Friday, May 6, 2011

To Waterboard of Not To Waterboard. Obama Can't Make Up His Mind

Well its been some days now since the killing of Bin laden, which was ordered by Obama. And now we are finding out that "waterboarding" was used to get the intelligence which in turn was used to get Bin Laden. 

What is so insane about all of this is the fact that Obama said he would not use "enhanced interogations'" or torture which its called in English. That he was above such practices. He also said he would close Gitmo, and have the terrorists tried in Federal Court. His liberal supporters were overjoyed at these unrealistic announcements.  And then to make matters even worse Obama's main man Holder the Attorney General launched a criminal investigation into the CIA officers who had taken some of the Al-Qaeda leaders for a swim.

So now Holder is considering on making these CIA agents stand trail for obtaining the information which led to the death of a mass murdered, who killed thousands of people from numerous different countries. And its more than safe to say that Bin Laden was the catalyst for all of our military deaths since we went to war in the Middle East.

And then Obama tells Ms. Debra Burlingame who lost a brother in 9/11 that he would not even give his opinion on the matter to Holder, his attorney general. We saw Ms. Burlingame in a Fox interview this afternoon on TV. She related how she had told Obama today at the meeting for 50 of the 9/11 families how she felt about Holders criminal investigation of the CIA agents in question, and could he at least give his opinion to Holder. She said, he said "No." and walked away.

My wife said that Obama could have at least just told her, "I will look into it."  Thats a politican favorite! In short it means no. And left it at that. Presidents and politicians lie all the time, and or make promises they do not keep most of the time.  At least in this world they do. But regardless of that fact, he could have let her down softly.

I once had a reporter ask me why I had refused to meet with two presidents. I told her"Why bother? They will not change their minds. And or they will just say something to make me feel good. And never do it." So why waste good money and precious time?

But never the less, I do admire her for asking the President such a logical question. But unfortunately the outcome was already predicted.  But now we have the Military Tribunals of the terrorists which are to began shortly. If you believe Obama and Company. Which we don't. Al-Nashiri one of the Cole bombers was waterboarded, as were some of the others. So if Obama thought it was cool to use information obtained by torture to get Bin laden, then it goes without saying that it was ok to dip al-Nashiri a few times in the old bathtub too.  And that waterboarding will not be an issue at the Tribunals. Right?

Which means that he will re-instate waterboarding any day now. Right? And drop the ridiculous and politically motivated criminal charges against the CIA agents too. Right?  Don't hold your breath unless you have had some waterboarding experience.

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