Relations. That Obama's team will eventually make the determination on how, where, and when the terrorists would be tried and with-out any in-put from the families. And that the family members were there for window dressing, and nothing else. But the paragraph that really hit me like a freight train was the part where Cmdr. Lippold relates how family members had to tell their stories of how they have been affected emotionally and physically by the terrorist's murdering their loved ones to a member of the Task Force and this individual is a former Human Rights Watch lawyer who is now working for the Task Force that Obama created. Her name is Jennifer Daskal.

That's the part I had to re-read at least three times. I thought maybe I had mis-read it, and or a that there was a misprint. I know and trust Cmdr. Lippold so therefore I knew that I could trust the source. But this latest news about Obama's task force only reinforces my belief that Obama never had no intention of really listening to the victims families. Let alone taking into account their suggestions as to how, and where the terrorists should be tried.

This latest insult to the victims that were murderer by these terrorists, and the victims families is just one more insult, in a long string of insults that Obama and his team have committed upon the victims families. These meetings are nothing but a pitiful attempt by Obama's team to only act like they are doing the right thing. He is releasing the terrorists at Guantanamo as fast as he can, regardless if congress and the American people disapprove of it. Its more than obvious now that he is out to obtain his own political agenda, regardless how the victims families feel.

And now I am glad that we did not attend this latest meeting. I would not have been able to sit in the same room with Jennifer Daskal who has spent the last few years doing everything in her power, along with the Human Rights Watch Organization to make sure that these terrorists are not fully punished for their crimes against her fellow citizens. And from the looks of it, she is in an even better position to help her terrorists friends.

Having a former Human Rights Watch advocate on the Task force is analogous to the Nuremberg Jury Selection Committee having a former member in good standing with the Nazi Party on their team. It would never have happened. And rightly so. Just like having Daskal in the same room with the real victims of the terrorists should never have happened. It was and is one of the most egregious insults that I have seen in a long time. Daskal should have had the common decency and common sense to excuse herself from the room.

Maybe I am wrong about her. Maybe she has had a spiritual awakening, and has realized that she has been sympathizing with the killers, America's enemies and not the real victims. And now with her newly found insight she has set out to atone for her past mistakes. But I seriously doubt that. I would also think that Obama would see her presence and opinions as a conflict of interest on having her on the task force. But then again, Daskal's being on the team will only help Obama to ensure that none of the team members speak out for the victims and their families. That everyone on his team has the same beliefs, and singleness of purpose. That the task force was not created to take into account the victims and their families, but only the interest of the terrorists, and Obama's liberal beliefs into how our enemies should be dealt with. So really everyone benefits from her presence, except the victims and their families.

Cmdr. Lippold goes on to write how the task force members never even mention taking the rights of the victims of terrorism into consideration when they were discussing on how to bring the terrorists to justice. But with members like Daskal on the team its more than apparent how Obamas team will respond in the end. All one has to do is read a few of the articles that Daskal has written for her former bosses, the Human Rights Watch organization. Its no secret that her sympathies lie with the terrorists. She criticized the Military Commissions, Guantanamo and everything else Bush did in trying to get the terrorists tried for their crimes. She has portrayed the terrorists as the real victims, and the Military Commissions as the evil villains. I never read one sentence in her articles about the innocent Americans that her clients murdered, and or their families.

In her old job when she was working for Human Rights Watch, I could to a point understand how she was working so hard and diligently to have the terrorists tried in Federal Court, Guantanamo closed, and or the terrorists freed. But now she is working in our own government with those same beliefs. And that is not right. No matter how Obama and his team tries to spin it. The terrorists have enough sympathizers in our government, they did not need another one on the Task Force.

We had hoped there for awhile that maybe, just maybe our son's killers would obtain a trial here in America that was not partial to the terrorists. We had to watch as his killers were given reduced sentences, and pardoned in Yemen by President Saleh. And some not even tried for their crimes. But then we had new hope when we seen the Military Commissions in action. But now all that hope has faded away as we realize that Obama is doing the same thing here in America as President Saleh did in Yemen. He is more interested in appeasing the liberal left, and carrying out his political own agenda. Saleh had to appease those in his country who supported the terrorists, and justice was forgotten there for political gain, just like its being forgotten here in America now.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Obama Frees Gitmo Terrorist With Documented History of Crimes

Why in the world did Obama release a know car bomber and terrorist from Guantanamo back to the Saudis. The terrorist that got the happy news that he was being freed is one dangerous character called Ahmed Zaid Salim Zuhair. The Department of Justice made the announcement late Friday, in the hopes that this illogical and dangerous decision on Obama's part would have the week-end to get buried by other news.

But the DOJ failed to mention that the terrorist's that Obama freed has a long and bloody history of mayhem and violence. And the articles I read from the mainstream media were only concerned that he had been on a hunger strike for three years. Not the fact that he had been convicted in absentia by the Bosnian Supreme Court for a car bombing which injured at least a dozen people. Zuhair worked closely with Al-Qaeda to carry out that attack. He never served a day for that crime either. According to the Summary of allegations presented to him at Gitmo he was also involved in the murder of William Jefferson, an American who was working for the United Nations in Bosnia at the time he was shot to death. But you probably want be reading any of that in Americans free and unbiased press.

Zuhairs list of crimes does not stop there either, as if that's not enough. In 1993 a witness fingered him for participating in a massacre of Croatian civilians during the war. He was also arrested by Bosnia authorities for carrying not one, but three illegal machine guns. For some unexplainable reason he received a pardon for that crime. U.S. intelligence think that he belongs to the a special group of Al-Qaeda terrorists, the Takfiri. Kinda like the Nazi SS. They don't just hate Americans, but everybody and their brother as well.

And then Zuhair may have been involved in the attack on the USS Cole. That allegation was listed on the Summary of Evidence against him at Gitmo too. Looks like all of Zuhairs crimes have been forgotten by Obama. But I guess that is something else that we will never know, because Obama has released the psycho to continue his bloody rampage against innocent people. I can hear the lefty loonies now, "But he will be rehabilitated in the Saudi Jihad Rehab. He will renounce his murderous ways, and live in peace with his brothers and sisters!" Yeah, right.

Obama also released two more Saudi Terrorists form Gitmo along with Zuhair. As if Zuhair who is clearly an extremely dangerous man was not enough. If this latest release of a know terrorist is Obama's idea of justice for the victims of terror attacks, then we are all in some serious trouble. Or will be as soon as they complete their Jihad Rehab and hook back up with their old buddies in Al-Qaeda.

We disagree completely with Obamas latest decision to let these terrorists get away with their crimes against humanity's. He was, and is wrong. For the life of me I cannot understand why he made such a dangerous decision. To appease his liberal base? Or is Obama so insistent on releasing these killers that he will just simply ignore the majority of Americans who want Gitmo to stay open, and the Tribunals to go forward. Or maybe it was because the majority of congress told him not no, but hell no to any terrorists being released here in America. And that he has to have a plan on what to do with these vermin before he actually opens up the gates at Gitmo and turns them lose on the world to do what they do so well. Killing and maiming innocent people.

But Obama has figured out away around congress and the American people on how to free these terrorist, and to get his way. Regardless if other responsible thinking leaders of nations don't want anything to do with these low lifes, because now Obama will just send them to Rehab in Saudi Arabia. Problem solved!

And if this Zuhair was involved in the attack on the USS Cole, that means that those murdered 17 sailors and theirs families have been denied justice yet again. President Saleh of Yemen always figured out a way to protect and pardon the Al-Qaeda killers in the Cole attack. But this time its an American President who is releasing know terrorists.

Well at least its good news for the terrorists, the ACLU, Al-Qaeda, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and the far left liberals. And from the looks of it based on Obama's behavior and decisions towards the terrorists locked away at Gitmo, many more of them will soon be free to resume their careers of terrorism again.

My hopes for a partial, yet fair trial for the terrorists that murdered our son, and the terrorists that killed thousands of our fellow citizens grow dimmer with each passing day.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First Gitmo Terrorists Arrives in New York For Federal Court. While Obama Continues To Ignore The Tribunals

Its now official! This June 3rd the Convening Authority approved the case of Ali al-Bahlul, and that his life sentence will be executed. The accused will be confined in such a place as may be prescribed by the Commander, Joint task Force Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, or superior authority. For life! This past November 3rd we sat in the courtroom and watched as al-Buhul was sentenced to life in prison for his crimes. That was after his spill about how his friends in Al-Qaeda would continue to kill Americans no matter who became president, and so far he was right.

It was the next night at our guest quarters at Gitmo that we sat and watched as Obama was elected as the President of America. My wife's first question was, "Do you think the ACLU and friends will get Obama to give him a reduced sentence?" We both began to worry that night that such a possibility was possible. We had no doubt that Obama would and did cancel al-Nashiris trial, and close Gitmo. So we were extremely happy when we received the order confirming al-Buhlul's life sentence. Don't get me wrong, I am more than sure that Obama's favorite and most faithful supporters the ACLU, and the Far left loonies will continue with their propaganda campaign about what a raw deal al-Buhlul received at the hands of the Military Tribunal.

But even more important now though is that there is more evidence that the Military Tribunals work. Bin Laden's driver was freed back to Yemen after his trial. And then al-Buhlul got life. Yet Obama refuses to use the Tribunals as they are. At the very least he wants the terrorists to have more rights. What about our murdered sons rights Obama? And the thousands of other Americans whose voices were silenced forever by the terrorists at Gitmo. Oh that's right, their dead and they have no high profile advocates like the ACLU, and Amnesty International to advocate for them.

And just today we read where the Obama administration has transferred a terrorists from Gitmo to New York to stand trial in Federal Court. Ahmed Ghailani who helped to murder 224 people in the Al-Qaeda attack on the U.S. Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya back in 1998 will began his trial there. Even though the majority of Americans do not want the terrorists on America soil, and or tried in a Federal Court.

But Obama is determined to have his liberal beliefs implemented regardless of the risk to Americans. His reasoning to have the terrorists tried in America is completely irrational. Its a fact that Gitmo has been declared one of the finest prisons in existence. Even by Obama's own people. Its a fact now that the Tribunals can be fair and impartial. Yet all we here from the mainstream media is the opposite. There was very little coverage if any of the announcement concerning Al-Buhlul's life sentence, let alone his trial. Because such coverage would be counterproductive to the Obama administrations political agenda, and of course the ACLU too.

And now Obama is going to shove his illogical and extremely dangerous decision down the throats of the majority of Americans. Even though a bill was passed last month 90 to 6 that banned the transfer of terrorists from Gitmo.

Looking on the bright side of things though is that Ghailani apologized to all of us Americans at his farewell hearing at Gitmo. He stated "I would like to apologize to the United States government for what I did before, " and "It was without my knowledge what they were doing, but I helped them." His apology even though insincere was fresh and different for a change. As opposed to Obama running around the world and saying how sorry we Americans are for what we did to the terrorists, and radical Islam.

And now the ACLU and their cohorts will have a new so called victim to identify with right here in their own front yard. Get ready to hear a litany of horror stories that were perpetuated on this poor soul while he was a guest at Guantanamo. Even though the ACLU and friends attempts to portray the terrorists as victims, their antics can be and often are quite entertaining to rational and responsible adults. But their actions are nothing but a disguise for being one of the most evil, and detrimental organizations to America that has ever existed.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Gitmo Terrorist Get Satellite TV and More Goodies!

The Obama administration has provided satellite TV, and Sudoku puzzles for the terrorists at Guantanamo! After Obama was elected he had sent Holder down to Gitmo to check the prison out first hand. Holder reported back to Obama that all was good at Gitmo, and that the ACLU, and the liberals could stop their screaming about mass torture and other abuses that were happening at the prison. But regardless of all the inspections that concluded that Gitmo was and is one of the best and most secure prisons in the world, Obama is still going to have it closed. But not before the terrorists get their satellite TV!

This new develop of letting the terrorists have satellite TV to watch al-Jazeer's English channel and another Middle East channel is nothing but more pandering to the far left loonies, the ACLU, and other Human Rights Groups on Obama's part. And lets not forget that the announcement of the new amenities at Gitmo came just in time for his Middle East and European Tour.

I am more than sure that these new amusements for the terrorists at Gitmo will only increase Obama's popularity amongst the inmates and in the Middle East, and Europe. According to Obama we Americans reacted with undue anger, fear, and arrogance towards Radical Islam after 9/11. Obama never fails to get a standing ovation from a Muslim and or liberal audience when he talks smack about America.

But hopefully with Obama telling the rest of the world how wrong we were to defend ourselves, and to prevent more innocent Americans from being killed they will know that we have seen the errors of our harsh and evil ways. Not to mention all the other Americans who were murdered by radical islamic terrorists before 9/11. But hey! Who's counting right?

At no time in our our Nations history has an American president told the world how sorry we as a nation are for going to war, and or the methods that we have used to stop and prevent more attacks. But Obama is bound and determined to demonstrate to the world that under his leadership and benevolent guidance that we Americans have indeed learned our lessons, and ask only for their forgiveness, and understanding.

And if that means shutting down one of the best prisons in the world, and letting some of the terrorists go free while trying other terrorists in civilian courts where they will receive lesser sentences than so be it!

Whats more important here? Justice for the murdered victims, and the continued protection of American citizens, or attempting to change the negative perception of a few nations and our enemies?

I personally cannot believe that even with Obama tearing down America, and those individuals who have kept us all safe these last 7 years is really going to change our enemies minds about wanting to kill us. Quite the opposite in fact. They will be even more embolden now to carry out more attacks on us.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Justice Department Sides With Saudi Royal Family Against 9/11 Families

Obama is supporting the Saudi Royal Family to defeat a long running lawsuit holding them partially responsible for the 9/11/01 attacks. No surprise there at all.

And its no surprise either that the Justice Department took action just one week before Obama is to meet with the King Abdulla as a part of his feel good trip to the Middle East and Europe to reach out, and blame America for our aggressive behaviors towards radical Islamic terrorists. So it would not look good to the Middle East nations if Obama was to stand up for America Victims of terrorism that were murdered by Middle eastern terrorists.

The Saudi Royal family was extremely close to the Bush administration and plan on being just as close to Obama if not more so. Regardless of the facts that many rich Saudis including some members of the Royal family donated monies to charities which in turn gave that money to Al-Qaeda to kill Americans.

For years the Royal Family refused to openly condemn Bin Ladens murderous rampage against innocent Americans and other people. I did not hear one word from them after the attack on the Cole in 2000. It was not until Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda murdered thousands of Americans on 9/11 that they decided to put some healthy distance between themselves and Bin laden. The Saudi Royal family and the Ladens have been close friends for years.

One of the most frustrating and heartbreaking things for victims of terrorism to have to live with is knowing that certain individuals in a foreign nation's government were and are directly responsible for the murder of their loved one. And that in most cases that individual will be protected not only by the foreign government, but by their own government as well. No matter how much credible evidence they may have against the individual.

But I do admire and respect the 9/11 victims and their quest to achieve some form of justice for their murdered loved ones. I also wish them the best of luck in their quest. They are going to need it. click on title for story

Friday, May 29, 2009

Deputy CIA Director Meets With President Saleh. But No Mention of Extriditing Killers of 17 Sailors

This Thursday it was reported that the Deputy Director of the CIA met with President Saleh of Yemen to discuss the fate of 100 Yemenis who are locked up at Gitmo. The Yemenis at Gitmo and what to do with them were a major problem that Obama has inherited from Bush. There are about 240 Yemenis at Gitmo by the way. Of course they were all at the wrong place at the wrong time, and are just innocent victims of Bush's war.

It appears that Obama wants to send them to a plush Saudi Jihad Rehab Center. But Saleh wants his terrorist back home the quick way, by having Obama to release them straight to him. That way he would not have to wait for 3 or 6 months for the ex-Gitmo terrorists to be of use to him. Saleh would no doubt use them as bargaining tools with the Al-Qaeda faction in Yemen, and or use them himself to fight his ever growing enemies. Either way I suspect that in the end he will get them back.

But what is more important about that meeting was that there was no mention of extraditing the Cole bombers. Two of which are roaming free in Yemen. Jamal al-Badawi was convicted in one of Salehs puppet courts, and sentenced to death. We knew that Saleh would not go through with the death penalty, which he did not. Then he pardoned Badawi and set him free, and gave him a government job. Not a bad deal for murdering 17 America sailors. He later put him back in prison when Bush got angry about it. But then it was reported that he was back out. I was also told personally by people in Yemen that he was out at times.

And then there is Fahd al-Quso who was sentenced to 10 years in prison, but served only a short time. Our own government did not even know that he had conveniently escaped like all the other Cole bombers had at one time or another. And he is still free. His family actually wrote a letter to the Yemeni government telling them not to take any measures against their son.

This past week we listened to President Obama's speech at a Memorial service on how our veterans should not be forgotten. It would appear though that he has forgotten 17 American Sailors who were brutally murdered while serving their country. Why he has not demanded the extradition of our sons killers to America is beyond me. At least president Bush did that on numerous occasions. Just last May to be precise. And to even consider sending Saleh some of his terrorists back to him while our son and his mates killers are free is wrong.

Everyone of the terrorists that helped to kill our son was given a joke of a sentence in prison. Some served no more than three years. One terrorists in particular was not even charged with the murder of our son. That terrorist was Hamdia al-Ahdal the second in command of Al-Qaeda in Yemen at the time of the attack. Saleh had him tried on a lesser charge. He got three years with time served.

And all the while President Saleh has been making out like the crook he is. Taking all the money our government throws at him, and always asking for more. And getting it from three different administrations. And for over 8 years now our own government keeps refusing us a Judicial Hearing into why we cannot get any form of justice for the murder of our son and his mates. And why Saleh of Yemen was allowed to interfere with the investigation into the Cole attack. We all know why. It would just be right and appropriate for our government to stand up for 17 of their murdered sailors, but to also shed some light on the rotten regime that they have been helping to support for all these years as they looked the other way as Justice for the murder of 17 sailors, and 39 other wounded sailors was forgotten because it was politically convenient to do so.

Sooner or later I know that the Truth will emerge about the failed Cole investigation, and Saleh's regime. And all the facts will be know. In other tragedies that were similar to the Cole attack the truth has surfaced. I just hope and wish that our government will not wait for later. Those murdered and wounded deserve that, and yes their families do too. And just as important Saleh of Yemen does not deserve our governments cover up of his protection of the terrorists that killed our son. And how his government has used Al-Qaeda when it was to his advantage.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Amnesty International Not Happy With Obama

Amnesty International is not all that happy with their main man, Obama. In one of their recent reports they stated that his policies have been "mixed" when it comes to Counter Terrorism Detention Policies. I would have to agree. But not only mixed, but confusing as well. Not long after Obama's speech last week when he tried to sell why Guantanamo will be closed, and what the disposition of the terrorists would be who are currently residing there I read where he is still trying to figure out if Al-Nashiri would be tried in Federal Court, and or the Military Tribunals. Or the Terror Tribunals according to the liberals. So who knows really?

But that aside, Amnesty is upset that their has been no accountability and remedy for the past Human Rights violations. Maybe they were not watching the news the past three weeks when Nancy Pelosi stuck her foot in her mouth again and had joined the witch hunt to hold some republicans and or people from Bush's administration for water boarding three of the terrorists. Until her lies of not knowing about the enhanced interrogations got her in some serious trouble.

So of course there will be no accountability for the water boarding because we all know why and what it was done for, and that some democrats like Pelosi knew about it while it was happening. And did nothing. Because it was the right thing to do at that time to save thousands of lives.

And Amnesty is also unhappy that the Obama administration claimed "state secrets privilege" to dismiss a lawsuit brought by victims of the CIA. Victims? Oh Please!

And then there is Bagram Prison, Obama's Guantanamo. His administration has filed an appeal that a US federal judge ruled in April that three terrorists could challenge the lawfulness of their detention at that prison in a US Court.
But in all fairness they did give him some words of praise. So he is still the Golden Boy to groups like Amnesty International, the ACLU, Code Pink and other so called Human Rights Groups.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Prime Minister of Israel Tells Obama NO.

Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel has vowed that the Israeli Flag will continue to fly over the Western Wall (Kotel) in Jerusalem. President Obama had asked that the United Nations Flag replace the Israeli Flag over the Old City's holy sites. Netanyahu told him no.
Its hard to believe in a way that Obama would even suggest such a thing. But he did, for all the good it did him. Which was none. Does anyone really think that Israel's enemies which are numerous would respect the UN Flag?

And speaking of Israel's enemies, what about Iran and their dedication in obtaining nukes. More and more Israelis now believe that the President of Iran will obtain his weapons of mass destruction as Obama continues to do nothing but talk. Look at how effective all that talk was in stopping North Korea from making progress on obtaining nuclear weapons.

I don't see Obama getting tough on President Ahmadinejad, so that leaves only Israel to stop the madman from carrying out his promise to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.

Israel is in a tough spot right now. So far Israel has not agreed to a two state solution with the Palestinians. And probably will not. Their main priority is stopping Iran from getting nukes. While Obama is more concerned at making Israels enemies happy by having Israel to concede more land, and her security.

It should be obvious to anyone that if Ahmadinejad gets a few nukes then the two state solution want even matter anymore. Israel will have to take out the nuclear weapon sites on her own. If Israel does not then Iran will eventually sell some nukes to the terrorists who will use them against Israel. So Israel will have to fight either way.

Either way the next few years ought to be extremely interesting to see how all this plays out. I just hope and pray that Israel will act quick enough to avoid another Holocaust of Jews. I am more than sure though that no matter what action Israel takes she will still be considered the bad guy for defending herself amongst the liberals here in America and around the world.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Day

In this country we say,"God Bless America." We are blessed more than any other nation on earth. We talk about what we have; freedom of worship, freedom of speech, and freedom of choice. We also have a free enterprise system, and a free press. We obtained these freedoms through the unity and might of our military. But they are not free. All of our freedoms are bought with a price, and kept with a price.

Visit any VA hospital and go to the Vietnam Memorial Wall. Visit Arlington Cemetery, and other cemeteries through out the country and overseas. Look for all the names that are not on that Wall. And you will find thousands of more names from many other wars and conflicts engraved on simple white tombstones, and or white crosses. They all paid the price, the ultimate price for not only their freedom, but ours as well.

Look into the eyes of the fathers and mothers who lost their sons and daughters. Look into the eyes of the men and women who lost their husbands and wives. They paid the price too. Look into the eyes of the children who lost their fathers, and mothers. They too paid the price for our freedom.

American is a people nation; of the people, by the people and for the people. And we are fortunate that we have men and women who are willing to sacrifice their lives so that all of us can enjoy freedoms that other people in other countries can only dream about.

Politicians speak eloquent and somber words for those Americans who paid the price. But no words can capture the loss that a family has when they lose a loved one in the service of their country. To experience what those families and even our nation has lost, one needs to visit a National Cemetery. And walk between the rows of all the white tombstones, and read the names and the ages of the fallen Americans who paid the price for all of us. Stand still for a moment and just gaze at row up rows of white crosses.

And maybe then you will realize just how fortunate we all are to have had so many Americans who were willing to put their love of country, freedom, and fellow citizens first.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall.

God Bless America
We Remember Our Son, his mates, and all the other Americans who sacrificed everything, so we could have so much.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Palestine Liberation Organization Ordered To Pay $116 Million For The Murder Of An American Couple

The Plaestine Liberation Organization and Hamas has been ordered by an American judge to pay out $116 Million bucks to the surviving children of a American Citizen and his wife. The couple were returning from a wedding when the terrorists pulled along side them and opened fire on their car. Their 9-month old son survived who was in the car too. They had another son who was not with them at the time of the attack.

The lawsuit was filed under the 1991 anti-terrorism law. Of course the PLO had objected to the ruling on several issues, but lost each time. Good! Neither Hamas, and or the PLO hired an attorney to represent them. The PLO blamed their dead leader Yasser Arafat, as to why they lost the case. I guess they were hoping that they would get lucky and have a Liberal Judge who would empathize with their plight, and their brutal methods of murdering innocent people to achieve their objectives. The destruction of Israel, and all of her citizens.
The lawyers representing the surviving children have stated that only a modest amount of the money awarded has been collected so far. Unfortunately that happens quite often with victims of terrorism. The victims not only have the nations that use terrorism to fight in court with, but their own government as well.

You would think that in this day and age where anyone at any time can be a victim of terrorism that our politicians could agree upon some laws that would help the survivors of terrorists attacks to hold the terrorists and or the nations that fund them accountable. But they have not. Its extremely political. And even more so if its only one victim, or a small group of victims.

To their credit some politicians have come up with excellent laws that would have provided the victims more rights and means that they could have pursued to hold the terrorists accountable, and or the nation(s) that helped the terrorists. But then other politicians have then taken the Bill and gutted it.

When its all said and done, if it ever is. The surviving family members can be, and often are waiting for justice in the civil courts for years, and as in our case even waiting for the trail of the killers for years. And I have read where some families have had to wait decades for some kind of justice to be obtained in the murder of their loved ones.

So its good to hear when the terrorists, and or those that fund their murders are held accountable. It does not happen everyday. Too many times I have read where the terrorists are freed, and or the family cannot hold the nation that provided the money, weapons, and training accountable even in civil court. Because politics reared its ugly head.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Its Official: Obama To Revert Back To the Tribunals

First Off I want to say Thank-you to all the politicians, both Republicans and Democrats who have fought to keep the terrorists at Gitmo, and not to let them come to America. And that the terrorist be tried by the Military Commissions, and not in Federal Court.

Obama's decision too use the Tribunals after all is a significant victory for many Americans, especially for the actual victims of the terrorists. And a major blow to the ACLU, and company. I suspect that there were many reasons as to why he reversed his decision, but my family and myself are glad that he has.

Our fear though is if he will continue to stand up the ACLU, Human Rights Groups, and the far left liberals who are doing everything in their power to help the terrorists that murdered our son, and thousands of other Americans. Amnesty International is now asking their supporters to write Obama to tell him to take the Death Penalty off the table. If you have the stomach for it, visit their web page. And: " If not possible to produce sufficient evidence, admissible in ordinary federal court, to to form a basis for the criminal charge of a person detained at Guantanamo, he should be immediately released."

In other words not only do they not want any information that was gathered with the use of enhanced interrogations used against the terrorists, but nothing else as well even if that evidence was given voluntary. The reason being is that the terrorists were not read their rights, (they are not American Citizens) and in a Federal court any and all evidence would then be rejected by the court.

We have faith in the Military Commissions. We have witnessed the proceedings of a Military Court in person. We have seen the professionalism that the Military lawyers displayed, and their dedication to serve justice fairly. At first we were concerned that with all the new legal rights that Obama has given the terrorists would make the outcome just as predictable as to what happened with the terrorists in the Yemeni Regime Courts, where our sons killers were given reduced sentences and or pardoned for the murder of our son and his mates. But we are hopeful that Al-Nashiri will be held accountable for his barbaric actions which cost the lives of 17 American sailors, and wounded 39 others. And changed the lives of so many of those sailors loved ones forever. And we also hope that all the terrorists who have taken the lives of other innocent Americans will receive what they deserve. And not what the ACLU and their ilk want them to get, which is their freedom.

Unfortunately the trial of the terrorists are extremely political. Anything to do with these terrorists is political. Just look at the can of worms that Nancy Pelosi has recently opened. All for political gain. Has she mentioned any of the Cole victims and or 9/11 victims. No. Has Senator Leahy who is pushing for the Truth Commissions taken the time to talk about the real victims in this ongoing nightmare? No. Its all about the unfortunate terrorists who murdered their fellow citizens, and how Pelosi and Leahy want to ruin the careers of any American who helped to keep us safe, and to gain valuable information from the terrorists.

We are told that the information that was gained from the terrorists with "enhanced interrogation techniques kept more of my fellow Americans from being butchered like our son was. Good. I wish I could personally thank those individuals who conducted the interrogations, and got that information. I have criticized Bush on his foreign policy with Yemen, but never for keeping us safe. And thanks to VP Cheney for standing up for the men and women who did their jobs. I hope he keeps it up!

Our son for all we know suffered a horrible death. And his murder happened in part due to bad and sloppy intelligence sharing amongst our security agencies. I give Bush and his administration credit for changing all that. And if pouring some water down his killer's nose got some reliable and important intelligence than so be it. Because that means there are some more parents out there right now who have their sons and daughters with them because of that information. And that is a good thing. No matter how the ACLU, Human Rights Groups, and far left liberals try to spin it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Obama Decides Not To Release Terrorist Abuse Photos

What is happening to Obama? First off we hear that he has changed his mind on having the terrorists tried in Federal court, and may revert back to the Military Commissions.

And now he has publicly announced to the dismay and anger of the ACLU, and other Human Rights Groups that he is not going to release the photos of terrorists being abused in Iraq and Afghanistan by some of our military personnel that happened some years back.

Has the reality that we are in a war with Islamic fanatics that will stop at nothing to murder more Americans finally caught up to him? That the release of those photos will only increase the dangers that our troops are now facing. And could potentially increase the chances of another attack here at home, not counting attacks on American living and working overseas as well.

Or maybe its the reality that we are now fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan and if things keep going south in Pakistan, we will then have three fronts to fight at the same time. And the the release of those old photos will only give the enemy more propaganda to use against us. The individuals who abused those terrorists have been held accountable but that would not matter to the enemy overseas and or to our enemies here at home like the ACLU and their rabid supporters.

The ACLU and their minions would plaster those photos everywhere they could, just to advance their twisted agenda of freeing the terrorists at Guantanamo, and hampering the war effort. They, the ACLU, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and their supporters have been foaming at the mouth for months now in anticipation of getting their claws on those old pictures.

Whatever it was that changed his mind, I for one am glad that he did. I am also glad that he is considering on using the Military Commissions for the terrorist trials. But the bad news on that good bit of news is that Obama may ask lawmakers to expand the legal rights of the terrorists.

As if they do not have enough rights as it is now. Considering that they wear no uniform recognized by any nation, they kill men, women and children indiscriminately, they torture their prisoners and then cut their throats to name just a few of their sick behaviors. They should never ever been given the rights of POW's, let alone the rights of an American Citizen which some people think they should have.

But even with all this good news I am worried that there is a catch. Obama has really angered some of his most faithful supporters, especially with not releasing the photos of the abused terrorists. So what will he give them in return for what he has taken away from them?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dictator Saleh is Happy with the Extra Money He Got From Obama

President Saleh of Yemen is tickled pink that Obama has decided to give his failing regime more money and aid. He is also happy that Obama wants a two state solution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict, and that the independent Palestinian state will have Jerusalem as its capital. I wonder how Israel feels about all this?

But then again Saleh supports Jihad against Israel. So is it any wonder? The new increase in money for Saleh's regime will include 10 million to support the Yemeni military and Saleh's secret police. The extra money ought to come in handy for the Yemeni secret police in helping them to close more newspapers, and to beat up journalists and then throw them in prison for criticizing Saleh. The military can use their share of the American money to keep terrorizing the local tribes that refuse to fall in line with Salehs policies. Some of the tribes are sick and tired of seeing jobs, and their money go to Saleh, his family and his cronies. And are fighting back.

There was no mention if any of the money would go to helping Saleh to figure out ways to make his prisons escape proof for Al-Qaeda terrorists. And or if Saleh could use some of the money to build a new Jihad rehab for ex-Gitmo terrorists, and or other terrorists who need a break from the stressful life of killing innocent people, and blowing up their homes and businesses. But when a ruthless dictator has a friend in Washington, anything is possible.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Yemeni Regime Continues Its Decline and Obama Gives Saleh More Money

The news out of Yemen continues to be bleak in all areas. Saleh the Dictator of Yemen has closed eight newspapers because they were criticizing him and his regime. And in return Obama has increased American Aid to the Dictator. Up from 41 million to 52 million. Plus with extra bennies throw in for good measure to sweeten the deal.

And then Saleh has the Somalia pirates using ports on Yemens coastlines. And have for years now. But the worst news depending on how you look at it is that the Yemeni regime continues to lose its control over the country. More and more governments are now willing to express their fears that Yemen is becoming another Afghanistan. Any idiot could have seen that over eight years ago. But first Clinton, then Bush, and now Obama have continued to prop up Saleh's duplicitous, deceitful, and dilapidated regime. Three American presidents have made nothing but excuses for Saleh and his actions. And now it looks as if all the chickens are flying home to roost.

This past Friday Obama had a 25 minute phone call with the Yemeni Dictator, Saleh. It appears that Obama wants Saleh's blessing for him to send 100 Yemeni Gitmo terrorists to a Saudi Jihad Rehab. But Saleh reportedly told him that he wants his terrorists back home in Yemen. I bet he does! And still no mention if Obama has confronted Saleh with handing over our son's killers. If the Yemeni Gitmo's are to be freed he wants to be able to use them to make deals with Al-Qaeda like he has in the past. Our government hates to admit that, but they know its true from all the other times that Saleh has poked their eyes with broken promises.

This past January, terrorists announced that the Yemeni Al-Qaeda and the Saudi Al-Qaeda had merged. Yemenis who went to Iraq to fight our soldiers there, have returned back to Yemen to join Al-Qaeda. And lets not forget that Saleh's courts have ruled that Yemenis going to Iraq to conduct Jihad is legal. In the past Saleh cut all kinds of sweet deals with Al-Qaeda to help him and his family to stay in power. Saleh's security forces looked the other way when the Cole bombers who received pathetic sentences from Saleh's terrorists friendly courts were allowed to escape. The Yemeni Security forces has also employed Al-Qaeda fighters to work with governemnt troops when it was advantageous to Saleh. All the while three American presidents have taken the official stance of "See no evil, Hear no evil, and Speak no evil" when it comes to saleh and his corupt regime.

The bad news for Saleh's is that he is now dealing with a New and Improved Al-Qaeda. And these bad boys do not fancy Saleh playing both sides of the fence, and are now making all out war on Saleh's regime. There are still reports of Saleh trying to buy off Al-Qaeda, but it now looks as if all of Saleh's double dealing has come home to bite him big time. His control over the mountainous regions is weak, Al-Qaeda has been reformed and has new leadership that want Yemen to be an Al-Qaeda playground. Al-Qaeda also has the support of local tribes who are angry with Saleh's government, especially in the South of Yemen. South Yemen lost a war to Saleh and have not forgot it. To make matters worse Saleh then put members of his own family and his cronies in charge of the South, who abused their powers, and positions.

But regardless of all the bad news coming out of Yemen our government is still committed to pouring money into Saleh's regime. Always hoping that Saleh will stop his duplicitous behaviors, and reaaly become a friend in fighting terrorism. Personally I think its too late for Saleh to pick our side and to stay on our side, even if the Obama administration is willing to over look the murder of 17 America sailors, and how Saleh did everything in his power to help the killers of those sailors. By playing both sides of the war on terror Saleh has created what he thought he could avoid. The hastening of the end of his regime.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Obama To Send Yemeni Gitmo Terrorists To Saudi Rehab

I know that Obama and Holder really don't want to keep Guantanamo open, and are running out of options on what to do with the terrorists who are currently residing at Gitmo but sending them to a Saudi Rehab is like freeing them.

I wrote back in January that I believed that Obama would take that course unfortunately. It is an easy way to get rid of a nasty problem and look like he has accomplished something. But its wrong. Period. For many reasons. Even a Senior Obama administration official admitted that the Yemen Regime knows it terrorists will get a better deal in a Saudi Rehab than in front of a American judge, especially a military judge. Yet here is Obama actually thinking about going through with this charade.

The Saudi Rehab has had some success with former Jihadists. The jihadist get all kinds of goodies to quit their evil ways like money, a wife, an apartment, a job, etc.. But with Yemenis terrorists its much different. They know that they can return back to Yemen, and face no consequences for any of their crimes. Just the opposite in fact, President Saleh of Yemen may hire them to fight his numerous enemies. And then of course there is the Yemeni Al-Qaeda faction which has continued to prosper and grown in Yemen. And will welcome their long lost jihadist friends back with open arms. Eleven ex-former Gitmo terrorists who graduated with honors from the Saudi Rehab could not resist the temptation to blow people and things up and returned back to Al-Qaeda. One of those 11 former Gitmos is now one of the leaders of Al-Qaeda in Yemen.

And then there is the fact that at least three of our sons killers are walking around free in Yemen. While President Obama is doing nothing about it. If he is we have not been told. Bush would send the FBI to Yemen off and on to make demands that one of them be extradited. Saleh always refused of course. And our government always kept sending him more money for his coffers and still does. I wonder if Obama has even bothered to ask Saleh to exchange Al-Badawi and Al-Quso who helped to murder our son for some of the Yemeni Gitmo terrorists?

Al-Quso escaped awhile back from a Yemeni prison and Saleh did not even bother to tell our government. But then again just about every single Cole bomber escaped from prison at one time or another, or else Saleh reduced their sentences, and or pardoned them. Of course our government made a strong protest when ever they found out about the escapes, reduced sentences, and pardons! And Saleh just smiled all the way to bank with check in hand.

Saleh has been setting up his own Jihad Rehab Center! And guess what? He wants us, the American tax payer to pay for it. What a friking joke. And we probably will in the end. I also think that if Saleh gets some of his jihadist back that more innocent people will be murdered. Buts that politics right?

And yet all it would have taken is for Obama to have kept Gitmo open, and the tribunals going forward. The terrorists who were convicted could have lived out their sentences on a secured island. And justice served. Yet now the Obama administration is trying desperately to find a nation, any nation who will take the terrorists. And all the risks that they entail. No-one still knows where or when they will be tried, or what prison they will be in, or what system they will be tried in, Federal or military. And Obama's staff is having to go to any lengths to unload these terrorists on someone else just so they can just get rid of them. Regardless if the jihadists return back to terrorism. Because if only one of the terrorists kills a person it want be the Obama's administration problem. Unless its an American. And most of the evidence remains classified on the terrorists to be sent for Rehab. Odd don't you think? If they have done no wrong then why cannot we the American people know what they have been accused of and all the facts?

Will the insanity ever end? I mean think about it for awhile. Our soldiers risk life and limb to catch these scumbags, we spend tons of money on on intelligence, building a new and isolated prison, keep the terrorists in prison for a few years at an enormous cost to us the taxpayers, and then we just sit them free!

Democrats Deny Funding to Close Guantanamo!

The Campaign to keep Guantanamo open is having success! Thanks to some democrats. The democrats supported Obama in closing Gitmo, but have now changed their minds. Thank God! They voted against funding for shutting the prison. They refused to give Obama the $81 million bucks he wanted to so as to be able to close the prison. Thank-you Democrats! I was beginning to wonder if any of the democratic politicians had any common sense left, and or courage to stand up for what is right.

But the battle may be far from over. So if you want to keep the terrorists from coming to America and being tried in Federal Court with all the rights as an American citizen then you had better get busy in supporting organizations like Move America Forward! It takes but a second to sign the petition to keep Guantanamo open. And if you have some extra pocket change than donate it for a worthy cause.
This is a major victory against the radical left who support the terrorists and want them to be set free.

A Big Thank-you to all the people working at Move America Forward from the Swenchonis Family. Keep Up the Good Fight!
And to all the people who took the time to click on the link at our site to keep Guantanamo open! And for all you support in emails and phone calls.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Obama May Use The Military Commissions After All

Its been speculated for a while now that Obama may change his mind on having the terrorists tried in Federal Court after all. And go back to the Military Commissions Tribunals which he stopped this past January after he was elected president.

I will believe it when I see it! The murdered victims of the terrorists and their families have been waiting for years now to obtain some measure of justice. We were actually getting ready to leave for the beginning of Al-Nashiri's trail when Obama shut everything down.
And now Obama has made the trials of the terrorists even more political than they were. Most politicians in their right mind do not want the terrorists tried in their backyard, let alone kept in their respective states for any length of time. Can anyone blame them?

Obama is also finding out that some of the nations that condemned Guantanamo do not want to accept any of the terrorists as well. And here at home the polls showed that most Americans wanted Guantanamo to stay open. But Obama was anxious to fulfill a campaign pledge to a segment of his supporters, the lunatics on the left. And here we are the victims families, and loved ones three months later and still no solid answers from our so called leaders.

Officials in Obama's administration fear that if the terrorists are tried here in America in Federal court that some of them may just walk away as free murderers to kill again. I wonder how much money and time they had to spend to figure that one out? That's what the liberal left has been wanting for years now. And Obama has to know that there are some judges out there who would be delighted in helping a terrorist who murdered Americans to get off scott free in his or her courtroom. Any lawyer worth his salt would bring up the "torture issue" and how the poor terrorists had their rights violated. End of trial.

Attorney General Holder has emphasized that if the Commissions are used, then the rules must give the terrorists "a maximum amount of due process". I think that's Holders way of saying that the Military Commissions have to make the rules in favor of the terrorists and not their victims. These cretins are not even American citizens, they wore no uniforms, are not from another nations military, etc.. The terrorists should be grateful that they are even getting a trial by a military tribuanl, and not just taken out and shot like they deserve. Now wouldn't that send the liberals into convulsions.

Of course the ACLU and other so called Human Rights groups are complaining about this latest move on Obamas part. We only wish that our politicians would stop playing politics with the murder of our son, and other victims of terrorist attacks. I don't think a day goes by without us hearing on the news how some democrats and their rabid followers want anyone who was associated with waterboarding held accountable. Yet we never hear from these backstabbing politicians one mention of justice for the all the murders that the terrorists committed.

I call them backstabbers because they had the opportunity to voice their disagreement when the water boarding was going to be used, but did not. And after all it was only simulated drowning. What's the big deal? You can almost hear their little minds thinking "And if it gets turned into a big deal I can always say I did not know".Typical politician thinking. Can anyone say Nancy Pelosi? click on title

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Obama Decides Not To Release Yemeni Terrorists at Gitmo Back to Yemen

It appears that Obama is having second thoughts on sending the 97 Yemenis who are currently at Gitmo back to Yemen. Good! The Obama administration is now concerned about the strong presence of Al-Qaeda in Yemen and the growing number of terrorists attacks there. And that President Saleh's corrupt regime has been deteriorating for quite awhile now for many reasons. And one of those reasons is that Saleh uses Al-Qaeda to further his own agenda when he deems it necessary. Salehs two face behaviors has been well know for years. But every new American president thinks he will be the one to beat Saleh at his own crooked game. They don't. Period. Saleh has always came out the winner and the American presidents with egg all over their faces. So maybe Obama is not going to play Saleh's game after all! At least to a point.

President Saleh of Yemen has had history of releasing know terrorists as soon as he gets them back from other countries, and or they always conveniently escape prison. No-one in his government can explain all of these mysterious Jihadist escapes from Saleh's prisons, and remains mystified at all these escapes.

Obama has been having one heck of a time in finding any countries who will accept the Yemeni terrorists making things even more difficult for the Obama administration.

Joanne Mariner, the director of Human Rights Watch Group has said that a Senior Yemeni Official claimed that Yemen would need some serious money from Obama to reeducate and to make the terrorists comfy once they are back home. Like One Million Bucks for each terrorist! That's like 97 million dollars. Whoa! And only for the terrorists to return back to Al-Qaeda after their Rehab like the majority of them have, is a ton of wasted money.

So at the present time it looks as if the Yemeni terrorists will be guests in American Federal prisons. That's if Obama can find a state that will accept them. Many Governors don't want them and or the risks that go with having them. Can't blame them either.

But all and all it is a good thing that Obama is not going to send the Yemeni terrorists back to Yemen. Now if only he will reconsider on keeping Guantanamo open. The only people who would be angry are the liberals, and the terrorists buddies. The terrorists themselves would even be happy. I mean the weather is great at Gitmo, the view is excellent and beautiful. They get everything they need, and want for nothing. Except their freedom.

Whenever I saw the terrorists at Gitmo they were all happy campers. Big old grins on their faces, healthy tans, clean and lightweight jumpsuits with comfortable sandals. The perfect attire for a holiday setting on a beautiful island. And yes they had their Korans and their skull caps too. Sometimes I just think the liberals are jealous and want Gitmo closed down because they can't go there too. click on title for source

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Suspected Cole Bomber Has His Purposal Rejected at Gitmo

Ahmed Zuhair, a Saudi terrorist at Gitmo just had his proposal for easing his conditions at Guantanamo rejected by the U.S. This wacko has been on and off again on a hunger strike since June of 2005, and has had to be force fed a liquid nutrient mix to keep the idiot alive. He has racked up 80 violations during his stay at Club Gitmo. He had requested to be moved to a medium security camp where his his fellow terrorists live in a communal dorm setting, have more time outside, and other privileges.

But the camp authorities fear that if they give in to his proposal that the other terrorists will demand less harsh living conditions. And they would. I wonder if it has ever occurred to this nut that if he just followed the camp rules he would then be allowed more privileges, like the other terrorists. Instead his lawyers are blaming the camps personnel for Zuhair's choice to abuse his own body. As usual.

Zuhair has been implicated in the attack on the USS Cole, he was convicted and sentenced in absentia as the leader of a car bombing in Bosnia in 1997, and he was involved in the murder of William Jefferson an American who was working for the United Nations at the time of his death.

And is it any wonder that Ahmed Zuhair is one of the ACLU and Human Rights Organizations so called favorite victims that they provide support for?

You can bet sure money that the more dangerous a terrorist is to not only Americans but other people as well, the more that the liberals will defend them and call them victims.

Obama May Set Some Gitmo Terrorists Free Here in America

Attorney General Holder has stated that some of the Gitmo terrorists may end up being released here in America. As of yet Obama has had little success in convincing other nations leaders to accept terrorists from Club Gitmo. So Obama's solution is to just release them here in America, and settle the problem the easy way. What a joke!

That is insane. Plain and simple. Other Nations refuse to accept these dangerous scumbags and all the risks that are associated with having the terrorists running around free in one of their countries. And rightly so. But Obama has a promise to keep to the ACLU, the liberals, and the Human Rights Groups to free these terrorists, and aims to keep it! Regardless if such potential actions may be detrimental to Americans, and America. I cannot understand how Obama would take such an enormous risk in setting just one of those Islamic fanatics free here in America. He must be really confident that his popularity could withstand all the criticism that would ensue if one just one of the freed terrorists was implicated in the murder of an American.

And then when you consider all the effort and resources that went into capturing these terrorists only to set them free boggles ones mind. Especially when Obama is doing all of this just for political reasons.

Of course the ACLU and friends are ecstatic about the prospect of freed terrorists living here in America. They are already talking about how they will be there for their freed terrorists friends to help them sue the American government after their release.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Saleh of Yemen Supports The Mass Murderer of the Sudan

President Saleh's support for the mass murderer President Al-Bashir of the Sudan comes as no surprise. The only major difference between Yemen and the Sudan is that Yemen was taken off the list of nations that support terrorism back in "92". Which of course was a major mistake for our government.

Both Saleh and Al-Bashir aid and abet terrorsim, and oppress their own people. An arrest warrant was recently issued by the International Criminal Court(ICC) for Al-Bashir. Last year when the ICC indicted Al-Bashir Saleh was one of the first nations leaders to voice his support for the madman, Al-Bashir.

Al-Bashir provided protection for Bin laden and other Al-Qaeda terrorists for years back in the nineties, in exchange for a ton of money from Bin laden. Saleh has done the same thing and still uses Al-Qaeda when he needs too. The Sudan was found responsible in Federal court for aiding in the attack on the USS Cole two years ago. But our lawyers are still fighting our own government to get them to release the monies that was awarded to the victims families as a result of that trial. And no doubt will be for years to come. Our Justice Department has 3o days to appeal the judges ruling. The judge ruled last month that the banks which hold the frozen funds to pay up. I suspect that the Justice Department will file their appeal on the last day. So much for our own government supporting victims of terrorism. But unfortunately our government will go to any lengths at not helping victims of terrorism. Especially when there is oil involved. Our case in that regard in not unique.

The Bush administration in its last two years was attempting to normalize relationships between our country and the Sudan. The Sudan has oil reserves which are comparable to Saudi Arabia. But then the indictment by the ICC put the Bush's administrations attempts at making nice with the mass murderer in the limelight. And they backed off somewhat from getting so cozy with Al-Bashir. And now we have Obama who is to meet with the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon this week to discuss the warrant for the Sudanese president.

The Shiek of Hate Al Zandani was also present at the rally for Al-Bashir in Sana'a Yemen. Al-Zandani has his own University in Yemen where he teaches aspiring terrorists how to hate and kill Jews, and Americans. The UN has listed him as a major supporter of terrorism. But President Saleh of Yemen refuses to take any action against him. Even though two of the Cole bombers attended his school of hate. And other graduates of his university have gone on to fight our soldiers in Iraq. I have written our government numerous times asking why they do not issue an arrest warrant for Al-Zandani numerous times, but never receive an answer back. The answer is obvious though. Our government knows that Saleh will not do anything against one of his biggest supporters. Which would only make our own government look even more foolish for their continued support of Saleh and his corrupt regime which aids and abets terrorism.

Representatives from Iran, Syria, Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad have all expressed their solidarity with Al-Bashir as well. I can understand all the above nations and groups coming together to support the mass murderer. They all have America and Israel as their common enemy. But to know that my own government supports Saleh of Yemen who not only supports but helps those nations, and groups with their sick and twisted agenda of killing innocent people is shameful.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Congressman Drafts Bill To Stop Gitmo Terrorists From Comming To America

Republican Congressman John Shadegg has introduced a bill (HR1238) that would stop any of the Gitmo terrorists from ever being placed in a prison on American soil. Good for him! I commend the congressman and only wish that more of our politicians would follow his lead.

But the bill has to make it past the House Judiciary Committee , which will be a major hurdle in itself. If the bill gets past the Judiciary Committee which I doubt, it would then go to the House floor to be voted on. The second hurdle. In the past we(the Cole Families) have had one bill that never made it out of the committee, its still there somewhere gathering dust. Just like all the unanswered questions about the failed Cole investigation. And at least two requests for a Judiciary Hearing refused. The second request for a Judiciary hearing was actually looking like it would actually make it, when Democratic Senator Leahy killed it.

Leahy is now focusing his time on members of the Bush administration, trying to get them before a Truth Commissions on charges of authorizing torture, and anything else he can think of. So I don't see any democrats going against their main man Obama in trying to stop his plans on bringing the terrorists to America.

I personally find Leahy's Truth Commissions disgusting. The man is more interested in finding out if any of Bush's people broke any laws, then he is in finding out the truth in the failed Cole investigation and why our government is still supporting a dictator in Yemen who freed our sons killers, and still supports Al-Qaeda. Yet Leahy wants to find out if there is any truth that terrorists like al-Nashiri the Cole bomber was tortured, and who did it. Yet he denies the Cole families the right to have their questions answered. And he states that his actions are not political, and only for the good of the country.

What would be really unique is for more of our senators, and congresspeople to be just as worried about the rights of American Victims of Terrorism as much as they worry about the rights of the Terrorists. But then again we the victims have very few rights. So it would only be good politics to worry about the terrorists who can sue the government, than the families who have no options.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jew Killer Gets Only a Fine in Yemen

A Yemeni Court ruled that the killer of a Yemeni Jew was mentally incompetent, and that he only had to pay a fine. The murdered Jew was Moshe Yaish Nahari who was shot by Abdel Aziz al-Abdi, a retired Yemeni Air Force pilot.

The killer had confessed to the local police chief that he killed the Jewish man "for the sake of Allah." The police chief also stated that the killer had told him that he had told the Jews to either embrace Islam, leave the country, or be killed.

The Yemeni courts ruling comes as no surprise in in view of all the support that President Saleh of Yemen has shown to Hamas and Palestine. The courts in Yemen do as they are told to by Saleh's regime. Jews have never had it easy in Yemen, and most of them immigrated to Israel back in the 1950's and 1960's. There are currently only about 280 Jews now in Yemen. Their requests for government protection appears to have fallen on deaf ears.

Every month brings more news how Saleh's regime continues to flaunt it relationship with radical Islam, and Al-Qaeda. While our own government looks the other way at the favoritism that the Yemeni courts have shown to the murderers of 17 American sailors, and Jihadists who were released to go and fight our troops in Iraq. The Yemeni courts routinely throw journalists in prison for criticizing Saleh' government as well. click on title

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Attorney General Holder Gives Gitmo a Clean Bill of Health

After he returned from his visit of Guantanamo, Attorney General Holder stated that there are no problems with Gitmo. Dah! "I was impressed by the people who are presently running the camp." Holder said. No kidding! I was too. But then I have been in the infantry and did some time as special duty as a guard. Those soldiers and sailors take their jobs seriously and are professionals.

"I think the facilities are good ones." I have too agree. Some of the nicest cells I have ever seen as a matter of fact. And I have see some pretty rough correctional facilities. But those prisons were for American convicts, not terrorists who are considered foreign guests and receive only the best that America has to offer.

"I did not witness any mistreatment of prisoners. I think, to the contrary, what I saw was a very conscious attempt for these guards to conduct themselves in an appropriate way." I am glad that Holder gave our troops the compliments that they all deserve so much. He also told reporters that he saw nothing to support the allegations by the Human Rights Lawyer that abuses had increased since Obama had taken office. And that has angered the ACLU, the Human Rights, and their liberal supporters in a big way. I got a kick out of one Human Rights lawyer who whined,
" Obama is going to believe some of Bush's old cronies and not us!" I might disagree with Obama on closing Gitmo and dismissing the charges against our son's killers. But the man is too smart to believe the propaganda that the liberals and their organizations have used to smear Gitmo, and the military personnel stationed there. Its all about politics to him, just like any other president.

But after that glowing report him and his boss are still adamant on closing the high dollar facility. Oklahoma Sen. Jim Inhofe, a senior Republican hopes that Obama will see the light and change his mind. "I believe that as time goes by, there is a chance the administration will grow to realize that we need Gitmo and must keep it open. More time will allow facts to replace political rhetoric." Dream on Senator. I hope that Obama will change his mind as well. But the chances are slim to none that he will do so, unless something really drastic happens in the near future. He still needs his liberal supporters and can ony anger them so much. And thats politics. click on title

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Exclusive! Guards Spray Gitmo Terrorists Toilet Paper with Pepper Spray!

Human Rights lawyer Ahmed Ghappour told Reuters news that the Army and Navy guards are,"trying to get their kicks in right now for fear that they won't be able to do it later." And that the abuse is a result of Obama being elected President. That the guards are angry that a democrat won, and is closing the prison.

In one camp at Gitmo he claims that all the terrorists are on a hunger strike and have been placed on feeding tubes, and that they are then given laxatives that induce chronic diarrhea while strapped in their chairs. Go ahead and read it. I am not kidding. This is the kinda of trash talk that the ACLU, and their liberal friends eat up with a spoon. Its a shame that they are attempting to make our military men and women look like, and sound like the terrorists themselves.

The Defense Department has just concluded a report on a two week review of conditions at Guantanamo. And they found no abuse and or torture. Which has made the ACLU and their friends mad as hell. And now they are going to fabricate even more ludicrous stories of torture, and abuse in an attempt to keep up their propaganda war on Gitmo. But this story is not only ridiculous, but way over the top. The liberal stories of torture and abuse have become outrageous, and comical now.

Admiral Patrick Walsh acknowledged that there had been some cases of abuse. Like verbal abuse such as "comments, gestures, disrespect" to "preemptive use of pepper spray." Anyone who has worked in a prison knows that convicts make daily reports of abuse. That's any prison, any where. The convict knows that it takes the time of the guard, and the review board to investigate any complaint. Which over 99% are proven false in the end. Just filing the grievance gets them out of their cells for awhile, and they get to rant at the boss man or woman about how bad they got it. Plus it makes the guards life miserable. The guard will have to write a report on what happened as to, where, why, when, and who were the witnesses. The second most common method that convicts use to get out of their cells and to make life hell for the guards and the director is to fake a serious illness. And 99% of the time the doctors release them with a couple of aspirins.

And yes guards do react to convicts who display any aggressive behaviors when they are in close contact with the convict. Its very difficult to second guess a guard who has used self defense when he or she thought their life was in danger. And in any profession you will get a few bad apples. And it usually does not take to long to figure out which guards are not cut out to deal with prisoners, and or work in a correctional facility.

This Human Rights lawyer also claimed that "several of his clients have had their toilet paper sprayed with pepper spray while they have had hemorrhoids." Why did he have to add the hemorroids? I think it would have been bad with out them. That extra shock effect I guess on the liberal mind. More ear candy for his liberal audience. But I got to admit that the mental image that it conjured up in my mind had me laughing out loud. These claims will no doubt be a hot topic at the liberal colleges amongst the professors, and students. Some movie stars as well I guess. But its not right that this two bit lawyer has to slander our military men and women with outlandish stories just because the liberals are angry and indignant that their claims of mass torture at Gitmo were not believed, let alone substantiated.

And to think that the Reuters News calls this an Exclusive Story. Its more like one of those stories that that are found in the tabloids at the super market check out line that I read to get a good laugh while waiting my turn to check out. Have you ever noticed that they do not put the serious news magazines at the check out lane?
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The Attack on the USS Cole and Broken Promises By Three Presidents

You would think that after 8 years since the attack on the USS Cole that some kind of justice in a court of law would have been delivered against the Cole bombers. But as of yet no American court has taken any action against the bombers in that attack in which 17 American sailors were brutally murdered, and 39 other sailors were wounded. The Forgotten Cole attack has become a national embarrassment for our nation in more ways than one. Yet our Presidents and politicians will go to any lengths to keep the truth of the Cole attack, the subsequent failed investigation, and the release of most of the killers from ever being corrected. And why? Politics plain and simple.

The attack happened on President Clinton's watch. He promised, "That justice would be served." and that the killers would be found and prosecuted. They have not. Instead some of the people in his administration which helped to mishandle the investigation into the Cole attack were promoted and rewarded. While those few individuals who attempted to shed light on the truth had their careers ruined.

And then President Bush took took the attitude of "it did not happen on my watch." and that "he did not want to be bothered chasing flies" Those flies turned into passenger jets crashing into the World Trade Center. And Bush and our nation paid dearly for his decision not to pursue the Cole investigation in a aggressive manner. After 9/11 Bush got wise and all fired up to take action on terrorism to his credit. He stated" Every terrorists must be made to live as an international fugitive with no place to settle or organize, no place to hide, no government to hide behind and not even a safe place to sleep." If only he had turned those words into action against President Saleh's regime which has aided and abetted terrorism for years now.

But he allowed just the opposite to occur with the Cole bombers in Yemen. His administration stood by and watched as the Cole bombers were pardoned, given reduced sentences, and not even tried for the attack. His support for President Saleh of Yemen did not waver until the last days of his administration. By then it was too late to take any action against Saleh's regime which was protecting the Cole bombers, which Bush had promised that he would not tolerate. By the time Bush left office President Saleh had turned Yemen into a terrorist haven, and had gotten away with the murder of 17 Innocent sailors. Yemen is now a stronghold for Al-Qaeda. And all the Cole bombers are living as free men in Yemen, some with 5 million dollar bounties on their heads. Two of the Cole bombers were allowed to travel from Yemen to Iraq to become Suicide bombers. Hamound al-Hitar a former Supreme Court of Justice in Yemen justified their actions,"Iraq was not part of the dialogue program." The two Iraq/Cole bombers had been placed in Yemen's Jihad Rehab Program as punishment. That program only requires that terrorists make a promise to Saleh, and Allah not to kill any more Americans. And Saleh has stated publicly that his Jihad Rehab will not endorse more strict and harsh consequences that the American government has asked for. Yet our own government is providing more money to build a much nicer and more comfortable Jihad Rehab Center for him.

Sheik Abdul al-Zindani of Yemen who founded and runs the al-Man University has been designated as a sponsor of Al-Qaeda by UN 1267 Sanctions Committee, yet President Saleh has not frozen his assets, and or barred him from traveling. Whats worse is that some of his students were implicated in the attack on the Cole, and one of his most infamous graduates was the American traitor John Walker Lindh. He is still spewing out his hate filled sermons about Jews and American. He has recently been behind efforts to build Jihad Camps for wanted be terrorists to go and fight against Israel.

Our government has returned ex-Gitmo terrorists back to Saleh of Yemen to meet his demands that they be freed. He has also recently freed over 170 Al-Qeada terrorists from his prisons. Yet he refuses to extradite the killers of our son, while our own government bends over backwards to make this supporter of Al-Qaeda happy. Another Cole bomber, Al-Quso escaped from prison like most Al-Qaeda terrorists in Yemen have and still do. Saleh did not even bother to tell the American government about his escape. They had to read about in the paper like I did. And he is still free in Yemen. Al-Badwai was pardoned by Saleh himself after escaping from prison at least two times, and has a 5 million dollar reward on his head as well. Hamdi al-Ahdal who was the second in command of Al-Qaeda in Yemen at the time of the Cole attack was considered a major victory in the war on terror by Bush when he was caught in Yemen. But to noones surprise he was not even tried for his part in the Cole attack and or other attacks that he helped to facilitate. Instead he was tried for supporting terrorism and released with time served. 3 years. Upon his capture he had revealed the names of wealthy Yemenis, and Saudis who helped to fund the Cole and French tanker Limburg attacks. There was no comment by the Bush administration after his release. Saif al-Adel was named as an un-indicted co-conspirator in the planning of the Cole attack and is living free in Iran. Bin Attash another Cole bomber is being held at Gitmo, but was not charged with the Cole attack for some unknown reason.

And then we have Al-Nashir who's trial we were getting ready to leave for when Obama dismissed the charges against him. And of course before that he had signed the order to close Gitmo, and to relocate the terrorist here to the states where they will be able to obtain constitutional rights. There are other terrorists involved in the attack on the Cole which I have not listed at this time. But they are all free.

Al-Qaeda views the attack on the Cole as one of their greatest victories, and even made a propaganda, and recruiting film about it. The producer of that film Al Bahlul was sentenced to life in prison at Guantanamo last November at Guantanamo, which my wife and I were lucky enough to attend and testify at. But so far al-Bahlul has been the only Al-Qaeda terrorist held accountable in a court of law by our nation. Some other Cole bombers were taken out by missles in the war. Except the ones taken out by missles in the war. Like many other Americans we thought that the Military Commissions and the tribunals was a fair system for the terrorists to be tried in. And now that the new report states that there is no torture and or abuse at Gitmo we cannot understand why Obama took the action that he did, unless it was only for political reasons. Obama will never satisfy the ACLU and the Human Rights Groups and their claims of rampant torture of the terrorists. Not unless he gives them what they really want, constitutional rights for the terrorists.

It was during the last year of the Bush administration that Senator Cornyn had worked to obtain us a Judicial Hearing, at the request of my wife and myself. We finally thought that our government was going to set things right for the murdered sailors, and their families. But then along comes our new President Obama and does everything in his power to set what little progress had been made in the forgotten Cole attack back to square one. He not only closes Guantanamo, but dismisses the charges against al-Nashiri the Cole bomber. And the Judicial hearing is canceled by Senator Leahy. Leahy now finds it more important to go after individuals in the Bush administration for torture of the terrorists, then to let the truth be know about the forgotten Cole tragedy.

The good news out of all these setbacks is the growing numbers of Americans who have decided to take up our issue of the Forgotten Cole Attack. We are now being helped by such people as our towns publisher of the newspaper, more Americans who are writing stories on the Internet about our battle with the government, Internet radio shows, Americans who are signing the petition to keep Gitmo open, and writing their congressman to demand action, and some 9/11 families who want to keep Gitmo open too. Its a good beginning in so short a time since Obama intervened on the terrorists behalf.

The plight of the forgotten murdered and the wounded sailors is not political, its about right and wrong. Its about standing up for our military men and women who put their lives on the line for us every day. And some who actually give their lives so we may keep ours. Its about ensuring that justice prevails over politics. People have asked me why do I continue to fight after being ignored by our government for so long. Its simple really. Our murdered son can no longer speak for himself. If we his parents do not speak out for him than who will? Our government has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they will not, and that if they do their words are meaningless, and hollow. Our son deserves the same rights if not more so than his murderers. And even though the killers and President Saleh of Yemen have more support than we do at this time from our government, I am confident that with time our Government will come to its senses and have these terrorists tried by the Military Commissions in tribunals where they belong.