Monday, February 25, 2008

The Silly Season

02-25-08 Last week during the Democratic presidential debates, Obama stated "here we go again with the silly season". When Hilary accused him of plagiarism. And he was right to refer to her accusation as just another silly remark made by politicians during a campaign. But then again the "silly season" is year around now in politics unfortunately.

Look at how all the candidates keep upping the stakes with all their promises. Its gotten out of control, and verges on the insane. Obama promises to send everyone to college for free. Granted they will supposedly have to work for a time in the social services. And then Hilary comes out with a even better promise to beat Obamas promise. We have congress spending millions of dollars of tax payers money to get to the bottom of "steroid abuse, and video games that corrupt our youth" and other so called national emergencies that demand their attention. Is it any wonder that there is a disconnect between our politicians and Americans? How many people go to bed at night wondering and worrying how many ball players are getting strung out on steroids, and or how many parents are not being responsible enough to monitor what their children play and watch.

How refreshing would it be if we were to see our congress people really conducting investigations into issues which affect every single American, and our very lively hood. Its not going happen anytime soon. That would mean that they have to start holding themselves all accountable. Why no investigations concerning all the attacks on Americans prior to 9/11, and 9/11 itself. And I mean real investigations. Investigations by individuals in private security firms. Not politicians, retired military officers, and other individuals with connections to ourpoliticians? The answer is obvious. They would find the mistakes that our current leaders wish to forget. Instead we get these pseudo-investigations that find fault, but no-one to blame. Its the same story just about every time. The politicians count on Americans forgetting. And unfortunately we often do. So the silly season continues year around in Washington. The two parties making mad at each other during the campaign, and then kissing and making up after the election is over. Back to business as usual. All of them blaming each other as to why nothing gets done in Washington. All the while collecting a nice fat paycheck for keeping the Pork Barrels coming to their own districts.

I hope old Nader does run again. The democrats and the republicans cannot stand a third party. Even if that individual is only a minor irritation to both parties. But at least a third party makes them sit up and take notice that there is a segment of Americans that refuse to believe their silly promises, and is sick and tired of all the old lies that our politicians spout off every four years. And Congrats to Ron Paul for making their life a little more difficult with his continued campaign. The silly season will continue all year around until we as Americans are fed up with it. And demand that our politicians quit acting like spoiled children, and start the process of becoming real politicians who have to make hard and difficult decisions. And realize that those decisions may not get them re-elected the next time around.

I like how Obama appears to really want to change government. "Out with the old, in with the new " to quote an old advertisement. But I suspect that all his promises will come to nothing once he is elected. But then again I hope I am wrong. But so far his promises are nothing new to most Americans. We have all heard them before. "The pure and simple truth is rarely pure, and never simple." Oscar Wilde

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saleh Frees Another Terrorist

Here we go again! President Saleh of Yemen and his corrupt judicial system has let another terrorist free to plan and conduct more terrorist attacks on innocent people. The FBI is offering a 5 million dollar reward for Jaber Elbaneh capture. He was tried and convicted to 10 years imprisonment for masterminding two attacks in the eastern Marid and Hadramawt provinces in September of 2006. Him and 22 of his fellow terrorists busted out of jail in Yemen.

The words "busted out" are really inappropriate when describing jail breaks in Yemen. Terrorist routinely break out of jail, and prison in Yemen. The bombers of the USS Cole were allowed to escape at least twice. And then rewarded with reduced sentences and pardons by President Saleh for their efforts. According to the Associated Press Jaber surrendered to Yemeni authorities and was allowed to go free with their blessings. This past week he attended his trial, introduced himself to the judge and then left.

Of course the Bush administration denounced this action with strong protests. Again. Just like they always do. Harsh words without any action to back up their strong words. But Bush still continues to provide support to the terrorist loving government of Yemen. The actions by the Yemen Courts are disgraceful and an affront to any individual who values human life, and the rule of law which ensures that fanatical killers will be placed behind bars so as not to take more innocent lives. But Bush continues his support for President Saleh of Yemen. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence that Saleh supports terrorism.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

News on the War

Just some of the news regarding the War on Terrorism the past few days. It appears that our fickle ally Yemen has freed yet another terrorist wanted by American Authorities. His name is Anwar al-Awlaki. I am currently looking for more information on this terrorist. One report states that the Government of Yemen did in fact free him, I also saw another article repeating the same thing. But never the less, his being freed by the terrorist loving nation of Yemen comes as no surprise to me.

In other news our US Military has filed charges against Bin Ladens former body guard Ali Hazmza Suliman al Bahlul as reported by Reuters News Service. This sicko is being charged with developing a "recruiting video glorifying the bombing of the USS Cole." Its disgusting to even think about how these idiots will sit around getting their jollies as they view the carnage created by their fellow terrorists in a video. Of course he is also being charged with conspiracy, and solicitation to commit murder, and providing the support for terrorism. Thank God its a military court. Otherwise with all the sympathy floating around here lately in America for these killers, otherwise he would probably go free.

And then we have the local yokel Hassan Abu-Jihaad who is being tried for providing material support to his terrorist friends with the intent to kill his fellow Americans. This psycho actually sent his terrorist friends email while serving on the USS Benfold praising Osama Bin Laden and the other terrorists who attacked the USS Cole. Its a shame that some of his shipmates did not catch him in the act. I think his punishment at that time would have been much more sever than what the government will dish out to him. Another interesting tidbit in the news was how the Defense Department awarded some individuals the "Medal for the War on Terrorism". I don't disagree with them getting their award and the recognition. Congrats to all of them! But seeing how our son, and 16 of his mates were killed in the same war and have yet to receive the same medal baffle me. We were told by two administrations that he was killed in the war on terror. Yet when we requested that his tombstone reflect that, we were denied. Yet one of the recipients only served 37 days and and received the medal. Our son paid with his life. But that's only another question that we want to put forth to our politicians in person at a congressional hearing. I hope!

And finally for today Washington officials denied a proposed design for a National Memorial to Victims of Terrorism. I personally am glad. Only because the design would not have reflected all the Victims prior to 9/11. That action by officials stunned me. Normally our politicians and officials go with the most haired brain ideas someone can think of. Or maybe it was because the design was of 76 naked females that figured into their denial. Who thinks these designs up anyway? That design is something a bunch of old hippies tripping out on acid would have put forward.