Sunday, March 27, 2011

Is Obama Encouraging Saleh to Stay in Power?

It sure is starting to look that way! This past Friday it looked as if President Saleh of Yemen was ready to call it quits with-in a matter of hours. But then Saturday rumours of an impending attack by Al-Qaeda surfaced. The attack was supposed to come from Yemen. That announcement immediately got me suspicious. Was our government giving Saleh moral support when Defense Secretary Gates stated that "it would be a real problem" if Saleh was not around anymore to fight Al-Qaeda. That was this Saturday. And now today Saleh has announced that he will stay in power till 2013, and maybe even longer if necessary. Why the change of heart with Saleh? Could it really be that Obama and company are trying to persuade their old terrorist friend Saleh to stick out? And yes he is a terrorist in my book, and the majority of people who know anything about him too. And who to believe about the impending Al-Qaeda attack? Saleh has made a habit of using Al-Qaeda to attack his political enemies, and other tribes that had attempted to rebel against his regime. Our own government is aware of Saleh's use of Al-Qaeda for his own gain. So could Saleh be drumming up an Al-Qaeda attack to garner support from his friend Obama to help him stay in office? Its a no brainer that both Obama and Saleh both would benefit from Saleh staying in power. But then you have those pesky Yemeni people who despise Saleh and want him and all of his family gone, like yesterday. Even Saleh's ex-old friend, and the second number two military man in Yemen thinks Saleh is using his old Al-Qaeda friends again. This general has promised to fight for the protesters, along with his army. Others say that Saleh cannot get the necessary guarantees for him, his immediate family, and extended family that would ensure that they are not prosecuted (and sent to prison where they belong) after they all resign form their governmental positions. I wonder if our own government will make sure that Saleh does not make off with our tax money? I am currently writing a letter to our senator to request that Obama does not give Saleh any guarantees either. What is for sure is that Obama has a ton of money riding on Saleh. From what I have read the CIA has established a new department in the Counter terrorism Center to deal with Saleh's Al-Qaeda in Yemen, and al-Shabab in Somalia as well. The CIA's station is in Sana'a,Yemen. The station has grown from a few dozen people to several times larger. That's not counting all the American Military advisers who are training Saleh's republican Guard, and the Saleh's counter terrorism units. I just read three different reports where some of those specially trained units have thrown down their guns when attacked by Al-Qaeda just recently and deserted. Plus the millions of dollars flowing into Saleh's coffers from America. I really hope that Obama is not trying to keep this brutal murderer in power. Our leaders knew back in 2000 after the Cole attack what kind of man Saleh was and is. Especially after 9/11. But they chose to gamble on him anyway, that he could continue to keep his people oppressed, and maybe be of some use against Al-Qaeda. But then Obama comes along, and could have changed the course of our relationship with Saleh. But he did not. On the contrary, he pumped even more money and goodies into Saleh's decaying regime. And not once have I read where Obama has sent the FBI to request that Saleh extradite our son's killers, or even ask their whereabouts. Nothing at all. But then again Obama and Company have probably finally realized that Saleh has taken them for one big expensive ride. And are hoping that maybe since Saleh is in real trouble this time that he may actually do what they want him to do this time around. And maybe not all will be lost. Its still my hope that Saleh will listen to reason, and resign. That a major civil war does not have to happen. Saleh is gone sooner, or later. The Obama administration needs to accept that, and move on. There is no going back now. They had best start to figure out ways that they can get in good with the new leaders while the "getting is good". Or they may find themselves sitting outside with Saleh and looking in at the New Yemen, for better or worse.

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