Thursday, February 17, 2011

Good Luck to the Yemenis Fighting President Saleh!

How long will Obama remain silent on the conditions in Yemen? When will Obama give the Yemeni People the verbal support that he gave the people in Egypt in their successful revolution? And is now giving the people of Iran.
My wife and I have been reading these past days from different news sources from around the world asking the very same questions. Even though we knew that Obama would treat Saleh different from the other dictators. To be blunt Obama is being selective in the countries that he is supporting in the "peoples revolutions". And Yemen is not on his list of countries to support the people. Obama still has his money on the corrupt Dictator Saleh, $150 million if your interested in the amount. Just last month Hilary Clinton was telling us what a good idea it was for us Americans to build Saleh a Jihad Rehab!

I have talked with a few Yemenis who cannot understand why Obama is not demonstrating the same level of support for the people of Yemen as he did with the Egyptians, and now the Iranians. Some of them understand the politics involved. Some don't.

Whats really is sad, is that we Americans are going to give the ruthless Saleh 75 million for counter terrorism. And even send in more American trainers. Its sad because Saleh will use that money to keep the people oppressed, to bully the press, and any political opposition that may threatened his power. And why not? He has done it before and gotten away with it.
If Saleh goes, or not will depend on how long the Yemeni people can keep up the pressure on him. If they just give up to soon, Obama will continue to support Saleh, no matter how many other dictators fall in the region.

The Yemeni people need to make signs in English that can be read by viewers watching TV here in America. The messages need to be short, and direct. Like "Obama! Help Us! With Democracy!" "Obama! Tell Saleh He Needs to Go Now!" "Obama! You Helped Egypt and Iran! Why Not Us?" etc... Make sure that the Press can see the signs! Also if Yemenis can get to the Internet they need to send emails to the press about the treatment they receive from Saleh and his goons. And pictures taken with cell phones that can be sent to the press or others that can get the pictures out to the free world.

The Yemeni people have to get the American Press on their side! Three American Presidents have given the American people the perception that Saleh is a 'good guy". For over 11 years now, contrary to all the evidence that proves beyond a doubt how corrupt, and evil Saleh is. Our country's support of Saleh's regime has been because of politics, not because it was the right thing to do.
After our son was murdered in Yemen I wrote to the newspapers there. One of them published one of my first letters to President Saleh. We received numerous letters, emails, and phone calls form Yemenis from all over. What touched us the most was the often repeated words, "we are not like the men who murdered your son, we do not hate Americans. We want freedom here too." And "We can say we are sorry for what happened to your son and the other sailors here in Yemen, even if our President will not say it." and "do not judge us by the actions of our leaders". Our own little private war has been with Saleh, and his croonies, not the Yemeni people. I have stayed in contact with some of those Yemenis. And I hope and pray that your country will soon have a true democracy, and have the same freedoms , and opportunities that we do. I am just sad that my own government continues to back the wrong side. But we are hopeful that maybe President Obama will change his mind and show the Yemeni people the same support that he has shown Egypt, and Iran.
Good Luck to All Yemenis in your efforts to gain your freedom!


  1. I stumbled across your blog this evening and you are absolutely right.
    The media - fools as they are - keep repeating the insane White House line that Yemen is a "key US ally in the war against terror." Bullshit. Yemen is another dictator-run arab shithole where people have no rights and no recourse.
    As with Libya, you can bet that Obama, Clinton et al. will do nothing except issue the weakest of condemnations and demands while innocents are gunned down in the street.

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    As long as we knew how to respect and to be respected.. Thats the vision I wanted to happen, not war but peace.