Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thank God For the Tea Party!

For nearly 10 years we have waited for the terrorists who murdered our son and his mates to be brought to justice. During that time only one terrorist who was connected to the attack and Al-Qaeda has been tried. And no I am not counting the trials of the Cole bombers who were tried in Yemens terrorists friendly courts. Those trials were a joke and a mockery of justice. And back here at home any attempts at bringing the terrorists to justice were derailed by the lunatic left, and the ACLU and friends. So really we were lucky to get the one lone terrorist tried and convicted for life.

But alot has changed in the past 15 months since Obama stopped the Gitmo trials. I personally think more has changed during this short amount of time in politics than at any other time I can remember in my life time. At first we were depressed to see Obama undo all the progress that had been made in bringing the terrorists to justice. And we feared that there may never be a trial, and or if there was one it would be just like the trials held in Yemen where the terrorists were given reduced sentences, paroled, or allowed to escape. But then the Tea Parties were organized, and held rallies which led to more Americans joining and or supporting the Tea Party. And the Tea parties are still growing!

And of course the rest is history now. Obama, and the politicians who support him are now on the defensive. It now appears that the Military Commissions are back on. And I think Obama's decision to reconsider his plan to have them tried in New York in a Federal court is a direct result of the Tea Party. So thank-you to all you Tea Party members!

For years now our presidents and politicians have been able to get away with just about anything and everything that they have wanted to. We Americans had grow use to politicians and all their lies and broken promises. And they the politicians new it too. And some of them took full advantage of that mass apathy. I think Obama thought he would be able to dismantle our democracy with little or no opposition. Boy was he wrong!

I don't think Obama and his liberal supporters ever considered the possibility of any meaningful resistance from the American people to their agenda. Well they underestimated the American people big time. In a perverse way Obama and the liberals coming to power have been a good thing for America. Their insane policies and even crazier ideas have done what nothing else could do, they have gotten the attention of the American people. But even better, Obama and the liberals have led to Americans becoming united with one common goal. Maintaining our values, traditions, and democracy.

15 months ago when I talked to friends and or people most of them had no idea that a country like Yemen even existed, and or that terrorists being freed back to Yemen would be released to kill again. But even that has changed now for the better. Obama has had to slow down his sending terrorists back to Yemen because of the increased attention from Americans.
And of course he is now considering on having the terrorists tried at Gitmo like they were going to be in the first place. So maybe, just maybe we might actually get a trial before the 10th anniversary of the attack on the USS Cole. Justice for the murdered sailors and their families has been delayed way to long.

What really amazes me though is the arrogance of Obama and his supporters. How at first they belittled and minimized the Americans who supported the Tea Party. That was and still is their biggest mistake. They made the same same mistake that would be dictators have made throughout history, they laughed and and ridiculed the "little people". And now they are making every accusation they can against the Tea Party people, that they are racists, hardcore militia members intent on overthrowing the government, etc... Another big mistake. Most sane Americans know the truth when they see it. And the truth being that its our own government which has become the enemy of the people. And that its now time for Americans to start paying attention to what our elected leaders are doing, and to stop the free passes, and to demand accountability from those leaders.

Sometimes when I watch Obama on TV he seems to be taking all this anger and attention from Americans personally. That a majority of Americans see him as the sole target for all the problems. But my opinion is that its an accumulation of all the broken promises, and lies that we Americans have had to endure for years now from our politicians from both parities. How none of the big problems ever really get fixed up on the Hill. Its always compromises, and or the problems are pushed back for another year while congress bickers. While the problems continued to grown bigger, and bigger. While we watched for years as our leaders ran in every direction from the truth, except towards it.

Obama just happened to be the proverbial straw that broke the camels back. During the campaign his talent for making speeches enthralled many Americans. He told Americans what they wanted to hear from a politician, but in the end he was the same old politician. And then to compound matters even worse, he came on the scene like a runaway freight train with all of his socialist policies. But no matter the cause really, because what counts is the effect he has had on Americans. And that effect was that He has united us again. And unfortunately for him, he represents what many Americans are united against.