Thursday, October 23, 2008

To Americans and Yemenis

Yemeni by the name of Ali Hamza al-Bahlul began his trial today at Gitmo. He is the creep who on Bin ladens orders made a propaganda video which glorified the bombing of the USS Cole on 10/12/00.
This sleaze bag admits to pledging loyalty to Bin laden and to doing whatever necessary to kill Americans, Jews, and other infidels who disagree with Bin Ladens sick beliefs. The Violent propaganda video was designed to "awaken the Islamic revolt against America". And we all know that unfortunately it has work extremely well in helping to persuade young radical Islamic men to commit murder of innocent people.
He also served as a bodyguard for Bin Laden when he was not producing "hate" films.This nob head is a bona fide believer in Bin ladens warped and twisted ideology. It was reported that he was not going to participate in his trial. Just like a sulking little child who wants attention.
I want to wish the Military Commission Cole Team the best of luck in obtaining a a favorable outcome for this subhuman. Please excuse me if my opinion of him seems overly harsh. But keep in mind that this man made a video which I watched that glorified the murder of 17 innocent sailors. One of them, our son. A video that was and is intended to incite yet more murders of innocent people.
His despicable actions remind me of a child pervert who will film children who are being molested and sexually abused and then share those videos with his other sick and perverted friends. No doubt the ACLU will be there to protect his rights, and to scream how his actions were a "victimless crime". Whats odd is how the ACLU is always the first to yell "hate crime" when an a special individual here in America is murdered and or hurt in an attack. I never understood the idea of a hate crime anyway. If you kill someone, beat them, and or rape them its obvious that you do not hold any love for them. And its a sure bet that your feeling "hate" when you commit the crime. Yet I seriously doubt that the ACLU will want this man,and his group charged with a hate crime. But then again the ACLU and Common Sense are at opposite ends of the spectrum.
These idiots either cannot see how videos like the one he made of the Cole attack only encourage more attacks and more murders, and or the emotional damage and pain that such a video elicits in the victims family members. Of course not. They are to worried and concerned about the criminal.
I know that the Cole Team is fighting hard for us and our murdered son. And will do everything possible to ensure that justice is served on this man. But then again we have "partisan politics" in every courtroom in these days. Americans so fanatic about their own party beliefs that they will do all they can for our enemies just so they can make the other party look bad. And when you really think about it, Americans who are guilty of such thinking that sets terrorists free, and or minimizes their brutal acts of murder are just as evil as the terrorists themselves.

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