Monday, March 7, 2011

The Military Tribunals Are Back On! For Now.

This afternoon we had a phone conference with the White House. As usual we were given a very short notice. About one hour. It appears that after a two year delay that President Obama has decided to go forward with the Military Commissions at Gitmo. Wow! Was I supposed to be impressed with this decision? I was not. It took Obama and his people two years to figure out what the Bush administration and the majority of Americans had already know for years, that Gitmo was and is the only appropriate place to not only keep the terrorists, but to have them tried there as well.

So in short it does appear that Al-Nashiri will be tried at Gitmo in a Military Tribunal. At least for now that is! I asked as to why Walid bin Attash would not be tried for the Cole attack but for the 9/11 attack instead. As usual they, the government people had no answer for that. No surprise there. We have been fighting for years to get answers on the status of the other Cole bombers. But either no one in our government knows where they are, imprisoned, dead, and or active with Al-Qaeda. Or they just don't care. Again, No surprise there either.

From what I have read and heard this two year delay in the Tribunals served only one major purpose, to give the terrorists more rights and protection under the Military Tribunals. I had to laugh when the officer on the phone stated that Obama was committed to "swift justice and the closing of Gitmo". I guess that 10 years, four months, and 24 days is considered swift to Obama and crew. And that is just the announcement that the trials will re-commence! And "the closing of Gitmo"? Obama must have thrown that bone in there for his liberal base, just to let them know that he has not forgotten his promise to them. Politics as usual.

I cannot, and will not speak for the other 16 Cole Families. But my wife and I are disgusted with Obama and his continued "game playing" with the murderers of our son. Don't get me wrong, we had more than one bone to pick with Bush in how he mishandled many aspects of the ongoing Cole Tragedy. But at least he went after the terrorists with everything he had on the battlefield, and in the courtroom. He kept trying to get the terrorist tried at Gitmo, but the liberals kept taking him to court to stop and or slow the process of the tribunals. And in many cases they were successful. But the Tribunals could and did work. And Bush stuck to his guns.

But with Obama its always about the terrorists, and what his liberal base will think.

Our son swore an oath to this country, and he kept that oath. And He paid for that oath with his life. That was over 10 years ago. And justice for most of the bombers has still not happened. Not because of our military, and or security agencies, but because of our president and his supporters. I think Obama should focus more on his oath to our fallen military members than to the terrorists, and their liberal supporters here in America, and elsewhere in the world.

And now President Saleh of Yemen may very well be enjoying his last days, or months in power.
And when his corrupt and wicked regime falls, and it will fall. It will be any ones guess what he starts to reveal about the Nation(America) that has helped to keep him in power for so long, against the wishes of his own people. While overlooking his blocking the FBI investigation into the Cole attack, setting the Cole bombers free, refusing to have at least one of them to stand trial for the attack, refusing to extradite the two he had in custody, and the list is endless how our government chose to side with Saleh, and to ignore the murdered of 17 sailors, and 39 more wounded.

We were told by our government that they had to think about the many and not the few. How many is many? Lets see, there is the distinct possibility that 9/11 could have been prevented, and what about all the innocent Yemeni citizens that Saleh and his security forces have murdered in the past 10 years, and he is still killing his own people today! Or throwing them in prison while using America money, and equipment. Only two of many examples.

We know that Obama did not have the courage to stop supporting Saleh of Yemen on the grounds that Saleh would not extradite our son's killers, and Saleh's support, and use of Al-Qaeda. But maybe now Obama will have to stop his support of Saleh since the people of Yemen themselves are demanding that Saleh and the rest of his crooked family to relinquish power, and to let the Yemenis begin a real democracy. Our government can easily ignore the pleas of one American family, but I don't see how Obama will continue to ignore a whole nation of people, the Yemenis themselves.

But then again, Yemen is one valuable piece of real estate to have access too. And Obama may be willing to pay the price in Yemeni lives and a little bad press to keep his deal with Saleh.

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