Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Ruthless Ex-Dictator Saleh of Yemen is Comming to America! Or At Least He Hopes Too!

To: Senator Cornyn
From: Gary and Deborah Swenchonis

Re: President Saleh's Attempts to Gain Asylum/Medical Treatment Here in America

Dear Senator Cornyn,
As you know last spring I wrote you about my fears that President Saleh of Yemen would attempt to gain sanctuary here in America when he lost his position as President of his corrupt regime. That day is now here. Despite our governments best efforts to keep Saleh in power as the Dictator of Yemen he has had to step down. Saleh has applied for entry into America under the false intention of obtaining medical treatment for injuries in the attack against him last spring in a failed attempt to remove him from power. We believe as many others do that Saleh is only trying to save his own life and the millions of dollar  that he stole from his own people. There is the very real possibility that Saleh will have to stand trial in a Yemeni court for all of his crimes against his people and his own nation that he committed during his 30 year reign of terror and corruption as President of Yemen. We as citizens of this country do not believe that we as a nation should provide a safe haven for a man who has ordered the murder and torture of his own citizens, who had journalists arrested, tortured and imprisoned because they reported on the crimes and corruptions of his regime.
  And of course we have our own very personal reasons as well. After the attack on the USS Cole on 10-12-00 in the Port of Aden in Yemen, President Saleh demonstrated repeatedly that he was not serious in his attempts to help our own government in bringing the members of Al-Qaeda to justice. Below I have listed a few of those actions that Saleh has taken over the following years in regards to that attack in which our son and 16 of his mates were murdered, and 39 other crew members wounded, some seriously.
+after the attack Saleh blamed America for the attack itself.
+he refused the requests of the FBI to question members of his own family, government, and military that the FBI suspected of having/knowing information about the plotters/bombers. Ambassador Bodine and President Clinton and Bush would agree with him  for political reasons.
+his police and military did not provide full access to the FBI during the investigation, and would not till after 9/11. But his family, members of his government and military would never be questioned. Yet Saleh would and did continue to receive millions of dollars in American aid, in money, equipment, arms, etc...
+ Saleh pardoned, and or reduced the sentences of the Cole bombers. In the end all the Cole bombers/plotters were freed, and or not even charged with the attack on the on the Cole. Yet he continued to reap the rewards from our own government for his terrorist friendly behaviors which have been documented and know for years.
+he gave released terrorists and other terrorists government jobs, money, etc...
+he has refused to arrest a well know terrorist who operates a so called university where he teaches hate and violence against westerners, especially Americans and Jews. At least one of the Cole bombers attended this university. This terrorist is currently wanted and has been by our own government, and the UN. But our government continues to look the other way in its dealings with Saleh in this matter as it does in anything pertaining to Saleh and his government/family members involvement with terrorism. That terrorist is al-Zindani who was even an advisor to Saleh at one time, and still runs his university of hate.
+Saleh's own courts released know terrorists to go and fight our troops in Iraq.
+Saleh has been caught using Al-Qaeda terrorists on numerous occasions, and providing support and protection for them when such use helped him to achieve his own agenda. All the while three different American presidents continued to provide him with money and other forms of aid.

These are only a few of the wrongs that Saleh and his evil regime has committed against our murdered son, his mates, and those wounded and who served on the ship at that time.
  We have watched over the years as three American presidents have refused to hold Saleh responsible for any of his evil and dangerous actions which have cost the lives of many people, and brought suffering to many, many more. We know that Clinton, Bush, and now Obama all had to make political decisions regardless of Saleh's ruthless behaviors towards his own people and the sailors of the USS Cole attack.
  But its our hope that now when our government has no further need of Saleh since he no longer has any real power that they will no longer afford him protection for all his crimes committed against innocent people. Our government turned its back on Mubarak of Egypt just this past spring, and he now has to answer to the Egyptian people for his crimes. And we feel that Saleh has committed much more grievous crimes than Mubarak ever did. Also, our government decided to quit supporting the know terrorist Gaddafi of Libya even after he had supposedly recanted his evil behaviors. A good decision to us and others we know.
  And now we are hoping that our government will actually remember the sailors of the USS Cole this time, all of them who were doing their duty at that time, but have been forgotten over the years. That our government will refuse entry into America for any reasons to Saleh, his family, and members of his government. If Saleh was allowed to come here to America it would be just another insult in a long line of insults to the murdered sailors, those wounded, and those sailors who fought so hard and so long to keep the Cole afloat, and to bring her back home. And not to mention all the other Americans who could never understand why our own government continued to befriend Saleh in light of how he helped the plotters of the Cole Attack in which 17 American sailors were murdered, and 39 more wounded.
  And one last point there are many people in Yemen who have these same questions, and not the bad guys either. But people who really want a real democracy, and cannot understand our governments continued infatuation with Saleh of Yemen. The more our government continues to protect this murder, his family, and his government the more difficult it will be to gain these peoples trust. The Yemeni people have a right to make Saleh stand trial for all of his crimes. And we hope that Saleh will actually have to face the consequences of his actions towards them and his country.
  And if our government continues with its support of the ex-Dictator Saleh of Yemen and he is allowed to live here we and others will use every legal option at our disposal to make him stand trial in a civil court. But we think that it would be much easier and the right thing to do if our government just tells him to go somewhere else to live with his stolen fortune. Like I said, its way past time that Saleh starts paying for all of his crimes. And to recognize the sacrifice of the sailors of the USS Cole, and their families.

Thank-You Again Sir for all of your help!
Gary G. and Deborah Swenchonis
Remember the USS Cole

And to all the Yemenis who helped to bring Saleh down. Job well done! You have had numerous enemies who tried to stop you from removing Saleh from power, and bringing postive change to Yemen. One of those entities was my own government unfortunately, who downplayed your cause every chance they got till they were forced to recognize your efforts, and your cause. And even now they are still trying to help their old friend Saleh to escape justice. The press here in America only reported our governments official party line, "That Saleh was our close friend in the war on terror.", for the past 12 years and very little on the real truth behind the real Saleh of Yemen. That he was and is a selfish, egotistical power hungry and ruthless dictator who stopped at nothing to enrich himself, his family, and his cronies at the expense of the Yemeni people, and your nation. My wife and I wish you all success in your efforts to obtain a real democracy. We also recognize that y'all have a long way to go in achieving that goal, and still many more obstacles to overcome in the future.  But if the Yemeni people apply themselves with the same determination that they have with the removal of Saleh we are sure that Yemen will be a bona fide democracy in the near future.
Good Luck!


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Secretary of State Clinton Makes Promise to Lobby For the Prosecution of Saleh of Ymen

Tawakkul Karman a Yemeni citizen claims that she met with Secretary of State Clinton and that Clinton promised to her that she will lobby the U.S.'s allies to push for the prosecution of the brutal Dictator Saleh of Yemen. I don't want to disillusion the young lady, the winner of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize for her work in helping women in Yemen to be treated as equals, and for her work on organizing the youth of Yemen to rebel peacefully against Saleh's regime and to replace it with a democracy, but I hope she does not take Clinton's promise to heart.  She started her work before the Arab Spring when no news media were interested at all in the dissatisfaction expressed by so many people in so many of the dictatorships in the Middle East. Especially in Yemen! And the media is still not really interested in the Yemeni peaceful revolution.(peaceful on the rebels part) Even with all the murders and deaths since the rebellion begun in earnest this past spring. Saleh's troops are doing the killing. 
   When you compare how the media was all over Egypt, and Libya to how they have treated the rebellion in Yemen, its like comparing stones to water. Oh yea, the media reports on Yemen sometimes but only the sanctioned stories that they receive from the White House. And of course the White House has viewed old Saleh of Yemen as a good buddy and trusted ally now for at least three different administrations. Somehow the American media is missing all of the innocent people that Saleh has murdered in cold blood and in broad day light with cell phones, and cameras catching the murders on film. Yet they managed to film all the murders and brutal actions that occurred in Egypt, and Libya. And our TV sets were flooded with those images day and night as the rebels of those two nations were called hero's, and their respective regimes and their leaders Gaddafi's and Mubarak were referred to as "evil and brutal". But No such luck for Miss Karman and her fellow rebels of Yemen. The American media continues to report what the White house tells them to report.
   So why the news blackout on Yemen? Not really a complete blackout, but damn close to it. And when our press does report on Saleh murdering more Yemenis in the streets his ruthless and criminal actions are always minimized. And following the news clip of those images we the American people are always reminded that Saleh of Yemen is our trusted friend and ally in the war on terror. Now if that ain't pure and unadulterated propaganda what is?
  First and foremost Saleh is no trusted friend of ours. Never has been, and never will. Both Clinton and Bush found that out repeatedly, after he made promises to not use Al-Qaeda and terrorism to achieve his own agenda. But Saleh ignored the promises and continued to use Al-Qaeda. But our presidents always forgave him, even after he refused to let the FBI conduct a proper investigation into the attack on the USS Cole. The FBI were told no to their request to question members of Saleh, his family and the military. Two president felt that the old dictators dubious friendship was more important than finding the killers of 17 American sailors, and the wounding of 39 more. A decision that would come back and bite Bush on the butt big time in less than 10 months later, with the 9/11 attack. And then Bush would tell Saleh of Yemen that he would co-operate with the FBI, or else. Too late for all the thousands of murdered Americans, and families and friends though.
  And then Bush took no action when Saleh let those killers go free after he tried them in a puppet court. But then again Saleh's courts released even more terrorists to go and fight our troops in Iraq. Those are only a few instances of Salehs trusted friendship for us Americans. And lets not forget all the terrorists that Bush and Obama both sent back to the old dictator by way of Saudi Jihad Rehabs. Many of them after completing their Jihad Rehab went right back to Al-Qaeda, and terrorism. Obama only stopped sending them back to Saleh after a couple of Yemeni terrorists attempted some bombings here in America, planned by no other than Al-Qaeda in Yemen. He had to quit sending terrorists back when media got all fired up about the attempted bombings on Americans. Or the questions like "Why have we been sending terrorists back to this dictator, just so they can turn around and attack us again." That's not good Public Relations for either Obama and or Saleh. Do we hear that on the news? No, nary a word of criticism for the old dictator. And then those released terrorists from Saleh, Bush, and Obama went on to help Al-Aqaeda in Yemen become such the threat it is today.   
  So if our government does not even care about its own murdered and wounded sailors why then should they care that Saleh is and has been murdering his own people? Its obvious, they don't.
  Whats of prime importance to our government is its new CIA base in Yemen, and Yemens strategic location.  And so far our own government has refused to let anything come before that, even going so far as to conveniently forgetting the justice that the 17 murdered sailors, the 39 other sailors wounded, and their families deserve. And telling American the truth about the double dealing dictator that they have, and still support today.
  At this time I have of as yet to receive any word on the where abouts of the freed Cole bombers, and if our government has given up on extraditing another of the freed Cole bombers who is supposedly walking around as a free man in Yemen. At least the Bush administration kept up the pretense of trying to get Saleh to play by the book. But it appears that the Obama administration no longer cares at all. Except that Saleh must appear to be one of the good guys, and not the devious and backstabbing dictator that is really is. His only mission is to keep himself, his family and cronies in control of Yemen. so they they can continue to enrich themselves as the Yemeni peoples resources are plundered, and the people themselves suffer.
   And those are only some of the reasons why that I don't think that Miss Tawakkul Karman should believe in the promises that Clinton, and or Obama make to her.  I hope I am wrong and that Obama will see fit and stop protecting this murderer, and thief. That Saleh, his family and all his cronies will one day have to answer to the Yemeni People for all their crimes against them and their country. And that they will see their dreams of a real democracy come true. My wife and myself wish her and the Yemeni people the best of luck in their efforts at obtaining such worthwhile goals.
   But I really think that Obama just wants to keep Saleh quiet, after all if Saleh were to really open up and spill everything that he knows to a world court that information could be really embarrassing for some American presidents, and Obama would be one of them. So even though Saleh has caused Clinton, Bush, and Obama much embarrassment in the past and no doubt more embarrassment in the future, it just might be cheaper in the long run to keep him as the dictator of Yemen until he has an accident, assassinated, and or dies of natural causes. And in the mean time, Obama will just have to endure his dysfunctional relationship with the murderous, traitorous, and ruthless dictator. Like the old saying "you lay in the bed you made".
 But it sure would be real justice to see old Saleh, family, and friends sitting in a Yemeni courtroom being tried by the people he has used, abused, murdered, thrown in prison, and in general just made life a living hell for many of them, and their families. Talk about Karma coming down!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Two Down! One More To Go!!

Those three smiling dictators are Saleh of Yemen, Gaddafi's of Libya, and Mubarak of Egypt. The picture was taken in better times for all of them obliviously when the money, arms, contracts, etc... from America were flowing like wine to all three of them. But how quick things can change! One day Gaddafi's and Mubarak were wealthy and semi powerful dictators, the next day they were fighting for their lives, and had been abandoned to their fate by their former benefactor, the American Government.
 Mubarak is presently awaiting his trial to began next month. He is confined to a hospital bed under armed guard. His two sons are also going to be tried for crimes against the Egyptian people. Him and his sons stand a good chance of being executed or sent to prison for life.
 And we all know what happened to Americans good friend Gaddafi. He was overthrown and tracked down like a rabid dog and then beatened, and shot till dead. He was not always our governments good friend when he used terrorists to kill some of our fellow Americans. Reagan tried to take him out with a missile attack but it missed unfortunately. But then papa Bush, Clinton, and then junior Bush all claimed there was no evidence to have Gaddafi's killed. So they let him live and prosper for decades. Until Bush took Gaddafi's off the list of countries that support terrorism back in 2008. The oil companies needed that action to be able to to drill legally in Libya. Bush obliged them. We were all told that Gaddafi's had not only recanted his evil ways but had repented for them as well. But then in less than two years time Obama decided to back the people of Libya and told us all that evidence had turned up and  proved that Gaddafi's had murdered those Americans after all!! We heard the same story from Bush when we were told over and over that Al-Qaeda had not killed our son and his mates in the Cole attack, there was no evidence to those rumours at all. At least not until 24 hours after the 9/11 attack ten months later and then our government found the evidence and announced to us that Al-Qaeda did in fact bomb the Cole! Our government has always had this bad tendency to measure how many murdered Americans justify a response on their part. And unfortunately they will normally wait unit the body count becomes to large for even them to ignore any longer before they take action. Till that time they always tell us that there is no evidence, when in reality our politicians fear to do the right action because they may put their political careers at risk.
 And now here we are down to the last dictator in that picture, Saleh of Yemen. It appears that our government is still supporting their old friend even as his troops continue to murder his own people. But Saleh barely survived an attempt on his life awhile back, and was burned badly. His family is helping him to maintain control over what little areas of the country they still control in Yemen, which is very little. But Saleh has to know that his end is drawing near even with Obamas support. Or does he? Maybe Saleh really thinks and believes that since Obama sold Mubarak and Gaddafi's out but not him, that he is safe. After all Saleh has outlasted Clinton, and Bush whom he lied to repeatedly and was caught lying but still always got what he wanted anyway, he even refused to let the FBI conduct a proper investigation into the Cole attack, he refused to let members of his military and family be questioned who were suspected of being involved in the attack which killed 17 American sailors. Clinton and Bush both agreed that 17 Americans lives were not worth a proper investigation and denied the requests from the FBI. And of course Saleh freed the Cole bombers and some of them returned right back to killing innocent people. While our government did nothing but give the old dictator more money and aid.
 So maybe Saleh really does have some serious clout left with Obama. But either way he has got to be sweating bullets if he even has only one foot left in reality. That reality being that him, his family, and his cronies are all coming to the end of their reign of terror in Yemen. And that end could be brutal and fatal for him and his family if he does not cut his loses, and take all of his stolen riches and bug out. I would not lose one night of sleep knowing that Saleh could be hunted down like Gaddafi's and hung from a street lamp and or shot. There is way to much circumstantial evidence, and other evidence that Saleh at least knew about the Cole attack before hand, or at the very least he stopped the FBI investigation with the help of two American presidents for political reasons which only benefited his friends in Al-Qaeda. And less than 10 months later our whole nation would pay the price for that serious political mistake by two American presidents in the form of thousands of innocent lives being lost on 9/11.
   I know that our site is still viewed by some people in Yemen, and some of those people being Salehs Secret Police, and cronies. And this is for you folks and your boss: Your time is running out. Get out now while you can. Obama cannot save you. He is in deep trouble here in America. Let the Yemeni People have a real democracy. Not what they have now, a brutal dictatorship that has and is getting rich off the last of Yemen's natural resources and people.  A regime that is murdering men, women, and children. That has used Al-Qaeda to meet its own evil agenda with the knowledge of the American Government. A Dictator who freed all of the Cole bombers, and other know terrorists to kill innocent people again. And know this too; If I awake one day to see Saleh's dead body on the cover of a magazine, I will rejoice for for our murdered son, his mates, and all the other victims of Saleh's terrorist acts and last, but not least that the Yemeni People have a democracy after decades of living under a brutal dictator and his family.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Nashiri to Be Arraigned Next Month. But Will His Tribunal Really Ever Happen?

  Going on eleven years now since the attack of the USS Cole on 10-12-00, and it looks like Nashiri one of the plotters and planners of that attack may actually be arraigned at Gitmo next month. That attack killed 17 sailors, and wounded 39 more. It was also the attack that should have awakened up our presidents, and politicians to the fact that Bin laden and Al-Qaeda's proclamation of war against American back in 1998 was not just an idle threat. He had already proven how serious he was even before the Cole attack with the murder of innocent Americans, and other people of different nationalities. But it would take 9/11 before our leaders realized that they could no longer afford to ignore Bin laden.  Nashiri was to have been arraigned this month, but the date was changed. He could face the death penalty if convicted. The last individual to be put to death by the military was back in 1961.
  But I still have serious doubts as to if Obama is going to let the actual trial to even take place, until after the elections. He is taking a serious beating at the polls right now, and cannot afford more bad press. On the other hand a Military trial is much more private than a civilian trial where they often turn into a three ring circus, and take much longer to finish than a Tribunal. Also all the juicy information like how were the terrorists interrogated, and other sensitive information will be limited. That's fine by me, the less said the better. And then if Nashiri is convicted with a life sentence, and or death, Obama would have another feather in his hat, and another reason to give a another speech on TV.  But the ACLU, Human Rights Groups and the liberals in general will be hemorrhaging at the nose and ears, and not at all happy with their main man, Obama. And the mainstream media will have developed a bad case of cognitive dissonance. Do they report on how unhappy they are at Obama demonstrating yet more evil  behaviors like Bush? Or do they just ignore it, and or down play the trial? Like they practically have with everything involving the USS Cole.
 But then really I don't even think that a prefect trial for the terrorists can really help Obama in the end. Its too late for that now. But no doubt his re-election team is desperate enough to try anything to keep Obama in office. Even if it means going against Obama's beliefs that the terrorists deserve the same rights as the American citizens that they so happily butchered.
  One thing is for sure though, Obama and other politicians are still using the terrorists that murdered thousands of their fellow Americans and Guantanamo for pure political reasons. Where justice for the real victims has become another casualty.
 My words and feelings in no way reflect ill feelings on the Military Commissions. They have an extremely unenviable and difficult job.  They like all of us are caught up in the political beliefs of whoever is in charge at the top of the ladder, and have to act accordingly. One day its this way, the next day its the opposite way. We have always been treated with the utmost respect by all of the staff at the Military Commissions, and at Guantanamo. Their professionalism and dedication to duty is to be admired, and respected.  And the same for all the people who work at keeping Guantanamo Bay such an excellent prison. And a shinning example of how a prison should be. Its a shame that Obama, the mainstream media, and a few liberals have been allowed to distort those facts just so they could pursue their own twisted political ideology.
 After the arraignment we will have to wait and see if the trial is allowed to proceed. And what the outcome will be.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Al-Bahlul, Obama, Gitmo, and Freed Terrorists

Yup! This past Monday was a sad day for Liberals everywhere, and a great day for people who despise terrorism, and those who engage in it. The cause of that sadness, Ali al-Bahlul had his conviction and life sentence upheld by a military court. Al-Bahlul had some concerned liberal lawyers working on his behalf since the day he got sentenced for 35 counts of conspiracy, solicitation to commit murder and providing material support for terrorism.
 So it look like al-Bahlul will still be spending his time at Gitmo, unless Obama figures out a way to close it completely. Obama has failed to implement a policy that ensures that terrorists will be sent to Gitmo, and  tried by the Military Tribunals due to his own liberal beliefs as to how terrorists should be treated. Instead each terrorist that is caught is handled on a case by case system since Obama has refused to let anymore terrorists be confined there. Not a very efficient system at all.
  Obama has managed to have some of the terrorists transferred to other countries where some of them were released to return back to their profession of terrorism. Some of these terrorists went right back to the front lines fighting our own soldiers, again. And or allied forces in Pakistan, Yemen, and Afghanistan. Total insanity. But now Obama is facing more heat and pressure from Congress to have diplomatic cables, and other materials on those released terrorists sent to the Senate Intelligence Committee.  Of course Obama has threatened to veto any bill that would release any such incriminating material that would only shed more light on Obama's altruistic, but yet dangerous decision.
   So even while Obama fights to have his irrational and dangerous decisions made public on the release of the terrorists, he is still doing his best to try and close Gitmo for good. While at the same time trying to give the impression that we will have a trial for the USS Cole and 9/11 terrorists. Excuse me if I don't believe him at all. We could have had the trials of the terrorists years ago, including those that were released to fight again. But Obama deemed those actions were wrong for whatever reasons. But yet he refuses to see the wrongness of denying trials to the actual victims, and their loved ones, and the wrongness of freeing captured terrorists to kill again which will only make more victims. Thereby ensuring that one of the real problems of what to do with the terrorists, and their victims will never have an ending. At least while he is president.

Friday, September 2, 2011

No Trial for the Victims of 9/11? Welcome to The American Federal Justice System!

   I have heard this week that some 9/11 families fear that they will not live to see a trial for the terrorists who murdered their loved ones. I hate to say this, but welcome to gang!  I wish I could believe and say that we the Cole Families will live to see a trial for the psychos who murdered our loved ones, but unfortunately I think there is only a slim chance of that happening in our lifetime. Why? Because we the families and friends of victims who have been ruthlessly murdered by terrorists have become lost way down deep amongst the cogs and gears of the colossal and uncaring machine called the Federal Government. Whats so sad its not by accident either, but by purposeful design on the part of our current president and some politicians.
  I really believe that Bush had good intentions, but he had no idea of the amount of organized resistance that he would meet with when he implemented The Military Commissions, and the Military Tribunals to deal with the terrorists.  But the political left and all their supporters reared their ugly heads immediately, and saw an excellent opportunity to go after Bush for all the pain he had supposedly brought them, and their twisted beliefs on justice, and their other political issues as well. All the fights about to use or not to use Military Tribunals were and are for the most part purely political on the part of the liberals and aimed at crippling the Bush administration. Which I must add that the liberals were more than sucessful at.
   Its rare to hear on the news how before Obama was elected that the tribunals were working, and moving along. Yes, that movement was a snail pace, but it was movement with a purposeful direction nevertheless. And then along comes Obama with his enlightened views on how the terrorists were and are victims too in their own right. The real victims and their rights were pushed even deeper into the bowels of the federal machine of Justice and government. And there they remain to this day, while the battle over when and where the terrorists will be tried still rages on.
   The Cole Families are used to being ignored and treated like second class citizens, we even expect it now as standard operating procedure from our government, and the press. Its as if the USS Cole raises all those embarrassing questions that no one likes to answer. Let alone dwell on.  Like how we seen how our own government did nothing when their favorite boy President Saleh of Yemen released the killers of our loved ones, and provided them protection. Oh! Yes! They did pour tons of money into Salehs coffers, but as for standing up to him and demanding real justice for the terrorists who murdered our loved ones? Nothing but a few obligatory feeble protests followed by more and more money to the little despot. And did the lame left media do any major stories how the killers of 17 American sailors, and the wounding of 39 more were freed by our trusted ally Saleh? No. On the contrary, their was very little press on that heartbreaking story and many more such stories to follow out of Yemen in relation to Yemen's support and use of Al-Qaeda.  The Cole attack began to fade from the public mind over the years. Which was and is fine with the Obama administration. Instead the liberal press kept their focus on how bad the 9/11 terrorists had it, and that they the terrorists had rights too. And that Saleh of Yemen is our trusted friend and ally who has has done so much for us in the war on terror. Nary a word about how he has been one of the most evil dictators alive, and has used al-Qeada to achieve his own agenda. The administration had to change their attitude towards him when his own people tried to overthrow him and to build a real democracy. But that's another story for another day. So politics interfered with the Cole terrorists that were freed back then, just like Obama is using politics now to keep the 9/11 and the Cole terrorist from being given a swift trial to appease his supporters.
  Since Obama could not live up to his campaign promises to his liberal base to close Gitmo, and to have the terrorists tried in Federal court he has realized reluctantly that he has to appear that he will use the Military Commissions. Notice I said in appearance only. And appearance is everything in politics, as well in many other areas of life too. Obama cannot take the risk that even one of the terrorist trials would end in a similar fashion as the recent Casey trial did. Especially before the next election. Granted the liberals and a few other Americans would hail a no guilty verdict as a major victory, and a shining example of American Justice. But most Americans would be furious, and no doubt even hold a sense of shame as to how something like a no guilty verdict could even happen with such mass murderers. And they would be looking for someone to hold accountable, and Obama would be more than likely the candidate to fill that well deserved role.
  So what better way to attempt to satisfy the majority of Americans in their demands for a trial than to proceed with only the appearance of a trial. He has reassured his base that the tribunals have undergone changes that will make the trials more terrorist friendly. Thereby making everyone happy and contented in the end with another example of his never ending wisdom in dealing with such complex problems. But in reality the truth is another and completely different story.
  So will we and all the Americans who want a trial for the terrorists ever get one? Maybe. But it will take a president who like Bush in the beginning really tried to stand firm with the courage of his convictions in the area of having the terrorists tried in the Tribunals. But was thwarted by the liberals and liberals judges and politicians who used the terrorist as a means to an end. To pave the way for a president who shared their own beliefs, values and agenda. I use the word values very loosely when connecting that word to liberals by the way.
  Our sons birthday was yesterday, the 1st of September. This past August leading up to his birthday was an extremely hard month for us emotionally. Nearly eleven long years now and still no trial for the major players in his murder and those of his mates. Yes Bush did kill some with his use of our military and other agencies. For that we will always be grateful for. And Obama had Bin Laden shot and killed, another victory over the savages who would destroy not only their own society, but ours as well. And he has our thanks too. But in no way does that condone Obama's refusal to have a swift and speedy trial for the real victims. His behavior in relation to a trial for the terrorists is a shameful indictment of how Obama really feels about the real victims, and their families. So over the course of those eleven years we have grown sick and tired of all the broken promises that our government has told us repeatedly. What ever happened to a swift trial to the victims and their families? Why all the focus on the terrorists who murdered him, and the terrorists who murdered so many of his fellow Americans. Why no specials on TV and or in the press about them, the real victims and how they are all being cheated out of justice for having all their lives cut so short, and so tragically by a bunch of radical terrorists? Why no thought provoking documentaries as to why American victims cannot have their day in court? Why no shows that demand answers as to how such a miscarriage of justice can happen here in America? Instead all we see out of the media in most cases is how bad the terrorists have it, instead of how thousands of Americans were butchered and other citizens from other nations too.  And still no trial for their killers. Only more worthless excuses. Or we hear from Obama that there has been a new change of plans on how and where the terrorists will be tried. That they will receive a fair trial for sure this time. And everything will proceed swiftly and smoothly. That is till the next change of plans.
  Its a nice and necessary gesture with all the ceremonies planed for 9/11. We need to remember the real victims, and who they were. And why they were taken from all of us in such a cruel way. But we also need to live up to our promises to ensure that their killers would be held accountable, and a strong message sent to others who are trying to do the same thing to more Americans even as I type this now. We should have honored their memory,and their sacrifice and not have sullied those ideals by using politics to advance the ideology of the right and or the left. Or for the personal advancement of career politicians. And as of to date we have not done the latter. Obama and his supporters have only made excuses as to why we could not have any trials.
   Our son was an American citizen who used to have certain rights, like the right to a swift and speedy trail for his murder. But that right has been trampled on and pushed to the back of the line, in favor of Obama pushing the rights of the terrorists who murdered our loved ones. Currently we still do not have a recognized system for terrorists to be tried here in America after all these years either. Instead the Obama administration is all over the board with where and how to put these terrorists on trial. Even new terrorists caught overseas have been held somewhere else just so Obama and crew can figure out a way to get them tried in Federal court, and bypass Gitmo and the Commissions. Pathetic and disgusting. Every politician should be furious about this one issue alone. But instead they fall back on that all time favorite politician solution to every problem they encounter, "we will deal with it when and if it happens." Its already happened. And will continue to do so until we get a few good men and women who will take on this issues and demand a resolution. Now.
    I have had complete faith in the Military Commissions. We were fortunate that we were able to see them in action. I cannot say enough about how professional they all were at the tribunal of al-Buhlul back during the election of Obama. And how Gitmo is one of the most proficient and professionally run prisons I have ever seen. Some of the Commission staff paid us a visit last week the day before our sons birthday. I know they all mean well and take their jobs seriously. They all conducted themselves extremely professionally as usual. I became emotional not because of them, but because of the political mess that the Cole and 9/11 attacks have turned into over the course of 11 long years. They handled it all in stride to all their credit. My words of criticism is in no way a reflection on them, or the Commissions. They all have an extremely difficult job in so many ways. They don't make the major decisions. Obama and Holder make those decisions. They may have their own political beliefs, but I did not witness anything but their professionalism to their work as always.
  So until we elect an individual who will tackle the trials of the terrorists with-out putting politics first, I see no trial happening anytime soon. This newly elected individual will have to go head to head with the likes of the ACLU, liberal politicians and other liberal organizations that are determined to protect the terrorists from their own murderous acts, and choices. And only God knows when that will happen, if ever. I take that back! God forbid that Obama gets re-elected but if he does you can bet your last plug nickel that he will then let the terrorists be tried in his court of choice.
   For those of you who have followed my posts you know that I have been hard on Bush too for other issues relating to the Cole attack, and 9/11. I do not buy into that old adage of "hear no, see no, speak no evil" against republicans. When any politician makes mistakes he/she needs to be held accountable.
   Personally I think that is one of the major reasons that we are all in such deep trouble at that the present time with so many problems. That we as citizens have been willing to criticize the other side, but not our own side. And in between those two sides are the politicians who saw an excellent opportunity to do nothing about anything except to turn each side against each other so as to ensure that they would keep getting re-elected in all the confusion, frustration and anger. I also think that time of pitting Americans against each other so they can advance their own political careers may be coming to an end as more and more Americans are waking up to them and their destructive little games. If we keep refusing to hold them responsible for their lack of efforts, and broken promises why should they change?
  The day 9/11 happened we were just as hurt, sad, sick and angry as any other America. maybe even somewhat more. We had been pressing the Bush administration to take action against the madman bin laden and his murderous henchmen since the attack on the USS Cole 11 months earlier. But unfortunately Bush and many of our politicians did not have the political fortitude at that time to be proactive, and to take the initiative against Al-Qaeda. So yes we were even more angry after 9/11 than we had been before. But we at least had the small hope that our government would not be able to ignore such a large group as the 9/11 victims as they had us in their quest for justice for the murder of their loved ones. But we were and are wrong in that assumption as well. Don't get me wrong, once Bush woke up to the threat that Bin laden and radical Islamic terrorists posed, he went after them like a hound dog on the trail of a raccoon. And for the most part he was relentless in his efforts at eliminating and capturing them. While all the while driving the liberals crazy with his anti-terrorist policies.
    As for the 9/11 victims and their families? I think that they too are now caught in that political limbo, being exploited by both sides when they need them, and shoved back into the closet when they don't. At first I thought they would have more success with obtaining trials for the murderers because of another old adage "there is safety in numbers".
  But even such a large group of victims in the thousands being treated the same way as our little group has been now makes me worry that they too may have many more years to wait for any trials to take place just so the terrorists and the few Americans who support them can have their way with what they call justice. While our murdered son, and thousands of other murdered Americans and their families, friends and other Americans will have to wait for another president to be elected to find out if he/she has the courage to bring all the terrorists to trial, and to set up a standard operating procedure for captured terrorists waiting to be tried. And pray to God that he/she does not throw everything out the window, and start all over wasting more years in our governments never ending quest for the perfect courtroom, legal system, and using the victims for his own political agenda. Like Obama has done, and is still doing to this day.
  We need to all remember all the innocent victims of Bin Ladens murderous rampage in all of his attacks, and to keep demanding that those victims have their day in court. And soon. Not on Obama's schedule either. May God Bless All of Them and the sacrifices that they all made for all of us only because they were Americans just like us.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Anniversary of the American Embassy Bombings in 1998

   Before the terrorist attack on the USS Cole and 9/11 there was the attack of the United States Embassy Bombings on 8-7-98 at Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Nairobi, Kenya. The attack killed 11 people and wounded 85 more at Dar es Salaam, and killed 212 people, and wounded thousands more at the embassy in Nairobi. There was 12 Americans killed in the attacks. The attack was carried out by the Egyptian Islamic Jihad and Bin laden was placed on the FBI's most wanted list as a result.
  President Clinton ordered a failed attack on a pharmaceutical factory in retaliation for the attacks. But it was later discovered after an investigation after the missile attacks that the intelligence had been unreliable. I give him credit for at least trying to kill the terrorists responsible, because after the Cole attack neither Clinton, nor Bush had the political nerve to go after Bin laden again until he killed thousands of Americans on 9/11.  And that attack could not be ignored, and just swept under the carpet like the previous terrorist attacks. Two presidents just chose too look the other way, and hoped that Bin laden would grow tired of killing innocent people, and go back to being a millionaire living an easy life back in Saudi Arabia, and or Yemen. But they were both dead wrong in more ways than one.
  But the good news is that some of the low lifes that killed so many innocent people in the embassy bombings were hunted down like rats in an alley and taken out in various ways. In January 2009 two of the terrorists were killed by an manned American drone. Another terrorist was killed a year later in January 2010. And in June of 2011 one was killed by Somali security forces as he tried in vain to outrun bullets. He was considered one of the masterminds of the embassy bombings. And of course the old mass murderer himself, Bin laden was shot by an American Seal Team member.
 Lets just hope that the remaining ones left alive get taken out before they are caught and brought here to America where they can then be portrayed as helpless victims by the liberal left.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Obama's Failed Anti-Terrorism Policies on Libya and Yemen

   Its really even more difficult now than it was to get any real sense of direction that our government has in dealing with terrorism. If they even have one. The old mantra of "We do not deal with terrorists" was discarded years ago.   But even when you discount the times that our government has helped the very terrorists they claim to be fighting, the news coming out of Libya really makes one wonder if our government has any realistic plans at all in dealing with terrorism on a long term basis. Or do they just lurch from one crisis of terrorism to another, thinking up so called solutions as they come to mind. Never thinking about the long term consequences of their actions? Only looking at the short term gains like they do with our national debt problem.
   Either way here is more news of another released terrorist from Gitmo returning right back to his old profession of trying to kill people. Sufyan Ben Qumo was released from Gitmo to Libya in 2007, after spending more than 5 years there. He was subsequently imprisoned by Gaddafi's regime. Gaddaffi then released Qumo in 2010 as part of  a reconciliation plan with Islamists in Libya which we all know now was a complete failure for the old dictator.
 Qumo the ex-Gitmonian was eager to learn the trade of terrorism and fit right in with Al-Qaeda which he joined back in 1992. He went to work as a truck driver for Bin laden at that time and worked his way up the ladder from there. He was later promoted to the military committee for Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.(LIFG) Documents captured by allied forces in 2007 show that the LIFG made up the second largest group of terrorists fighting our forces in Iraq at that time.  Many of those terrorists are now back at home in Libya fighting Gaddafi's governments as rebels now calling themselves freedom fighters. The Obama administration has admitted to some of the rebels being former Al-Qaeda terrorists, but still calls them Freedom Fighters, even though before the so called Arab Spring they had been called terrorists who were our sworn enemies. But that was then and this is now.
   And just recently our own government recognized the Transitional National Council in Libya which is also backed by pro-LIFG supporters, and lawyers who had advocated for the  imprisoned LIFG terrorists before things went south for Gaddaffi.
 Qumo is not the only former Al-Qaeda terrorist who is a leader in the rebel army. Abdul-Hakim al-hasadi is also in a leadership position in the rebel army, and has fought for both the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. He was captured in 2002 by American Forces and held for a couple of months but not at Gitmo. He was then released to Libya where he was imprisoned for 6 years. He then went on to help train and lead other LIFG terrorists in the fight against Gaddafi's regime, along with the other rebels.
   So in the end we now have two countries, Yemen and Libya where the former American backed dictators are now being overthrown by the terrorists that they both used repeatedly to help them keep their corrupt regimes alive and well.  Three American administrations were more than willing to look the other way while Saleh, and Gaddafi used Al-Qaeda terrorists to achieve their goals, as long as those goals did not interfere with American goals for the most part. But now the chickens have come home to roost so to speak, and our government is paying the price for the support of two extremely evil and greedy dictators. So now in a over the top reaction, Obama is now supporting our other former enemies, the terrorists themselves in Libya. And to an extent in Yemen too. Obama still sees the old Yemeni Regime as his best bet in battling Al-Qaeda there, even though its on life support and has been for quite some time.
 Yet our government has been putting our military men and women at risk by having them captured terrorists, to only turn around and then release the terrorists to return back to the fight, and or find someone else to murder, and providing support to regimes which in return have used terrorists to achieve their own goals. And then when the double dealing behaviors finally caught up with both of the nefarious, and wicked dictators, our government switches sides again. And of course Obama picks the wrong side in both cases again.
 What's truly sad and not at all understandable in any fashion or form is why our government refused to stop their unquestioned support of Saleh's regime after the attack on the USS Cole back in 2000, and then when Saleh's regime refused to co-operate fully in the subsequent FBI investigation, and especially when our government knew that Saleh not only gave refuge to Al-Qaeda terrorists, but used them whenever he felt the conditions warranted it. And then we have Gadaffi who has killed numerous people from different nations, including Americans yet he was allowed to not only to continue his miserable existence, but his support of terrorism. Our presidents and politicians refused to take any other political actions that might entail criticisms, and or endanger their own political careers in dealing with the two vicious and murdering dictators. Instead they continued to follow a failed and broken policy of providing more incentives, and of course more money to both of the evil men and their regimes in the their hopes that Gadaffi and Saleh would eventually play by their rules. While all the time making nothing but weak and contradicting excuses as to why they could never take any action against two of the most ruthless deceiving dictators alive who have made lifelong habits of supporting not only terrorism and Al-Qaeda, but using their services when they felt like it. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Obama Fumble's Yemen

I have posted some of Jane's articles on my site before, and with her permission of course.  And Jane's newest article is extremely important at this time considering our governments relationship with not only Yemen but Libya as well.  If you have been reading my posts then you know that I have never been able to follow the twisted logic that three different administrations have used and are currently using with dictators, and countries such as Yemen and Libya.   Our own government has helped to create and is now in the process of creating even more hostile feelings and even more future attacks against our military and country with their failed policies that they continue to use even when though policies had shown over and over that they do not work.  Yet here we are seeing those polices implemented again in both Yemen and Libya. I include Libya for many reasons, one being is that we are now supporting know terrorists, Jihiadists, former Gitmo terrorists, and former members of Al-Qaeda just like our government has done in Yemen for years. So it now appears that our own  government's insanity in dealing with terrorists continues to worsen.
  Jane is considered one of the top experts on Yemen, and on the corrupt regime of Saleh and his family who have ruled Yemen for over 30 years with an iron fist. With the support and help of our own government.  Please take the time to visit her websites. Jane was instrumental in helping my wife and myself in many of our successes that we have had since attempting to hold our own government responsible for the promises that they all made to the murdered sailors, and the crew of the USS Cole. She helped us achieve a small measure of justice for not only our own son's murder, but the murder of his mates and 39 more sailors who were wounded. One of those sailors later died as a result of the trauma he received in that attack. Thanks again Jane for standing by me when no-one else would. And always there to tell me that it was and is possible for a small group of people to bring about big changes when battling our own government that would rather forget its own mistakes and failures than set those mistakes right.

Obama Fumbles Yemen Jane Novak

Yemen is a complex country that has been under considerable turbulence. Yet understanding Yemen tells us a great deal about the contemporary Middle East, Obama administration foreign policy, and the direction of the “Arab Spring.”

While Americans may think that their government’s recent policies and leadership have made the United States more popular in the region, the truth — as polls show — is generally the opposite. Obama administration policy is to support the existing dictatorship or at most to back a relatively cosmetic change in the regime. Thus, the Yemeni opposition weekly al Sahwa asked, “Why is America silent about the use of `counter-terror’ forces against the Yemeni people?”

It’s a good question. Since February, youth protests in Yemen morphed into a nationwide and intergenerational revolution to overthrow President Ali Abdullah Saleh and all his relatives, after 33 years in office. Protesters said they wanted a civilian interim council to oversee a new constitution and fair elections, with the ultimate goal of achieving a civil democratic state. In response, state security forces have murdered nearly 1,000 citizens around the country.

Thomas Krajeski, former U.S. ambassador to Yemen, summed up the policy as follows: “Ali Abdullah Saleh is our main conduit to everything we are trying to do in Yemen.” The U.S.’s primary goal in Yemen is to vanquish al-Qaeda. And the Obama administration believes that Saleh, or at least his apparatus, is best able to do that.

This is precisely the short-sighted approach that Obama has criticized when attributing it to predecessors’ policies in the Middle East. Under Saleh’s regime, torture is systemic, political kidnapping common, and artillery fire a frequent remedy to anti-regime sentiment. Economic opportunity, political power, and local authority are available only through access to Saleh and his family. Corruption and embezzlement of oil revenues and international aid mean a near absence of basic services. Water scarcity and hunger were already at critical levels, but as the economy ground nearly to a halt, things are even worse.

After snipers killed 58 demonstrators in March, much of the Saleh administration resigned, galvanizing the revolution. The unsavory General Ali Mohsen al Ahmar, a powerful military commander and Saleh’s half brother, brought the First Armored Division to Sanaa to protect the protesters and offered to leave the country alongside Saleh. In May, after dozens sleeping in tents were burned to death by security forces, Sadiq al-Ahmar, paramount sheikh of Saleh’s powerful Hasid tribe, announced his support for the opposition, calling Saleh a butcher.

The opposition Joint Meeting of Parties (JMP) initially disavowed the national uprising in fear of regime reprisal and due to Western pressure, reinforcing the schism between the formal opposition and the revolutionary youth.

In June, an explosion rocked the presidential palace leaving President Saleh severely injured. Millions rejoiced when Saleh flew to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment, assuming he would never return. However neither the Saudis nor the United States want too much change. Thus, the Obama administration endorsed Vice President Mansour Hadi as interim leader although Hadi refuses to assume the presidency as required by the Yemeni constitution.

The U.S. government opposes the protesters’ demand for a transitional council and instead supports a deeply flawed plan drafted by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The GCC plan calls for Saleh to pick his successor and resign in return for immunity from prosecution. It proposes a unity government of the hegemonic ruling party and ineffective opposition parties, the JMP. This approach followed by quick elections would re-entrench the Saleh regime. Saleh agreed and reneged three times, using weeks of negotiations to empty the banks, smuggle oil, and reposition troops. The protesters were incensed.

With nearly half the government and military and most of the public calling for regime change, in March, Saleh’s pretense of legitimacy was bolstered by U.S. statements and especially the State Department’s urging dialog among political parties to resolve the “political crisis.”

In his Middle East speech in May, President Obama devoted one line to Yemen, calling on “our friend” Saleh to follow through on his commitment to transfer power. During a July visit, U.S. officials warned the JMP against escalating protests or recognizing a transitional council. Obama administration officials merely meekly urge Saleh to accept the GCC deal, which in fact signals tolerance toward the regime.

The hundreds of millions of dollars in counter-terror funding allocated to Yemen since 2006 ran through Saleh’s son and nephews (known locally as the Four Thugs) who head the security services, counter-terror units, and other forces. The aid is stolen by them and at times they even help al-Qaeda. Since February, the Four Thugs are too busy attacking the Yemeni public to take on al- Qaeda. After warning of an al-Qaeda takeover, the state withdrew forces from Abyan and al-Qaeda quickly moved in to occupy Zinjibar City. Yemenis rather uniformly assert coordination of the events, as the Saleh regime historically has had cordial relations with al-Qaeda.

Thus, American policy is aimed at defending an unpopular, corrupt, and repressive system on the grounds that it helps combat al-Qaeda. The problem is that the regime is not effective in doing so.

The Saudis, too, support the regime, seeing it as a bulwark against Shia rebels. The irony is that while al-Qaeda has very little popular support in Yemen, the U.S and Saudi policies, by destroying any political alternative and backing a government that doesn’t really fight al-Qaeda, may end by strengthening that group’s appeal and the territory it controls.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Obama and Holder Hire Top Gun Lawyer To Help in the Defense of Cole Bomber

  The defense for the terrorist who helped to murder 17 American sailors, and wound another 39 others is getting some extra help from Rick Kammen  an Indianapolis lawyer who has worked on 30 other federal death penalty cases.
  The defense believes that al-Nashir should be given the death penalty because he was given some dunking sessions at Gitmo, and a over zealous interrogator held a power drill to the side of his head at one time during an interrogations. The defense was able to use the services of Kammen as a result of Obama Reforms for the Military commissions. These so called reforms were to make the commissions more "terrorist friendly". Which they have.
  As I have said before, I really don't believe that Al-Nashir would ever  be put to death if he was ever convicted in the first place. But I guess that Obama, Holder and their crew want to hedge that bet in their favor even more with this latest "terrorist friendly" action. Al-Nashir would no doubt just the spend the rest of his miserable life on the tropical island of Gitmo if it remains open.
 Also, I would like to clear up the ever present, and prevailing myth that other Cole bombers have been tried and convicted. The paper which you can read where I took some of this information claims that other Cole bombers have been tried and convicted. They are telling an enormous white lie! Yes, some of the other Cole Bombers were tried and convicted in the corrupt courts of President Saleh of Yemen some years back. But what this paper conveniently leaves out is that our own government looked the other way as their good friend President Saleh of Yemen released them, reduced their already light sentences, and or allowed them to escape! Oh! And Saleh even provided some of them with a government job and car. The ones still alive are back with their old friends and still trying to kill innocent people regardless of their nationality. I know its hard to believe that our own government would sell out 17 murdered sailors, and dozens wounded who were only doing their job in the defense of their country, and their spineless and ungrateful politicians but its the hard, and stone cold truth. Click on the title to read the paper. But our own government has used and is still using an effective propaganda program to justify their backing of the thug Saleh of Yemen, and his rotten regime.
  Their unquestioned support of this homicidal, and brutal dictator came real close to blowing up in their faces this past spring when Saleh's own people kicked his worthless hide out of the country. Up till then Obama kept up his support for his old friend, but then realized that he would have to denounce him if he wanted to have a chance at deciding who would be the new dictator of Yemen. So now Obama and company are putting their support behind the people who are just like Saleh. Instead of the young people who want a democracy, and to have Saleh stand trial for the murder of innocent Yemenis, and stealing the country's wealth. The last thing our government wants is a trial for Saleh which would put our own government in the world spotlight for all the support that three administrations have given him, even as he interfered with the FBI investigation of the attack into the Cole, released the Cole bombers, freed Gitmo terrorists, and other terrorists to return back to Al-Qaeda. Way too much embarrassing and incriminating information would be revealed that would leave many politicians and at least three presidents that would have to answer for some serious mistakes.
   Why else would our government over look all the anti-American behaviors demonstrated by Saleh of Yemen. Besides releasing all the Cole Bombers, he has had know terrorists working in his own government that were and are wanted by the FBI. His courts routinely freed terrorist on their way to Iraq to fight our troops there, and  some of those freed Cole bombers, and Gitmo terrorists are now in the upper echelons of command in the new and improved Al-Qaeda in Yemen. Courtesy of two presidents, Bush and Obama !
  So keep your eyes on Yemen. With Yemen in such a state of disarray,  sooner or later someone is going to let the cat out of the bag in such a way that our government will not be able to contain that kind of incriminating news with all the propaganda in the world. Even if they have our media buying all their BS about what a wonderful guy Saleh and his regime which is riddled with corruption, and support for Al-Qaeda.
  And an update on the Art Classes at Gitmo. I just read where 40 of the terrorists have signed up for the classes. The liberal press is praising the artistic talent of these natural born artists. And even the prison's cultural coordinator" has remarked that they have demonstrated artistic talent!" How cool is that, huh! One terrorist even wrote what his inner child was feeling, " this soul which has suffered at the hands of the protectors of peace." Wow! So profound that it makes one wonder how a whacked out terrorist could be such a deep thinker on so many issues.
  I guess its a good thing that they can re-direct all that artistic talent into painting instead of blowing people up with bombs. But so far many of the freed Gitmo terrorists have gone straight back to their favorite way of expressing themselves by butchering innocent people with all kinds of unique and interesting weapons. And regardless of what the liberals feel and think, I don't think that kind of behavior could leave any sane person feeling all warm, cozy and giddy with delight when thinking about terrorists and their artistic talents.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Obama Ignores Congressional Prohibitions on Transferring Terrorists

  Obama and his main man Holder pulled a quick one on congress by sneaking a terrorist into the civilian court system. They found a loophole which allowed them to by pass congressional prohibitions on transferring terrorists to the United States to stand trial. Why am I not surprised at Obama's continued persistence at giving the terrorists the same rights as American civilians, instead of having them tried as enemy combatants?
 He did after all promise his liberal base that he would close Gitmo, and have the terrorists tried in civilian courts when he was running for president. So it now appears that Ahmed Abdulkadir Warsame will be his and Holder's guinea pig to implement this new plan to circumvent the will of congress and the majority of the American peoples belief that the terrorists belong in Gitmo, and need to be tried in a Military Tribunal as well.
  But Obama and his liberal base believe that the terrorists will have access to more rights in a civilian court than a tribunal. And unfortunately they are right. One has to look no further than the Casey Anthony trial where this woman murdered her own little daughter, and then found innocent. Liberals all over the net are rejoicing in the latest insane verdict. Yet most Americans feel as I do, first that little girl was betrayed by her own mother in the worst way imaginable, and now she has been betrayed by the American Justice System. Verdicts like Casey Anthony's are not all that uncommon either in our civilian courts. And these horrible miscarriages of justice are becoming more and more numerous everyday in our new progressive, and brave society.
 And why? Numerous reasons really. But first and foremost our courts and media no longer focus on the victim. Instead the suspect is made into an unfortunate victim over and over again. Common sense and logic have been discarded in favor of building sympathy and empathy for the killer.  And our courtrooms are turned into The Oprah Show where the liberals motto of "its unfortunate that the victim is dead, but now we must focus all of our attention on this poor, poor woman/man who is the real victim now" which prevail in our courtrooms now.
  Granted Obama and his crew have re-wrote the laws that govern the tribunals to be more terrorist friendly, but they are still concerned that the terrorists may be found guilty, thereby infuriating Obama's base. Which could translate into less votes for him in 2012.
  Since our own son was murdered over 10 years ago we have seen President Saleh of Yemen not only free the killers as our own government did nothing but reward him with even more money each consecutive year. And we have had to watch as both Bush and Obama released know terrorists back to Saleh where most of them returned back to Al-Qaeda. Those newly released terrorists are now trying out new and improved ways to kill our troops in the middle east, and here at home. Some days we feel as if we are strangers in a strange land, where up and is now down.  Where insane behaviors are now accepted as normal, and sane behaviors are ridiculed.
  Yet whats even worse than the insane actions of our leaders, and courts are their own supporters who demand that we all accept those insane behaviors as normal, and necessary. I know what is normal and sane today. And it is sure as hell not freeing terrorists to kill innocent people again, and or letting a mother go free after killing her daughter only to become rich and famous. And if you want to argue those points then find you some like minded crazy people and have at it. I am more than certain that they will agree with you.
And may Caylee find the happiness, love and respect in her new world that was denied her in this world by her mother, and our criminal justice system.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Obama Continues To Play Catch and Release With Terrorists

Our government is up to more crazy antics with the terrorists our military catches in the war on terror. Vice Adm. McRaven told a Senate panel this past week that in many instances whenever a terrorist is captured by the Seals and or Delta Force that the terrorist is confined in a U.S. Navy ship till he can be tried in a U.S. Court, or transferred to an allied country. And if neither of those two options are open the terrorist is released. He also stated that Gitmo is still off limits for the military to send terrorists too. The last time a terrorist was sent to Gitmo was back in March of 2008 during the Bush Administration.
  When if ever will our government quit playing politics in the war on terror? Politics which endanger the lives of our troops, and the distinct possibility of more innocent people being killed by released terrorists. Instead they always put the captured terrorist lives ahead of our troops, and the public safety.
 How many people have been murdered by all the ex-Gitmo terrorists that Bush and then Obama freed back to their own countries? And or Yemen where both Bush and Obama knew exactly what Saleh of Yemen would do with them. He released them, and or they were allowed to escape from prison. And most of them made a bee line right back to Al-Qaeda. No-one likes to talk about that embarrassing solution that two presidents used in their attempts to get rid of the terrorists in Gitmo. Just so both presidents could appease the liberal left a small minority of our population that the problem of Gitmo was being resolved. But only at the cost of creating a much bigger problem, a re-organized Al-Qaeda in Yemen. Short term political gains, that created long term nightmares for all the innocent peoples of the world.  Both sides know that if one accuses the other side of having let know terrorists return back to Al-Qaeda that the other side will do the same thing. So both the republicans, and the democrats keep quiet on that  little topic. And do you hear any of their supporters cheering those disastrous decisions? No. Nary a word.
  So in the end the decisions of both presidents to free the terrorists back to Yemen were politically motivated in the futile hope of appeasing the liberal left, and as a bargaining tool to persuade Saleh to keep his worthless promises.  Our presidents and their supporters will usually say something like "A few must suffer, so many can prosper!" But even they know when they cannot justified such irresponsible behaviors as letting terrorists free to kill again. So everyone remains as silent as the terrorists victims about such incomprehensible behaviors committed by both presidents.
  And now Obama is still playing the same political game with the terrorists, and Gitmo. What will it take to get our leaders in both parties to stop such insane and dangerous behaviors, another massive attack on American soil? Why do they forget the painful lessons that America had to pay for in blood, and is still paying for to this very day.
"The essence of war is violence. Moderation in war is imbecility." John A. Fisher

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

European Parliament Requests United States Not To Give Cole Bomber the Death Penalty

  Various European nations which make up the European Parliament are asking the United States Government not to give the death penalty to al-Nashiri when and if he ever stands trial at Gitmo. These nations have much more confidence in the Obama administration than I do if they actually think that Obama and his liberal friends would allow a terrorist to receive the death penalty here in America. It want happen. Period. If he were to receive the death penalty he would die an old man before it could ever be carried out. The liberals in this country would have massive brain hemorrhaging at hearing such tragic news about a know terrorist who has murdered their fellow Americans.
  I just don't see that happening for al-Nashiri and or any other terrorist tried in a federal court, and or at the Tribunals. Of course he more than deserves the death penalty plus much, much more in my book. But I care more for the victims than the killers. Unfortunately in our society today, its usually the killers who get the most press and media attention, and not the victims. After all the victims were murdered and now gone, and an empty chair in the courtoom does not make for good entertainment. its much easier for the press to focus their efforts on the killer and how that creep is now the real victim. And then the terrorists always have their liberal friends who will go to any lengths to ensure that the killers are not held accountable for their crimes against humanity.
 We were surprised when al-buhul got a life sentence at Gitmo when we testified against him back in 2008 at Gitmo. The liberals immediately went ballistic upon hearing the verdict. We knew that the liberals would attempt to get his verdict overturned, and or reduced. And that is exactly what they have been trying to do since his conviction. There is this one team on liberal lawyers who have come together "to correct the injustice" that was inflicted on al-buhul in recieving such a harsh sentence.This team of lawyers is only one group of many liberals working hard to protect a terrorist who actions played a big part in recruiting more psychos to kill innocent people.
  If some Americans had tried to protect the Nazis back in WWII like the liberals have and are doing now with the terrorists at Gitmo they would have been thrown in prison for treason. But not today. Instead the liberals are supported in their efforts by many in the press and media, and of course our own government. The liberals effectively waged a propaganda war against Gitmo during the Bush years, and then thier liberal judges helped them in their fight to stop and or slow down the Tribunals tremendously. And of course along came Obama who had the the laws re-vamped so as to ensure more protection for the terrorists, and does everything in his power to stop the Tribunals, and close Gitmo as well. I only wish that the victims and their families had as powerful allies as the liberals do.
  And now al-Nashiri has the European Parliament in his corner as well. And since Obama loves everything European I see no reason as to why he would not feel like they do when it come to the death penalty for a terrorist who murdered his fellow citizens. He has to keep to keep his liberal base which is approximately twenty percent of the population happy so as to get their votes.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Presidents, Politicans, and the Press and the Dangerous Games They Play

The other nite we were watching Bill O'Riley as he was protesting the Pakistan arrest of the five informants that helped American Forces to bring down Bin laden. And how our own government needs to get tough with Pakistan for such a blatant act of sabotage in the war on terror. And that's not  mentioning all the other backstabbing activities that the Pakistani government has been engaged in while our military men and women die not only for them, but for the Afghanistan Government too. And of course the Afghan government is just as guilty as the Pakistanis are when it comes to taking our money, arms, and the use of our military personnel, and then turn right around get caught helping the enemy. But even when our so called allies are caught repeatedly at deceiving us, and actually helping our enemies little if any negative consequences are taken against them.
  Especially with the War on Terror, and all the seedy and undesirable allies that our leaders crawl into bed with on a regular basis.  So why was Bill bemoaning these common practices of our leaders? Especially when Obama, Bush, and Clinton have all looked the other way when our fair weathered allies are caught red handed in helping the enemy. And why the silence of our press, and the media when these nefarious behaviours are discovered? Oh the press may report such actions as a minor blip on the radar screen, but for the most part they go unnoticed and under reported by our press.
  Like I have mentioned earlier, its no secret that our government has sold military men, and women down the river along with American civilians on many occasions when the need suited our spineless leaders agenda. Translation: Our leaders always measured the size of the threat to their political careers as opposed to the nation when they make a decision to sell out our fellow Americans. Then they cloak that decision and behavior as the necessary and patriotic thing to do. And then their  supporters on the far left and the far right whatever the case may be, supports their cowardly behaviors while waving the American flag.  And there by ensuring that future presidents/politicians will continue to demonstrate the same selfishness and self-centerness in their political decisions. I am not saying all Americans by any means. Only those Americans who are blinded by their misplaced loyalty to their political man/woman, and or their party agenda. Notice I say loyalty to their man/woman, and party and not to the country itself.
  If Bill is so concerned along with the rest of the press on how we are being double crossed by the Pakistanis, then where was his and the rest of the media's concern and anger for Gaddafi of Libya, and Saleh of Yemen double crossing behaviors and our own governments acceptance of those behaviors?
   Why was our government allowed to sell out the 17 America sailors, and 39 more wounded to dictator Saleh who protected their killers during and after the FBI investigation, and went on to free them? And some of those terrorists went straight back to Al-Qaeda. Where was Bill and the press when Bush and Obama both sent terrorists from Gitmo back to Saleh of Yemen.  Some of those released scumbags went on to help form the new and improved Al-Qaeda in Yemen that our government is helping to fight in Yemen right at this very moment. Total friking insanity! Our government is now fighting the very terrorists that they freed, and Saleh of Yemen released!  Yet not one word in the press about any of this madness that three presidents helped to create in their blinded desires to get Saleh to play by their rules. Instead all the press can do us is tell us what a great friend Saleh has been for us in the war on terror. And his help in fighting Al-Qaeda in Yemen. But they never mention how Al-Qaeda in Yemen was allowed to grow so big in the first place. If that's not pure propaganda BS, I don't know what is.
  And now we have another undeclared war in Libya. Our government has know for years that the psycho Gaddafi was behind the bombings of Flight 103(270 killed), Flight 772(171 killed), and the Disco Bombing, (3) killed, for years. Not all the victims were Americans, but many were.  Only Reagan took any action against Gaddafi. While in 2008 Bush proclaimed to the world that Gaddafi was welcomed back into the arms of the civilized world, and was taken off the list of countries that support terrorism. That Gaddafi's was all better now! A cured dictator! And that our rehabilitated dictator friend was going to open his oil fields up for us too!  Everyone celebrated! Except for Gaddafi's victims, their families, and friends who were screwed and forgotten by their own government again. And some Americans who knew that evil people can change their clothes, but not beliefs. And surprise! Surprise! Because in less than two years the repented and rehabilitated Gaddafi  began another killing spree, but he started killing his own people this time around. So Obama immediately claims that all the circumstantial evidence in all the bombings against Gaddafi is now concrete evidence!! That Gaddafi really did kill all those Americans and other people from different nations years ago! And now its time to go to war against this madman! That justice calls for it! But we are doing it for the Libya people and the war on terror too! While many Americans just shake their heads in disbelief, and disgust at the behaviors of our leaders again. While our own press swallows this line of crap hook line and sinker.
   I think Obama saw how well  Bush had gotten away with declaring that Bin laden had in fact been responsible for the Cole attack, but only after the 9/11 attack. Bush had stated for 10 months that no evidence existed to connect Bin laden to the Cole attack, and that's why no action could be taken. But 9/11 gave him an opportunity to finally speak the truth and not risk his political career. The timing was perfect! The American people were fired up and wanted revenge! And rightly so. So why not fire them up some more by finally admitting that it was old Bin laden all along who had attacked the Cole.  So Obama must have figured that the same strategy would work for him too. And it did. It was encouraging to hear other Americans tell me, "Can you believe it! Obama done went and pulled a Bush trick." But it was and is still sad to see how our leaders will forget our murdered American friends, and family members only to see them pull out the victims later to use them for their political agenda. Same despicable trick, different president.
  Yet little if any mention of this repeated insanity from our own press, and talking heads. Maybe it's collective amnesia on the part of our press. Or maybe its their own guilt showing. Or maybe, and much more likely its because if they pick one president or party to expose and demand solutions, the other side will point out that their man/woman is just as guilty of doing nothing for small groups of Americans that are murdered by terrorists, and or military members who lives are threatened and some even killed due to our politicians refusal to put Americans and our country first, instead of their damn political careers. So the press just keeps quite, and reports the official line from our government. Not the truth.
  And so our presidents, politicians, and the press all keep playing the same game. Its called "Lets Ignore the Elephant in the Living Room".  Old Bill O'Riley also stated that if we accept corruption in our leaders and government that we will fall apart, and cease to exist as a nation like the Roman Empire. He is absolutely right on that remark. History has demonstrated that fact with other societies as well.
 But Bill left out an extremely important fact. That his own profession, the press and the media have to remain as neutral as possible in a free society. That they cannot take sides like what we now see here in America. That presidents and politicians need to be held accountable for disastrous decisions like the continued funding and support of dictators with the blood of Americans on their hands. And that the press has a duty to research our governments reasons as to why it supports, these corrupt regimes, and individuals and report those results to the American public. Instead of being a mouth piece for our own government's official stance on these brutal dictatorships, and governments that are riddled with corruption. Our democracy cannot continue to exist without a free press. Because corruption and costly mistakes will become an everyday occurrence. Some say that time is already here.
  I have actually know some people who cannot stand the idea of a president being held responsible for something like what has been allowed to transpire with the Pakistan, Afghans, Libya, and Yemen Governments. Granted they are normally both the hard core left and right. They believe its best to keep our dirty laundry to ourselves. But these people and their argument make my point for me. Just look at how our presidents and politicians create their own worst nightmares, and ours too time and time again. In a dictatorship we would have no chose but to accept the mistakes of our leaders. Mistakes that cost the lives of thousands of people. But we are supposed to have a democracy, where the press is one of its strongest guardians. Where a free press shines the light of truth on the dark secrets and mistakes that some of our leaders would rather keep to themselves so they don't have to be held accountable for their actions. Instead we the public get these pseudo governmental investigations that always end the same way. That yes there were some mistakes, but those mistakes were and are too diffuse to hold anyone accountable for. But the committees that investigate the mistakes are always other politicians, and people connected too politicians. Kinda like crooks investigating each other.
   Saleh's regime has helped Al-Qaeda to grow and prosper in Yemen along with our own governments willing help along the way and  Gaddafi of Libya murdered innocent Americans and was given a free pass for years and then even rewarded for his crimes with Libya being removed from the list of countries that support terrorism, and then given oil contracts and or the Pakistan/Afghan governments and their friendly behaviors towards bin laden, Al-Qaeda, and the Taliban while our own military bleeds for their governments, and ours. Yet where is the outrage from the press?
    I only know that as Americans if we continue to allow our leaders to continue to make the kind of decisions that they have been making with these despots, and governments riddled with corruption and sympathy for our enemies then our nation will continue to suffer greatly. That more young military men and women, and civilians will die for the stupid and selfish mistakes of our presidents and politicians.
   Presidents and politicians are no better than you or me. They are not Gods and or Kings and Queens like in days of old. And they are not dictators, even though as of late some people  have a good argument that they are close to getting there. And we are not their subjects, but Americans who pay their salary. They all need to be reminded of that in a serious way by being held accountable for serious mistakes.  Especially when those mistakes cost the lives of our service personnel, and innocent Americans. Like the old Bob Dylan song "We all have to serve somebody, no matter who we are."  And if we the average Joe and Jane were to make the same mistakes in our jobs over and over, we would be fired for incompetency, and dereliction of duty. Unfortunately Our presidents and politicians are not even held to the same standards that we as citizens are. In reality they would be held to a much higher level of responsibility.  They need to know that the blood of our soldiers, sailors, and airmen is not to be squandered in the same manner as they waste our tax money, and will not be tolerated.
   Not like now, where we were all promised that investigations would be held, and those responsible for all the mistakes leading up to the attack on the USS Cole, and 9/11 would have to answer for those mistakes. But in the final analysis, not one president, and or one single politician had to answer for anything at all. Business as usual.
  They all rushed to protect each other regardless of their party affiliation in the aftermath of 9/11. Many of our presidents and politicians initial mistakes have grown exponentially over the years. And now here we are 10 years later and they are still repeating some of those same mistakes over and over and which are responsible for many of our country's present predicaments, and the loss of American lives. While our press remains silent for the most part, unless they can make the mistake political and go after only one party. Again, business as usual.
  So in the end it will not be an external enemy that brings down the once late and great America, but the  unwillingness of our presidents, and politicians refusal to not only govern in a responsible manner, but to hold themselves accountable for all their choices, the good ones as well as the bad ones. And the press who only sees what they are told unless it can benefit their favorite political party. And us as American citizens who would rather keep our favorite man/woman in office then admit that he/she made some serious mistakes, and needs to face the consequences and have their mistakes corrected. And or the fear that we can't punish our man/woman because the other party will take their place in office. So in the end we all lose because of our selfishness to have it our way, and not whats best for the nation in the long run.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Why Does Our Government Continue To Protect Saleh of Yemen Who Has Protected Terrorists Who Helped With The USS Cole and 9/11 Attack?

Our governments continued attempts at protecting President Saleh of Yemen even as Saleh has lost his grip on power is one of the most insulting, and disgraceful acts that I have seen our government do in a long time.  And these disgraceful  acts continue to this present day. Our governments coddling of Saleh insults not only the 18 murdered sailors of the Cole attack, but all of the people who were murdered on 9/11, and every other American.  And that is disgraceful, no two ways about it.
 Fahad al-Quso is one of the terrorists who helped with the attack on the USS Cole, and  also was in attendance at the 2000 al-Qaeda summit in Malaysia where the attacks on a Navy ship and the 9/11 attacks were planned. After the attack on the Cole al-Quso was caught in Yemen, but he was protected by Saleh's government. When the FBI arrived to interview him they saw a Yemeni Colonel kiss al-Quso on both cheeks. This is a recognized signal that al-Quso was protected by the Yemeni government. Of course Saleh freeing al-Quso is a big giveaway too and it shows that he has always had a soft spot for terrorists who kill Americans.
 Suffice to say al-Quso did not fess up to all that he knew to the FBI. And why should he have, he had the protection of President Saleh, and Saleh had Ambassador Bodine in his corner as well, protecting him from the FBI requests that they have access to members of Saleh's family, and government for questioning.  The FBI had their hands tied by the Clinton administration when Clinton sided with Bodine, and refused to back the FBI.  Skip ahead to after the 9/11 attack approximately 10 months later. Now our government finally gets serious after thousands of innocent Americans have been murdered.  That attack finally got Bush to reconsider his previous idea to just forget about the Cole attack. So Bush  gives the go ahead to all the agencies to fire the Cole investigation back up, and get serious with the old dictator Saleh of Yemen and to send him the message, "You will cooperate, or else."  And low and behold they find all the evidence that was there to find immediately after the Cole attack. But this time the FBI were not blocked by Saleh's goons, and Ambassador Bodine. The pieces of the puzzle started to fall together. Yeah I know, 10months late and thousands more Americans murdered, but who's counting right?  Bush was finally ready to take off the kid gloves in dealing with the backstabbing and lying Saleh. And he got results too. Its just a damn shame that our leaders did not take that same kind of action after 17 sailors were murdered, but had to wait for the American body count to increase before they found their political nerve  to confront the scumbag Saleh to get him to let the FBI and other security agencies conduct a proper investigation. To a point that is. Saleh, his family, and goons were still not included in the investigation. But Saleh makes all kinds of promises to Bush to be good in the future and to cooperate with our government in the new war on terror. And Bush believes him!
 So then we fast forward to 2003 when al-quso, al-bedawi, and some other Cole bombers are tried in Saleh's puppet Courts. Their sentences varied from three years to life. Don't fret liberals! They were all eventually freed, and some went on to fight our troops in Iraq, and to hook back up with their old playmates, Al-Qaeda.  The Bush administration proclaims its a great day for all Americans, and free peoples of the world! But it was all a cruel joke. And we knew it. We wrote Bush and told him exactly what Saleh would do, that he would free them by any means necessary after the show trial. Which of course he did. Any idiot could have foreseen that outcome based on Saleh's long history with Al-Qaeda. As of today no Cole bomber is in prison. They were all freed by means of escape, and or given their freedom by President Saleh of Yemen.
 In 2007 al-Quso was secretly released by Saleh. Our government made a few obligatory feeble protests, and left it at that.  Except for their continued support of one of the most devious and diabolical men you can name, nothing has changed. A man who has been caught repeatedly aiding and abetting al-Qaeda. Which brings to mind one of those old statements that Bush used to make when he was riding high on the country's enthusiasm for the war."Any country and or man who aids al-Qaeda is no friend of ours. And they will pay for helping them..... You are either with us, or against us!" But Saleh must never have gottne the memo on those threats, and or he was excluded.
 Either way Saleh has never been held accountable.  Only rewarded time and time again. And us Americans have been the ones paying Saleh now for over 10 years!  We Americans have made him, his family, and cronies rich with American dollars, while they in return have continue to protect the killers of 18 American sailors, and al-Quso who was involved in both attacks.
  And while our news media here in American continues to tout our governments line that "Saleh is our ally." Even Fox news who will usually go the extra mile in obtaining their facts does not deviate from that line. There is one exception, Neil Cavuto who has at least made the effort to get our side of the story out to the public. For which we will be forever grateful too.
  I have not even heard of any reports here in American how Saleh's soldiers are using military equipment that was bought and paid for by our government to murder his own people as they fight to rid their country of the evil Saleh, family, and friends. Our own government is still living a big lie. And our media has bought it hook, line and sinker.
   How anyone can discuss the current state of affairs in Yemen with-out bringing up the the attack on the USS Cole, and 9/11 is mindbogglingly to say the least. Before the Cole attack Yemen was just another backwater country that no-one knew anything about. And after the Cole attack our government tried successfully to keep the American people in the dark about Yemen's brutal dictator, and all of his dealings with Al-Qaeda as they started funneling money, arms and equipment to Saleh's regime. They always focused on his so called one and only positive trait, he took their money so they could have limited access to go after al-Qaeda. And now our government is doing damage control. They backed a tyrant for over 10 years, and ignore his crimes not only against his own people but against 17American sailors, now 18. And 39 wounded as well. 
 Both our government, and Saleh's evil alliance is coming to its rightful conclusion. Saleh has been seriously wounded and is out of the country. With any luck he will die from his wounds. I suspect that the opposition  will take full advantage of his absence and take their country back from Saleh, and his goons. Good for them! While Obama will have to look for a new and willing partner to help him in his war against the al-Qaeda elements within Yemen. If he can find one after the way that not only Obama, but Clinton, and Bush treated the opposition.
 Obama could have made a great start with the opposition parties by agreeing to their demands that Saleh stand trial for all of the atrocities against the Yemeni people. But instead he chose to try and save his old friend repeatedly from what he deserved thereby  ccompounding years of mistakes made by three different presidents in dealing with Yemen. Yemen is of vital interest to America. It could easily become an even bigger Al-Qaeda stronghold than it already is.  And who helped to swell the ranks of Al-Qaeda in Yemen? Our good and trusted ally Saleh, as our own government pretended not to notice his double crossing actions, and or made excuses for them. In the past 10 years Saleh has released hundreds of terrorists including the Cole bombers so they could pick up where they left off. The Killing of innocent people. And in that process the released terrorists built one of the strongest Al-Qaeda units in the Middle East.  His and our own government's program of "catch and release" is the one of the reasons that our government is now helping Saleh to fight in Yemen.  Total insanity. Giving new and potent meaning to the age old adage, "that with friends like Saleh, we don't need enemies."  For 10 years now our government saw only the so called strongman Saleh that they could deal with. In reality Saleh was nothing but a devious and sly straw man at the head of a regime that was rotten to the core and using our government as a means to it's continued and worthless existence. Yet our presidents refused to take off their blinders, and too listen to any other ideas about supporting any other potential leaders in Yemen. All the while lying to the Cole victims families and all Americans just so they could continue with their backroom deals with Saleh, and his goons.
 Our government along with the help of Saleh has done an excellent job of  ensuring that little or no justice will come to those terrorists who murdered 18 American Sailors, and wounded 39 others. Three American Presidents all had their excuses why nothing could be ever be done, and never was. But in the end both Clinton and Bush ensured that 9/11 would be an eventuality by their lack of action after the Cole attack. And then Bush and Obama's continued support for the evil dictator Saleh led to all the murderers being freed, and staying free. And that Al-Qeada would only continue to grown and prosper in Yemen. And now they are doing all they can again to keep anything about Yemen out of the news, and to clean up the mess that they all helped to create by getting in bed with Saleh. And to add another insult to the growing list, they are going to let Saleh and his family get away with all their ill gotten riches at the expense of the Yemeni people, and the murdered sailors from the USS Cole.