Monday, August 30, 2010

Is Obama a Radical Liberal?

Obama has to be a radical liberal. I can find no other rational answer for his continued irrational behaviors. I mean you can predict with near certainty which side Obama will side with in a controversial decision such as the closing of Guantanamo Prison, how the terrorists should be tried, the building of a Mosque at ground zero, and stopping the Cole bombers trial. He will go with the radical left every time!

To name just a few major issues of contention between the radical left, and your average American. Of course we all know now that Obama sided with the radical left on all these issues unfortunately.

Obama's latest decision to stop the trial of the Cole plotter and planner was and is another victory for Radical Islam, and an insult to the victims and their families. Just like when he stopped the trials at Guantanamo, and gave the terrorists imprisoned there more freedoms when he was first elected as president. That was a great day for terrorists, and other American haters. Especially when he stated that the terrorists would be tried in Federal Court, instead of the much feared and dreaded Military Tribunals. He became an instant hero to radical liberals and Muslims everywhere.

But Obama did not stop there. Instead he wanted the Tribunals to be more "Terrorist Friendly". So the tribunals were reformed just for the terrorists. Another victory for the terrorists, radical left, and the ACLU. And now he stops the trials again, but this time for his own political reasons. Yet another loss for the victims, and their families. I have already read on numerous sites where the radical liberals are screaming how the poor terrorists have had Justice denied again to them! Not a word about the real victims.

And then he makes know his own beliefs in regards as to if a mosque should be built at ground zero. And of course he thinks the idea is just peachy king! The terrorists and their allies win yet again, and the victims and their families lose out again. What is so infuriating about radical liberals is how they are totaling lacking in common sense. Building the mosque at ground zero is perfectly legal. That's not the issue. Its not morally right, and it sure ain't good manners.

If there is one good thing coming out of all of these issues, plus many more issues not mentioned here, is how Americans are not only waking up to the radical liberal menace, but mobilizing effectively against it. And in the end maybe its a good thing that radical liberals have no common sense, or otherwise they would stop insulting Americans with their outrageous remarks, behaviors and decisions. Or is it a combination of their arrogance and lack of common sense that keeps them from seeing the writing on the wall? Or can it be denial of the present political reality? And one of the largest social changes in American history happening right before their eyes. Its as if the election of Obama and his liberal administration has been a catalyst for change and hope, but not the change that Obama and his radical liberals friends envisioned for America.

There is change happening alright! The majority of Americans have rejected Obama and his liberal policies. And if those Americans attitudes don't change by November, then alot of the Democrats and some Republicans who thought that they were untouchable, will be looking for new jobs when they get their pink slips.

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