Monday, August 1, 2011

Obama's Failed Anti-Terrorism Policies on Libya and Yemen

   Its really even more difficult now than it was to get any real sense of direction that our government has in dealing with terrorism. If they even have one. The old mantra of "We do not deal with terrorists" was discarded years ago.   But even when you discount the times that our government has helped the very terrorists they claim to be fighting, the news coming out of Libya really makes one wonder if our government has any realistic plans at all in dealing with terrorism on a long term basis. Or do they just lurch from one crisis of terrorism to another, thinking up so called solutions as they come to mind. Never thinking about the long term consequences of their actions? Only looking at the short term gains like they do with our national debt problem.
   Either way here is more news of another released terrorist from Gitmo returning right back to his old profession of trying to kill people. Sufyan Ben Qumo was released from Gitmo to Libya in 2007, after spending more than 5 years there. He was subsequently imprisoned by Gaddafi's regime. Gaddaffi then released Qumo in 2010 as part of  a reconciliation plan with Islamists in Libya which we all know now was a complete failure for the old dictator.
 Qumo the ex-Gitmonian was eager to learn the trade of terrorism and fit right in with Al-Qaeda which he joined back in 1992. He went to work as a truck driver for Bin laden at that time and worked his way up the ladder from there. He was later promoted to the military committee for Libyan Islamic Fighting Group.(LIFG) Documents captured by allied forces in 2007 show that the LIFG made up the second largest group of terrorists fighting our forces in Iraq at that time.  Many of those terrorists are now back at home in Libya fighting Gaddafi's governments as rebels now calling themselves freedom fighters. The Obama administration has admitted to some of the rebels being former Al-Qaeda terrorists, but still calls them Freedom Fighters, even though before the so called Arab Spring they had been called terrorists who were our sworn enemies. But that was then and this is now.
   And just recently our own government recognized the Transitional National Council in Libya which is also backed by pro-LIFG supporters, and lawyers who had advocated for the  imprisoned LIFG terrorists before things went south for Gaddaffi.
 Qumo is not the only former Al-Qaeda terrorist who is a leader in the rebel army. Abdul-Hakim al-hasadi is also in a leadership position in the rebel army, and has fought for both the Taliban and Al-Qaeda. He was captured in 2002 by American Forces and held for a couple of months but not at Gitmo. He was then released to Libya where he was imprisoned for 6 years. He then went on to help train and lead other LIFG terrorists in the fight against Gaddafi's regime, along with the other rebels.
   So in the end we now have two countries, Yemen and Libya where the former American backed dictators are now being overthrown by the terrorists that they both used repeatedly to help them keep their corrupt regimes alive and well.  Three American administrations were more than willing to look the other way while Saleh, and Gaddafi used Al-Qaeda terrorists to achieve their goals, as long as those goals did not interfere with American goals for the most part. But now the chickens have come home to roost so to speak, and our government is paying the price for the support of two extremely evil and greedy dictators. So now in a over the top reaction, Obama is now supporting our other former enemies, the terrorists themselves in Libya. And to an extent in Yemen too. Obama still sees the old Yemeni Regime as his best bet in battling Al-Qaeda there, even though its on life support and has been for quite some time.
 Yet our government has been putting our military men and women at risk by having them captured terrorists, to only turn around and then release the terrorists to return back to the fight, and or find someone else to murder, and providing support to regimes which in return have used terrorists to achieve their own goals. And then when the double dealing behaviors finally caught up with both of the nefarious, and wicked dictators, our government switches sides again. And of course Obama picks the wrong side in both cases again.
 What's truly sad and not at all understandable in any fashion or form is why our government refused to stop their unquestioned support of Saleh's regime after the attack on the USS Cole back in 2000, and then when Saleh's regime refused to co-operate fully in the subsequent FBI investigation, and especially when our government knew that Saleh not only gave refuge to Al-Qaeda terrorists, but used them whenever he felt the conditions warranted it. And then we have Gadaffi who has killed numerous people from different nations, including Americans yet he was allowed to not only to continue his miserable existence, but his support of terrorism. Our presidents and politicians refused to take any other political actions that might entail criticisms, and or endanger their own political careers in dealing with the two vicious and murdering dictators. Instead they continued to follow a failed and broken policy of providing more incentives, and of course more money to both of the evil men and their regimes in the their hopes that Gadaffi and Saleh would eventually play by their rules. While all the time making nothing but weak and contradicting excuses as to why they could never take any action against two of the most ruthless deceiving dictators alive who have made lifelong habits of supporting not only terrorism and Al-Qaeda, but using their services when they felt like it. 

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