Sunday, February 24, 2008

Saleh Frees Another Terrorist

Here we go again! President Saleh of Yemen and his corrupt judicial system has let another terrorist free to plan and conduct more terrorist attacks on innocent people. The FBI is offering a 5 million dollar reward for Jaber Elbaneh capture. He was tried and convicted to 10 years imprisonment for masterminding two attacks in the eastern Marid and Hadramawt provinces in September of 2006. Him and 22 of his fellow terrorists busted out of jail in Yemen.

The words "busted out" are really inappropriate when describing jail breaks in Yemen. Terrorist routinely break out of jail, and prison in Yemen. The bombers of the USS Cole were allowed to escape at least twice. And then rewarded with reduced sentences and pardons by President Saleh for their efforts. According to the Associated Press Jaber surrendered to Yemeni authorities and was allowed to go free with their blessings. This past week he attended his trial, introduced himself to the judge and then left.

Of course the Bush administration denounced this action with strong protests. Again. Just like they always do. Harsh words without any action to back up their strong words. But Bush still continues to provide support to the terrorist loving government of Yemen. The actions by the Yemen Courts are disgraceful and an affront to any individual who values human life, and the rule of law which ensures that fanatical killers will be placed behind bars so as not to take more innocent lives. But Bush continues his support for President Saleh of Yemen. Even in the face of overwhelming evidence that Saleh supports terrorism.

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