Friday, January 30, 2009

Judge Refuses to Suspend Trial of Cole Bomber

A military judge at Guantanamo has rejected Obama's request to suspend the hearing for Abd al-Nashiri who helped to bomb the USS Cole. Thank God that Judge Army Col. James Pohl recognizes that victims still have rights too. Now its Obama's move.

How can Obama just circumvent the law? Congress passed the military commissions act. And congress has reviewed the military tribunals before and stated that the military commissions act was legal. And this was a bipartisan congress at that. So would not the laws as they were set up and approved by congress still be relevant, and legal? That means that with just a stroke of his pen that any president can interfere in the courts for any reason he sees fit. If so why do we even have courts. Yet that is what is happening right here in America.

The ACLU which supports terrorism has urged Defense Secretary Gates to have the charges dropped against al-Nashiri who helped to murder our son and his mates. If that is not supporting terrorism then please tell me what is. Of course the lunatic fringe, the liberals are going bananas over this latest development in their quest to see Gitmo closed and the terrorists freed.

And now Obama is faced with a conundrum, drop the charges on al-Nashiri who helped to murder 17 American sailors in cold blood. And then be faced with outrage amongst many Americans and the military that justice was not served. And just as importantly that Al-Qaeda would win a major victory right here in America. Or does he do the right thing and let the trial go ahead and take its course, whereby he might anger the liberals who should not be dictating what their idea of justice is in the first place.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Hamas Officials Freaked Out at Implied Threat From Israel

I had to laugh when I read the following story about Hamas leaders running for the nearest hole in the ground when they heard Israeli Cabinet Minister suggest that Israel would assassinate Hamas leaders if they did not release their soldier, Sgt. Gilad Schalit. He has been held captive since 2006. That comment sent Palestinians bugging out in all directions for the nearest cover.

When Israel speaks, terrorists listen and find a hole if they got any sense at all. But in the end he was just emphasizing that none of them would walk the streets in safety till the soldier was back home safe. Good for Him!

But unfortunately its no laughing matter when it comes to some International Human Rights Groups that may want to seek a case that Israel violated the rules of war. It will surprise me if these groups do not attempt to bring Israel and or her soldiers before an International court for war crimes. Look what the liberals have manged to do here in America in regards to the psychos locked away at Gitmo. They got Gitmo closed in a year, and unless something goes really wrong many of the terrorists currently locked away there now will be free to murder again in the near future. Something wrong could be more bad press for the terrorists who fail their Jihad Rehab programs and kill again before Gitmo closes. Like we have recently read about this past year.

Israel went out of their way to avoid killing civilians in Palestine in their hunt for Hamas terrorists. I don't think that's what this is about though really. I think these groups like the ACLU, and some Human Rights Groups hate Israel just as much as they hate America. Or I should say as much as they hated Bush and his policy of fighting terrorism. Either way Prime Minister Olmert announced the formation of a special legal team to defend Israeli soldiers against potential war crimes if the need arises. Good Liberalism Prevention on his part.

I am glad that Obama put his foot down when he did not agree to prosecute former President Bush and people in his administration like many of his more rabid fans wanted him to do.

Osama Hamdan a Hamas laeder in Lebanon stated that during the truce Hamas will continue to bring in weapons and ammo to the Gaza Strip. But Hamas has a on-going power struggle with-in its factions that some Arab leaders like President Saleh of Yemen is trying to resolve, and capitalize on. Saleh of Yemen wants all of the Palestinian factions to get along and focus on Israel as their common enemy.

Either way its going to be a tough road for Israel in the coming years. Its my hope that they elect a Prime Minister that will not back down to American pressure to give up more of their lands, security and or free more terrorists just to have to fight them again. The main show down is coming sooner or later. That area is like a powder keg with a lit fuse. Its got to ignite sooner or later.

Obama Plans to Release 94 Yemeni Terrorist From Gitmo

The Dictator Saleh of Yemen has stated that his country has rejected a US proposal to send 94 Yemenis from Guantanamo to a Saudi Jihad Rehab Center.

Instead Saleh is counting on President Obama to release the terrorists back to him. Thirteen terrorists have been released from Gimto back to the Yemeni regime where five of them were immediately released, and the rest were put on trial for falsify identification documents. None were tried for their terrorist activities. None. Just this past September Yemen's Foreign Minister Abou Bakr al-Qurbi stated that his government will continue to refuse demands to arrest suspects identified by the United States and the United Nations as financiers and organizers of terrorsism who are now walking the streets in the Capital city of Yemen. Saleh continues to reject US demands for the extradition of Jamal Badawi. One of the terrorists who helped to murder our son.

That is standard operating procedures for Saleh'e regime which uses Al-Qaeda when its beneficial for their agenda to do so. Which is quite often. Saleh's current Jihad rehab consist of having the terrorists to swear on the Koran that they will not engage in Jihad anymore. As opposed to the Saudi Jihad Rehab where terrorists given all kinds of inducements to persuade them to give up the Jihad.

Some of these inducements are brides so they can marry and have kids. The Saudis believe that a married man is a happy man. And less likely to kill innocent people. They are also encouraged to have lots of kids so as to form a family bond. And they are given a furnished apartment to go along with their new bride, and some start up money. Sounds like a pretty darn good deal to me! I wonder if they get to pick their own brides, or someone else picks the bride to be for them. I think that decision alone would have a big impact as to if the terrorist returns back to Jihad.

About 200 former Yemenis have been through the Saudi Jihad program, and the pentagon states that a significant number of these have gone on to fight in Iraq. Said Ali al-Shihri who graduated from the Saudi program attacked the US embassy killing at least 18 people. And he is now the number two man in the Yemeni Al-Qaeda faction.

Said al-Ajmi's release from Gitmo is just one of the many tragic story's that we will no doubt be hearing more of. As more, and more of these fanatics are released to kill innocent people again. I would think that Obama has to realize that all it will take is one of these killers is to be released, and then be found responsible for the deaths of Americans overseas, or here at home. I don't think that even the terrorists best friends the ACLU and the other liberals who support the terrorists will be able to stop the public outrage over such an attack that could have, and would have been prevented if only Guantanamo was left open, and the Military Commissions allowed to finish their job of prosecuting these vermin.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Cost of Ignoring Evil

The attacks listed in the picture do not count all the other attacks by Bin Laden's fanatical killers in other countries as well. But those attacks are just as important as 9/11. Why? Because with each successful attack by Al-Qaeda, Bin Laden grew bolder.

Its called "Warfare 101". Bin laden knew, and still does what he was doing. With each attack he would measure Americas response. His attacks became increasingly more sophisticated, organized and executed in a methodical manner. While Clinton's reactions to each attack remained the same through out his presidency. He would do nothing more than mouth public threats of retaliation against Bin Laden. Clinton's manner of dealing with terrorist was set in stone after the humiliating defeat of American Forces in the Battle Of Mogadishu, in Somalia. Where 18 US soldiers were killed. Clinton immediately ordered their retreat from Somalia. In a interview with Bin laden in 1998, he expressed disdain and contempt for Clinton and America. By then he knew that Clinton would do nothing of any real significance to stop his attacks. And he was right.Bin Laden and his Islamic Fanatics are pure evil. As much an Evil force as Hitler ever was.

That's not to say that Islam is evil. Its the radical fanatics of Islam who have twisted that religion to meet their own sick and perverted ideologies. And yes I know that there is a segment of people in American who refuse to believe that Evil does in fact exist. These space cadets, or more commonly referred to as the Politically Correct, and the Far Left think that just by refusing to believe in Evil, and or by ignoring Evil that it will just go away. But Evil left alone and unchecked will only grow and prosper. A good analogy is how weeds in a beautiful garden will eventually choke the life out of everything in the garden. Leaving nothing but a barren patch of ground. Clinton must have bought into the same naive belief that if he just ignored Bin Laden and his Evil acts that he would eventually go away. But we all know now that Bin laden only grew stronger by Clinton's refusal to deal with reality. And we the American people paid dearly for that naive belief with the cost of thousands of American lives.

Till that fateful day of 9/11 when when all our leaders could no longer afford to ignore Bin laden. Our President, and the politicians realized that they were not immune to attacks due to their political status. And could be killed by these fanatics, just like military members, and other common civilians who had been killed before 9/11.All the people killed by Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda in the attacks up to 9/11, and including 9/11 deserve better than our presidents and politicians have given them. Their families, and our fellow citizens all deserve to know why no-one in our government has been held accountable for allowing Evil to prosper and grow leading to the deaths of thousands of innocent people.

Our politicians have conducted investigations led by other politicians who have a vested interest in not holding their fellow politicians responsible for the mistakes that have led to deaths of so many innocent Americans. Disastrous mistakes were made. And the best that they can do is to tell us that "yes indeed mistakes were made", but we cannot hold anyone responsible. Instead they tell us how we must go forward and learn from those mistakes. To put those mistakes behind us. This type of irresponsible behavior on the part of our politicians is the perfect breeding ground for Evil to continue its growth unhindered. What is so sad and tragic, is that another attack will be forth coming in America. Because some our presidents and politicians value their political fortunes and careers more than they do American lives. And Evil has won yet another battle against justice, integrity, and responsibility. The following quote is a excellent description of Bin Laden, Clinton, and some of our politicians: "A person may cause evil to others not only by his actions but by his inaction's, and in either case he is justly accountable to them for the injury."
And here we are years later and after a major war on terrorism at the cost of so many of American lives, and Bin Laden has won yet another victory against us. Guantanamo is to be closed and what will happen to many of Bin laden's terrorists that are confined there is any ones guess. But it does not look good. And who helped him to win that most important battle? Some of our own fellow Americans who have forgotten and or ignored all of Bin Laden's victims, their families, our dead soldiers, and their families too.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Will the Cole Familes Ever Recieve Justice?

We received a copy of the Executive Order that Obama signed suspending the trials of the Cole bombers, and all the other trials of the terrorists as well that are at Guantanamo Prison. For our family we are reliving nightmare all over again. We went through this with the Yemeni Regime when President Saleh freed all the terrorists that had helped to attack the Cole. Those that were not freed escaped from prison. Two of them went on to fight our soldiers in Iraq.

We had pleaded with Bush not to let the Yemeni's to conduct the trials. That Saleh would only free them. Bush told us that they would receive justice, and not to worry. Any idiot who had been following the Yemeni Regime new that our son's killers would be free, and that the trial would be a mockery of justice. And it was. But went sent letters after letters to our elected representatives, and senators to help us, all to no avail. Its my hope that President Obama will let the victims familes have their day in court, and not place these terrorists in a civilain court. Keep the system as it is. Please!

And now our son's killers are walking around Yemen as free men. And or fighting for Al-Qaeda again. To be fair we also had wrote President Clinton and asked him to not let the Yemenis have custody of any of the bombers that were caught. He did not listen as well. And now Obama's decision has started the nightmare all over again. When we were so close to obtaining some justice after all these years. Its as if our government will not be happy until all of our sons killers have been freed one way or another.

I have no anger at the Military Commission. They have worked extremely hard against many obstacles. And we are proud that they are representing our family. We were fortunate to see at least one terrorist help accountable for his part in the Cole attack. He had made a video glorifying the attack on the USS Cole, and attacks on Israelis. It was my pleasure to testify at Ali al-Bahlul's trail at Gitmo. He received life in prison for making that horrible propaganda and recruiting film which celebrated nothing but death and the destruction of Americans and Israelis.

My only hope is that now we the Cole families are no longer alone like we were before. And as a small group of 17 families the government knew that they could ignore us for the most part. But its going to be difficult to ignore the thousands of families and their friends that make up the 9/11 victims.

We also have Senator Cornyn and his staff who are working at getting us some answers and justice after 8 long years. We have been told that there will be a Judiciary Hearing this year on the issues that I requested. Thank-You Senator Cornyn and staff! I just hope that the democrats will not figure out a way to stop it. Our Representative at the time was Juan Garcia who helped us tremendously too. A big thanks to him and his staff as well!

We also have many privates citizens, bloggers, and some Yemenis here in America, and some Yemenis in Yemen too who are helping us with our battle to obtain the long overdue justice for our son and his 16 mates. Thank-you all! Your support has kept us going.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Freed Gitmo Terrorist Bombs US Embassy

Former Guantanamo terrorists helps to murder 10 people after his release from Guantanamo prison. I say twelve because six of those killed in the attack were terrorists. There deaths are a blessing and do not count. But the total body count was 16 if you count the terrorists. Either way the ACLU and their radical liberals supporters got their wish when Said Ali al–Shihri was freed from Gitmo to commit murder less than 10 months after he was released.

After al-Shihri was returned to Saudi Arabia he was checked in to a Jihad rehabilitation program designed to make terrorists forgo their evil and murderous ways, and to become good citizens who respect the laws and human life. Its obvious that al-Shaihri was not listening and or did not receive enough group counseling. After his released he sneaked out of Saudi Arabia and went to Happy Yemen which is a haven for Jihadists. Where he took part in the bombing of the US Embassy last September, and became Al-Qaeda’s number two top dog of the Al-Qaeda branch in Yemen.

Its more than apparent now that al-Shihri was not telling the truth when he told his captors in Gitmo that he was only looking to purchase carpets for his store, and to do relief work. And that he has had a history in working for Al-Qaeda. They don’t just make some brand new guy a Chief.
Their people have to demonstrate that they are good at following orders, and good at what they do.

Al-Shihri according to the Pentagon is not the first terrorist freed from Gitmo to return back to his evil ways. According to them at least a dozen Gitmo terrorists have returned back to Al-Qaeda. But unfortunately the ACLU and the liberals do not believe them. And why would they? That would mean that the ACLU and their supporters would no longer be able to clamor for the release of these vermin.

I hope that this latest and tragic news that a former terrorist of Gitmo is now the second in charge of Al-Qaeda, and helped to murder innocent people will help to persuade Obama that maybe, just maybe these guys do not need to be released.

But then again my other fear is that Obama will release these fanatics back to Yemen. Where President Saleh will welcome them with open arms. Saleh’s regime has released terrorists that have murdered people before back onto the street. Including the murders of our son and his 16 mates. I also wonder how long it will be before we hear a similar story about Bin ladens driver who received an extremely light sentence at Gitmo last year and was then turned over to the Yemeni regime. Where he was released.

But in the end I reserve my anger, disgust and contempt for the ACLU, and their rabid followers who go out of their way to help our enemies to escape justice for their crimes against their own fellow citizens, and other innocent people of different nations. Their actions go way beyond helping individuals to receive a fair and impartial trial. The ACLU and the radical liberals who demanded that this terrorist be release and others like him are partly responsible for all the deaths, pain and suffering that these terrorists have committed, and will commit.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More Evidence That 10/12 and 9/11 Could Have Been Prevented

What can one say about the following information which demonstrates that again that both the attack on the USS Cole and 9/11 could have been prevented. We were given many excuses at the time as to why the HUB in Yemen did not pick up the warnings about the pending attack on the Cole. Yet now with all the new information that is being released we find out just the opposite. (Its my understanding that many of the relesased documents have words and whole sentences that have been redacted.) That the National Security Agency had struck a gold mine by listening in to phone calls between Bin Laden and his top lieutenants at a terrorist HUB(safehouse) in the Capital city of Sana in Yemen.

The terrorists Hub was a home which belonged to Mohammed al-Hada whose extended family memeber was Al-Midhdar, the hijacker of Flight 77.The NSA listened in for over two to three years to the terrorists chatter on their phones. Over ten thousand pages of transcripts were recorded in that time. Al-Hada the owner of the house was later killed while running from the Yemeni police. After 10/12 and 9/11 of course.

It was only after 9/11 and a congressional inquiry that the FBI went back and started checking out all those phone calls, and found out all this information. Who had it before? Why was it not used? Why even bother to listen in on the terrorist plans if they were not going to use the information? The whole affair is still shrouded in secrecy. No doubt to protect politicians and other government officials and employees from having their careers damaged, and or ruined.
According to a US Investigator the number at the HUB was used to "put everything together before the Cole bombing." Its also reported that is how the FBI found out about the first attack on a Navy ship in the Yemen Harbor in January of 2000. That attack failed because the terrorist al-Nashiri(the terrorist that later helped to attack the USS Cole and the Liberals and ACLU want freed) overloaded the boat to be used in the attack and began to sink. The navy ship to be attacked was the USS Sullivan. That was nine months before the attack on the USS Cole.

Why was the USS Cole not warned? Were they deemed expendable? That to blow the whistle would have alerted Al-Qaeda that the safehouse was no longer safe? But then why was the 9/11 attack not discovered? And revealed? Why was it revealed only later after the Cole attack about the aborted attack on the USS Sullivan? If they had information on the Sullivan why not the Cole? (that one always puzzled me. Until now at least)The questions are many. And the answers are few if any.

This latest information only makes for more questions that our government needs to answer. The families of the USS Cole attack and the 9/11 families all deserve an answer as to how such a failure could happen and who is responsible. A dirty word these days in politics. Just mention the word responsibility in a room full of politicans and the room is empty before you can blink. No more excuses and or lies please. Its going to take a few good and decent politicans to bring out the long overdu truth on all of this.
--Posted By Gary to Terrorism: Politicians and Victims at 1/19/2009 09:33:00 PM

Saturday, January 17, 2009

ACLU and Liberals Want the Cole Bomber Freed

We knew that it was only a matter of time before the ACLU brought suit to drop the charges against Al-Nashiri who helped to plan and organize the attack on the USS Cole, and other terrorists who have murdered their fellow citizens. No surprise at all. But the ACLU's and their supporters continued support of these murderers is beyond belief. Its sheer insanity on their part. And their behavior is disgusting to any individual who really respects the sanctity of human life.

When it comes to trampling all over reason, and the rights of the victims and their families the ACLU is first line. I do not disagree with their right as Americans to speak their beliefs, no matter how absurd and insane those beliefs may be. Or that everyone is entitled to a fair trial, and that even the accused have rights. That part is all true. Our own son died so they could have these rights, just like thousands of other Americans that have died before him to ensure that we could all speak as we think, and to have other freedoms that other people in different countries only dream about. But the ACLU and liberals have taken the laws that were made to protect victims of crime and manipulate those laws to protect the killers who committed those crimes against the victims in the first place. And all the while they tell us that its the right thing to do. Right for who? The criminal, the terrorist, the rapist, and or the pervert?

Most decent folks would not even want their name associated with the ACLU. Most Americans can see through all their smooth and insincere talk. All one has to do is look at their past behaviors. For years they were only supported by the lunatic fringe of our society. But now that segment has grown and become much more vocal, active and hostile to anything that is considered to be a traditional way of American Life. Even if their actions lead to the release of terrorists and criminals. The ACLU and their supporters remind me of the NAZI Party in its early stages. Where they would take laws that were meant to be used for the protection of the society, and then by using deceit, duplicity, and manipulation would use those laws to achieve their own twisted and sick goals. And it worked beyond the Nazi's wildest dreams too. When criminals who were on trial for burning Jewish stores, beating Jews, and or killing Jews the Nazi's learned how to manipulate the courts and the German government to have the criminals freed. Whenever Christians and or concerned citizens would have rallies in the streets to oppose the Nazi's in a peaceful matter, the Nazi's would thrown rocks, and bottles and or attack them. The Nazi's would also boo and shout speakers off the stage who disagreed with them. Sounds kinda like the behavior that our own liberals demonstrate, does it not? And the liberals like the Nazi's know the importance of controlling the mainstream press to achieve their goals.

Of course they are claiming that Al-Nashiri was supposedly tortured, and there by needs to be released without a trial. What they conveniently forget is that the supposed torture is secondary to the primary reason he is in prison. He helped to murder innocent people. We are seeing more and more criminals go free every day in our civilian legal system not because the criminal was not guilty of the crime, but because a mistake was made in how him and or his case was handled. And that's exactly what they want now with the terrorists. They could care less about the real victims, and or if the terrorists kills again. They only care about their political goals, making Bush and the republicans/conservatives look bad. And making their own warped beliefs into laws.

This latest ACLU demand to have the terrorist go free is an insult to every man and woman who has died for this country, an insult to all the military, the FBI, the CIA, the police, anyone else who laid their lives on the lines to capture these rabid fanatics. Its also an insult to any person who really knows the true value of human life, and knows that without laws to protect us all from the people that the ACLU want free, that we and our society are doomed.
--Posted By Gary to Terrorism: Politicians and Victims at 1/17/2009 02:25:00 PM

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Judge Refuses to Let the Trials at Gitmo Move Forward

Susan Crawford the judge who is responsible for deciding whether or not to bring charges against the terrorists at Gitmo refused to letMohammed al-Qahtani's trial go forward. Even though she admits that he is a very dangerous man.
Military prosecutors have stated that they would refile charges against Qahtani. But the good judge stated that the terrorist has recanted his previous confession. So what if he has recanted. How many convicts don't say that they are innocent even when there is a ton of evidence against them. Regardless she said that she will not let the prosecution go forward.
Either way its going to be an uphill battle for the Military Commission to get any of these guys convicted. Now that the lunatics are running the asylum things will get even more crazier if that's possible. Which it is.
What gives me hope is one article I read inNewsweek A liberal magazine that did a half decent article on this delima.And actually said something good about Bush! It appears that the more rational liberals have realized that Obama will not be able to satisfy all the insane and ludicrous demand concerning the closing and freeing of the terrorists. That these terrorists are fact in dangerous, some have killed American citizens and will kill again if given the chance. That obama will have to anger some of his radical supporters by figuring out just what to do with these brutal killers. One option, which I think he will use if he can,will be to release the terrorists to a country that promises to keep them locked away. And then if that host nation turns around and releases them, its not Obama's problem anymore. President Bush did exactly that same thing and it worked great. He was able to proclaim a great victory for the war on terror. Meanwhile the terrorists were released and pardoned in Yemen.
Either way Obama will have to do something. You know that he has to realize that we can be attacked again. And more Americans killed. If that happens his anti-terrorist policies will be front and center. And more importantly his political career could suffer big time. And no politician is going to risk their career.
It would be nice if that Judge would realize that two wrongs don't make a right. Was it wrong if that terrorist was tortured needlessly? Yes. But would it not be wrong just to release him. Yes. The fact remains that he planned to kill Americans, and was a member of Al-Qaead who had sworn allegiance to Bin Laden, and took an oath to kill Americans. And traveled all the way to America to do it. But that's the problem with liberals, they will burn down the village to save it. There is no middle ground in their book.