Monday, March 3, 2008

Bush Want Back Victims of Terrorism. Again

The reported today that the Bush administration is concerned that lawsuits by victims of terrorism could harm the "financial and political viability" of the Palestinian Authority. Same old story. Our government continues to ride the fence while stating how much it supports compensation for victims of terrorism. I can understand why Ms. Knox does not want the US State Department to get involved with her case. They would likely rule in favor of the terrorists.

Sad, but true. As I have wrote previously our government has done everything in their power to protect the corrupt regime of Yemen from being sued by us. They have also stood by as our sons killers have been pardoned, and given reduced sentences. All for the sake of political expediency for themselves. They also refused to let the FBI investigate Yemen officials for their part in our sons murdered. And rightly so from their point of view. Americans would be outraged if they knew their country was doing business with a government that has ties to Al-Qaeda, and supports terrorism. And that there is ample evidence to demonstrate that the Yemeni government was involved in the attack on the USS Cole.

I wish Ms Knox success in her battle with both our own government and the Palestinian Authority. She is going to need it.

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