Monday, May 2, 2011

Thank-You President Obama For Having Bin Laden Killed

Bin Laden is dead! Or to be more precise, Bin Laden had half his freaking head blown off! So Thank-You to President Obama, and President Bush!  Bush put the operations that eventually led to the killing of Bin laden, in place and Obama continued that operation to its conclusion.

But Obama took an incredible risk for a politician, let alone for a President. Most professional politicians would never have taken such a risk. Think Clinton. Some are already saying that Obama took the risk because he has taken such a beating these past two years, and he needed a comeback. Maybe so. But the assassination of Bin laden was still a huge risk which could have sunk any chance of Obama ever being rel-elected. Think Jimmy Carter and the failed rescue of the American Hostages in Iran. Old Jimmy Carter's name was mud after that failed rescue attempt.

So many things could have went wrong, innocent people killed, the American units sent to take Bin laden out could have been killed, and or taken prisoners, etc... But to Obama's credit he chose to go ahead with the risky, yet right path. As a result our murdered son, and thousands of other victims have received some long over due justice. Thanks to our courageous troops as well! It would not have been possible without our military.

We are so glad that Obama did not listen to his lunatic left supporters, and dismantle the operation that got Bin Laden. We had begun to think that he had, and had written Bin laden off. I am glad that we were wrong. We just figured that Bin Laden would die in some cave from his sickness. And we would never know.

Our worse nightmare was that Bin laden would be taken prisoner, and would just live his days out in a cell at Gitmo, and or another American prison. While the lunatic left would do everything in their power to have him released. Just like they are currently doing with our son's other killers at Gitmo, and have been since they were captured. So we both prayed and hoped that Bin Laden would be taken out by force.

So Thanks Again President Obama and our Military for giving my wife the Best Mothers Day Gift that she has ever have gotten!!!

Now if only someone will take out President Saleh of Yemen! And I could get my Fathers Day Gift! And the Yemeni People would get their freedom!

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