Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saleh of Yemen Wounded! Obama Tries Again To Save the Old Dictator

Will President Saleh the old dictator of Yemen and ex-friend of Clinton, Bush, and Obama finally take that get out of town card for free that Obama and crew have been trying to give him? Especially since it was just reported that he has been wounded in an attack at a mosque at the presidential palace. The attack was launched by tribesmen who have sided with the youth and the majority of Yemen's population that want Saleh, his family, and cronies to stand trail for his brutal dictatorship for the past 30 years. Three American presidents have all worked hard at keeping the corrupt dictator in power for various reasons. But with even all the money, weapons, and military equipment that three administrations have given Saleh's regime, the Yemeni people will not be deterred from seeking his ouster from office any longer. The Yemenis are bound and determined to have a democracy.
  The attack was well timed, and not only hit Saleh, but some of his most trusted croonies. The prime minister, two deputy prime ministers, the heads of two houses of parliament, and the governor of Sanaa were all wounded. As of now no reports have surfaced as to how serious Saleh's wounds are, and if he will die from them.
  Even if Saleh recovers from his wounds and lives he will be in even worse shape politically than he is now. More of his fair weathered friends will no doubt desert him to join the ranks of the opposition, and or get out of the country before they wind up swinging from lampposts. This latest attack not only wounded Saleh and some of his top people, but there is more than a good chance that it smashed the belief that some of his hardcore supporters were holding onto that Saleh was untouchable.
 Obama's Homeland Security Advisor, John Brennan was sent to the Middle East to find a way to save Obama's old friend one more time. His visit ended this Friday. If Obama is not careful his old buddy Saleh may may be killed, and or brought to justice to stand trial for all of his crimes against the Yemeni people. This will make the third time that Obama has tried to arrange a deal that would save old Saleh's worthless butt.  All three times Saleh broke his promise to resign and leave the country with his ill gotten riches to the dismay of the Obama administration. But then again as Obama, Bush, and Clinton all knew that Saleh only kept promises if he benefited from them. Otherwise Saleh aways broke his promises on a regular basis, and was never held accountable, but only rewarded more aid for his devious, and duplicitous behaviors. As one Bush aid remarked, "Making promises with Saleh is only a formality, no-one really expects him to keep the promises."
  But Saleh had better move quick if he wants to escape Yemen with the help of Obama, or he may find himself in one of those prisons that he had so many innocent Yemenis sent to. And from which many of those innocent people never returned. But one thing is for certain, no one believes his worthless promises anymore. Except maybe our American presidents.

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