Monday, April 25, 2011

Obama Helps Dictator Saleh To Avoid Standing Trial In Yemen For Crimes Against the Yemeni People

I knew that Obama would figure a way to save old Saleh's worthless hide! And he has unfortunately. It now appears that the brutal dictator Saleh who has murdered his own people, had dissidents throw in prison and tortured,  used Al-Qaeda to terrorize his own people and political enemies, and to gain money from the American government, who effectively thwarted the USS Cole investigation, who freed the Cole bombers, and other terrorists, and who let wanted Al-Qaeda sympathizers work and live in Yemen. Just to name a few of Saleh's crimes. 

But I just read anews report from the New York Times that states that a proposal was put together by a six block nation know as the Gulf Cooperation Council(GCC), and that this council had the input of the Obama administration. Of course it did. And that the opposition coalition in Yemen accepted the offer. But the opposition is made up of different groups, some who are not happy with the offer at all. And rightly so!

The proposal will let Saleh, and his family escape being tried in a Yemen Court for all his crimes against the Yemeni people.  Saleh and family have driven the country to the brink of total collapse. And they have all become millionaires in the process. Not counting all the Yemenis that Saleh's army and goons have murdered in cold blood. Its Sick, just plain sickening that Obama would take such action to help such a sick and twisted man like Saleh. But then again, Saleh was probably screaming his head off about how he would tell all of his dirty secrets to the courts if tried. Secrets that could make three American presidents look like bigger fools than they were for trusting Saleh in the first place.

The good news is that not all Yemenis have sold out to Obama, and the GCC. The youth movement and the street protesters have refused the offer. And stated that they will continue to protest.

Now it remains to see which opposition group in Yemen will win out. The Yemenis with political aspirations, or the everyday people. I hope for Yemen it will be the common people. Those who will not let Saleh, his family, and his friends escape the consequences that they all deserve so much, for all the pain and suffering that Saleh and company have put the Yemeni people through. And some Americans as well.

To the Protesters still fighting to have Saleh tried in court, Keep Up The Good Fight!

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