Monday, April 4, 2011

Obama Now Wants Saleh To Go!

Obama has maintained his support for the soon to be ex-president Saleh of Yemen even when Saleh's thugs and his military murdered innocent Yemeni protesters. Only because Obama and crew needed Saleh so he could continue his "war against Al-Qaeda". But it now appears that Obama has sold Saleh out, and is trying to broker a deal with the new Leaders of Yemen, who ever that may be. Its even rumoured that Obama is trying to find a place for Saleh and his family to be deported too. Along with his millions of dollars that Saleh and family have stolen from the Yemeni people. But at least Obama can now see what so many others could see for years, that Saleh needs to go! Obama is now backing the Yemenis who want Saleh's vice president to take the reins of power. There is one major problem with that choice though. The Student led Protesters don't want any of Saleh's old cronies and or Family members left behind. I agreed completely with the students. Their slogan should be "Out with the old! In with the New!" If the old VP is allowed to stay he will just be another Saleh with a different face. Or, "Here comes the New Boss, same as the old Boss".

The Students are angry with Obama because he refused to recognize their calls for democracy and Saleh's removal like he did with Mubarak of Egypt another long time ally of America who Obama wasted no time at all in throwing him under the Bus, in favor of the Egyptian people. And the students should be angry at Obama and company, and extremely leery of any proposals that he makes to them. It would not upset Obama at all if the VP was just another crook like Saleh was, as long as Obama gets to run his anti-terrorism programs in Yemen, the VP could continue Saleh's policies of looting Yemen of its resources, clamping down on the press, throwing dissenters in prison, etc...

There are those in Obama's crew who state that Saleh's replacement has to be one of Saleh's old gang, or someone who will continue to let the U.S. run its counter terrorism programs in Yemen, and have the Yemeni military continue its half hearted war against Al-Qaeda. Yet the young protesters have rejected that proposal. So Yemen remains a country on the brink of civil war, and becoming a failed state as well.

I hope the young people have the final say for the future of their country. But they will have to stand firm against all the competing parties that want to control the Yemeni government. Because some of those parties like Obama and crew are more worried about terrorism than things like dictators, and democracy.

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