Friday, December 5, 2008

Another Terrorists Rats Out Saleh

Hamza Ali Saleh al Dhayani an Al-Qaeda terrorist's claims that President Saleh of Yemen has repeatedly ordered terror attacks within Yemen. These attacks according to the terrorist are planned with the help of Saleh's Political Security Organization (PLO). Think Gestapo. With this past September attack by Al-Qaeda on the US Embassy being one of those attacks sanctioned by Saleh to garner foreign support from America and other countries in his so called war on terrorism. It would not be the first time that Saleh has used Al-Qaeda to meet his own agenda.
Al-Dhayani is a wanted fugitive for terrorists attacks in Yemen. He gave the interview to Mareb Press after taking several security precautions to aviod being caught. I for one am inclined to believe him for numerous reasons. Its a know fact that Saleh has placed "reformed" Al-Qaeda" members in the PLO, and his government as well.
This only confirms to me what I have already been told by other Yemenis. And Saleh's own behavior in regards to the USS Cole bombers. The 9/11 Commission Report even states that one of the bombers was released from jail after Bin Laden called the government to secure his release before the attack on the Cole. And lets not forget how one of Saleh's government officials gave three of the future bombers of the Cole a written pass to travel freely so as to be able to gather the necessary equipment to carry out the attack. That came out in court, but was hushed up immediately by Saleh's regime. I am still waiting for an answer as to why our government took no action on that issue.
Dhayani also stated that he met some former Guantanamo inmates while doing some time in a Political Prison in Yemen. He claims that conditions are much worse in Yemen prisons than at Gitmo. That the Yemeni PLO uses torture on a routine basis. And I can bet its not no "waterboarding" either. Their torture is the real deal as they say.
The good news about Dhayani ratting Saleh out is that his interview collaborates what many of American and Yemeni citizens, and analysts have know for years. The Dirty Little Secret that Saleh is playing the middle from both ends. And its way past time for our own government to to stop acting like they do not know it. I had FBI agents tell me the same thing off the record of course. Who were just as frustrated as I was that both Clinton and Bush chose to protect Saleh's crooked regime for political purposes.
I would think now that our government would be having serious doubts as to how long they can continue this charade of claiming that President Saleh is one of the "good guys". Historically when a dictatorship is in its last days, that totalitarian state's violent and oppressive behaviors towards its citizens increases as the state loses more power,and control. And anyone watching Yemen from the outside can see where Saleh is becoming more desperate in his attempts at maintaining his power. Our own government should cut its losses with Saleh's regime now to avoid further embarrassment in the world community for supporting a ruthless dictator with the blood of 17 America sailors and Yemeni citizens on his hands.
I can't help but to relate some of the horror stories I have been told by Yemeni's who have escaped from Saleh's regime. How one man was in prison because he openly criticized Saleh, and was tortured. His son was picked up after he left Yemen, and never heard from again. How angry a Yemeni mother was that America tax dollars bought the guns that killed her son. How other Yemenis had loved ones taken away from them by the Saleh's PLO never to return. And yet another individual who was in the General Peoples Congress in Yemen. He disagreed with something that I want go into now, but he was put in prison and tortured. These people including many more called me to express their support for me and my wife's goal to have our government stop the aid to Yemen. Many still live in fear today that Saleh's PLO agents will find them and either hurt them or their families. Liberals please take note: Saleh's regimes is a real dictatorship, not Bush and America. That's what the Yemenis came here for, the freedoms we have and enjoy everyday.
And this last line is for the Pro Saleh People. I will not be dissuaded by your phone calls, and or implied threats. So enjoy your power trip while you can.

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