Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Senator Cornyn of Texas Fighting to Keep Gitmo Open

Republican Senator Cornyn of Texas opposes giving terrorists the same rights as American citizens. Sounds like common sense right? Because it is! And its the right thing to do as well.

But if Obama has his way he plans to close Guantanamo Bay once and for all. Under the Obama plan some terrorists would be freed back to their respective countries like Yemen. Where they would then be free to join Al-Qaeda again. And just as bad, or if not worse Obama wants to have the remaining terrorists tried with constitutional rights, and open trials. And we all know what that means. Most of them would not even make it to court. Their cases would be thrown out on any number of technical legalities.

Of course this is just what the far left liberals want, and what Obama promised them back in the campaign. Obama has already reneged on some of his promises to the liberals who voted for him. I had hoped that closing Guantanamo Bay was just another empty promise that he would not keep. But it looks like he needs a bone to throw to his liberal supporters to keep them happy. And that bone is Guantanamo Prison. And God knows that his liberal supporters are salivating in anticipation of sinking their teeth into that bone.

Its going to take some extremely brave politicians to see to it that our military members have not fought and died in vain to capture these terrorists just so their leaders can turn around and set them free.

So if you are one of the Americans and or any other nationality that has not forgotten all the real victims of terrorism, then drop Senator Cornyn a quick email to tell him and his staff thanks for fighting the good fight!

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