Monday, February 14, 2011

Will Obama Continue to Suppport The Dictator of Yemen?

I don't think that the Dictator Saleh will go as easy as Mubarak did when the time comes. But now that the whole world is watching Yemen, and its 32 year dictator, Obama may have to begin to distance himself from Saleh. It would not help Obama at all when the press starts to air Saleh's dirty laundry. But then again, Yemen is a totally different animal than Egypt, Iran, Syria or any other Middle Eastern Country. Yemen is crawling with Al-Qaeda, and has been since they were taken off the list of countries that support terrorism. But every America President since 1990 has bent over backwards to get Saleh on their side, no matter the cost in money and or American lives. But Saleh does not take sides. Never has. Only his own side. Clinton, Bush and Obama have all gotten egg on their faces more than once in dealing with Saleh. He has lied repeatedly to all of them, and always gotten away with it.

If the protesters in Yemen keep up the heat on Saleh's regime, Saleh will retaliate. Just like he has numerous times before. And hopefully our media outlets here in America will actually start to report about the real Saleh of Yemen. And not our own governments mantra, "Saleh is a trusted ally of America in the war on Terror." Instead maybe our press will begin to publish the facts of how Saleh has murdered, and starved his own people, his courts have freed know Al-Qaeda terrorists repeatedly, Saleh sided with Saddam, he views Israel as an enemy, his courts declared that Jihad is legal, he has used Al-Qaeda to further his own agenda, he has had members of the Yemeni press tortured, and imprisoned, the list is endless.

But I just read yesterday that Saleh's security forces will began to get American training in counter terrorism (what a joke, his own forces terrorize the Yemeni people), and a hugh increase in American dollars (I am sure that the extra money will come in handy when he has to flee the Yemen). I also read where Saleh's goons beat protesters with truncheons, sticks and knives over the week-end. The protesters want Saleh to leave, him and his whole rotten family. But its his family that control the military, and the big businesses. I also read where Saleh gave the military a nice big raise! Saleh may be a ruthless dictator, but he is no dummy. He is getting ready in case the protesters continue to grow in numbers, and become an even bigger threat to his rule.

How many Yemenis will have to be murdered before Obama gets tough with Saleh. Saleh calls the shots, not Obama. Its true that that Obama needs Saleh, but how bad does Saleh need Obama. Saleh could always call his old friends back, Al-Qaeda if he has too. Especially if he thinks that Obama is going to sell him out, and the protesters are at the palace gates screaming for his head.

Years ago I heard the same thing repeated by some politicians, FBI, and others in our government, "It will have to be the Yemeni people themselves to get rid of Saleh." Our own government refuses to get tough with Saleh. They fear that he will just go over to Al-Qaeda completely, and or that he will be replaced by an even worse dictator." So in the end more innocent people are murdered by Al-Qaeda, more Yemenis die as a direct result of Saleh's corrupt and vicious rule, and justice for the murder of 17 American Sailors continues to be forgotten by three American presidents while Saleh, his family, and his friends all grow richer off American Tax Dollars. And for 10 years now, three American Presidents have kept doing the same thing over and over with Saleh of Yemen and each one of them telling us, and themselves, " That this time it will work."
"the goons with sticks belong to Saleh in the picture"

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