Wednesday, November 17, 2010

US Embassy Bomber Gets Convicted on Only One Charge Out of 285!

Was I surprised when we heard the News Flash on Fox News this evening that the US Embassy bomber was acquitted on 284 charges out of 285? No. I was not. I not only predicted that he would have most if not all the charges dropped, but expected it. And why. Simple really. I think that anyone who pays any attention at all to America's Judicial System knows that the courts are more concerned with the welfare of the criminals than justice for the victims.

Our courtrooms have become mini theaters where the criminals, their lawyers, and their advocacy groups have the perfect opportunity to use the courts as a political platform to achieve their goals. In this trial it was to have any incriminating evidence that was obtained by torture, dropped. And of course it was. Even if you disagree with the use of torture, two wrongs do not make a right. And the court was wrong. Obama and Holder had to be stupid to expect any other outcome.

Not one conviction for the murder of any innocent people. How sad. Its like throwing the baby out with the dirty bath water. How many times have I not heard "Well its too bad. Yes he was guilty! But we had no choice!" Yes we do have a choice. We can start by admitting that we have some serious flaws in our Judicial System. Where criminals are allowed to use the courts to escape justice. Not any time soon though I bet.

Eric Holder needs to be fired immediately. Yet I just heard on the tube that the White House is thrilled with the verdict. What? Huh? They just got 284 charges thrown back in their face, and they are thrilled?

Well Obama just got a good taste(depending on how you view this outcome) of what will happen if the Cole Bomber and the 9/11 terrorists are tried in a Federal Court. I hope and pray that their is no way that he can spin this utter defeat as a victory. I also hope that no terrorists will come to trial until after 2012, when Obama and his team have ridden off into the sunset with their heads bowed, and their tails between their legs. He just recently got served a heaping bowl of humility in the last election. But will he change now, even with this latest defeat? I doubt it.

So maybe at least the republicans and a few democrats can keep the trials from happening till we have a President who is just as concerned for the victims as he is for the killers.

Oh! The terrorist's name is Ghailani. He helped some other sickos to murder innocent people in the 1998 American Embassy bombings. Back when Bin Laden had publicly and verbally declared war on America. Back when Clinton and our other politicians did not take him seriously. We would all have to wait for another three more years, more attacks, and thousands of murdered Americans before our leaders would sit up and take serious notice of that bearded man who worn a white turban. And here we are now, years after those attacks and courtroom justice is still not a reality.