Monday, May 23, 2011

Saleh of Yemen Breaks Promise To Resign and Battle Erupts In Capital and France Threatens Saleh!

Saleh has done gone and broken another promise to resign in 30 days. The deal was pushed by his old friend Obama, and the Gulf Cooperation Council. In return for resigning and bugging out, Saleh would have been granted immunity for all the crimes he has committed against the the Yemeni people. He would also have been able to keep his fortune that his family and him have acquired over 32 years of power. The fortune that he stole from the Yemeni people. Saleh's thugs have murdered over 150 people since the non-violent demonstrations begun this past spring demanding that he step down, and be tried for his crimes. He was to have signed this past Sunday, but refused to do so. No-one really believed he would accept the deal but Obama and the GCC. This is the third time that Saleh as backed out of signing the deal.

And now the stink has hit the fan! Salehs troops which have been trained, and equipped by the American Government are now fighting the rebels for democracy in the Yemeni Capital of Sanna.
This is the fiercest fighting reported as of yet. Involving tanks, mortars, and automatic weapons.

Is this fighting just an isolated event, or the beginnings of a long and drawn out civil war for Yemen? With Saleh it can be hard to tell. At first Obama backed Saleh during the early stages of the revolt, but as Saleh had more and more people killed Obama had to switch sides or risk looking like he supported an evil dictator. Which he does, and has since he has been in office. The only difference being now is that Yemen is making the news frequently. And more people are asking how can we be supporting a man who is killing his own people? So Saleh may have decided to go for broke. To try and crush the revolution. But I think its way too late for that now. Or maybe Saleh thinks that Obama can work a miracle for him so he can stay in power.

Regardless of what Saleh is thinking, more innocent Yemenis are being killed just so him and his family can continue to keep getting rich off of American and Yemeni money, and resources. Obama needs to tell Saleh that the honeymoon is over between them. That Saleh no longer has his support, and will not help to save his sorry ass anymore!  Maybe then Saleh would stop delaying his ultimate departure, and step down.

Either way Saleh is soon to be history. Its still my hope that the Yemeni people will be able to get their government, and country back, and to have Saleh stand trial. But with all the different opposition parties in Yemen its doubtful, but not impossible.

I just read where France has warned Saleh that if he does not recant, and resign that the European Union and its partners will get involved. The French foriegn minister called Saleh "irresponsible."  Wow!  Too bad Obama does not have enough backbone to get that tough with the old dictator Saleh. Will Yemen be another Libya with Nato protecting the Yemeni citizens?  This is getting interesting! I never had much faith in NATO but if they can help then let them try. Its for damn sure that Obama and Company does not give a damn about the Yemeni people.

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