Monday, December 29, 2008

We Stand With Israel

Its our family's hope that Israel will win this new battle in the on-going war against Hamas in Palestine. Will they stop short of victory again? Will they continue to make more concessions to the terrorists? Only to have every concession that they have made used against them by Hamas and Hezbolla. Granted most of these concessions were pushed upon the Israelis by President Carter, Clinton and Bush. But also Israel must have know that they needed to make the concessions to show the world that no matter what they did, the terrorists would still kill their people.

Will it be as the Israels Defense Minister stated, "war to the bitter end".It had to happen sooner or later. Common sense dictates that no rational individual can negotiate with murderers. Especially when those terrorists have repeatedly stated over and over how they will not stop till Israel is destroyed. Would our presidents and politicians allow rockets to be fired from Mexico into Texas on a daily basis? I would hope not. With as weak willed as some of our leaders have become it would not surprise me at all though to be honest. Think Harry Reid, Clinton, Pelosi, ets...

But then again I suspect that many of our leaders are jumping for joy that Israel is is taking action against these terrorists. I hope that our leaders will at least give them verbal support. And will Iran let Hezbollah off the leash to attack Israel as well? But more importantly will Israel have the stamina, courage and conviction to stand up against those nations and groups who are already crying out how brutal and barbaric Israels actions are. Yet in reality Israel is only acting in self-defense. Yet unfortunately there will be women and chiildren killed. And why? Because the terrorists will use them for cover as they always do in their attacks. And also the terrorists know that the liberals and Jew haters here in America will use those deaths to beat Israel over the head with. They are already doing it too in the papers, the TV and on the internet. But will the Israeli haters lay the blame on the terrorists. No. And the same with other nations who despise Israel and the democratic values that Israel represents.

And one of those nations is one of American dubious allies President Saleh of Yemen. Saleh was quoted as saying that the Israeli army "must stop its brutal genocide" in Palestine. And this is coming from the man who uses Al-Qaeda to kill his own people who disagree with him, and to advance his own personal agenda. Saleh has also called a Arab summit to discuss Israels recent attacks and how they are depriving the Palestinians of their "human rights".

That was enough to make me howl with laughter! This petty little dictator makes it a habit to throw reporters, and editors into prison on a regular basis. Lets not forget how he has also kept food and water from the segment of people who have rebelled against his tyranny. Yet he is crying foul against Israel. And this is the wacko that both Clinton and Bush supported. One of Saleh's dreams is to have all of the factions in Palestine to unite against Israel. And he has been working hard on that goal to materialize.

And then their is the "What will Obama do?" question. I have to agree with others that is partly why Israel has attacked in the first place. I think they new what he would do. He would probably want Israel to release more terrorists so they could come back and fight them again, and or to give up more land. Maybe the Israelis who have much more experience and practical sense in dealing terrorists know that freeing killers is not conducive to ones own survival. And that by giving up land today will only be more land that your troops have to re-conquer tomorrow. Or land that the terrorists will fire their rockets from, and use to train other terrorists on to kill your citizens from in the future with.

Either way I back Israel for standing up to the real barbarians who want to destroy one of the finest societies that this planet has ever been witness too.

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