Tuesday, June 28, 2011

European Parliament Requests United States Not To Give Cole Bomber the Death Penalty

  Various European nations which make up the European Parliament are asking the United States Government not to give the death penalty to al-Nashiri when and if he ever stands trial at Gitmo. These nations have much more confidence in the Obama administration than I do if they actually think that Obama and his liberal friends would allow a terrorist to receive the death penalty here in America. It want happen. Period. If he were to receive the death penalty he would die an old man before it could ever be carried out. The liberals in this country would have massive brain hemorrhaging at hearing such tragic news about a know terrorist who has murdered their fellow Americans.
  I just don't see that happening for al-Nashiri and or any other terrorist tried in a federal court, and or at the Tribunals. Of course he more than deserves the death penalty plus much, much more in my book. But I care more for the victims than the killers. Unfortunately in our society today, its usually the killers who get the most press and media attention, and not the victims. After all the victims were murdered and now gone, and an empty chair in the courtoom does not make for good entertainment. its much easier for the press to focus their efforts on the killer and how that creep is now the real victim. And then the terrorists always have their liberal friends who will go to any lengths to ensure that the killers are not held accountable for their crimes against humanity.
 We were surprised when al-buhul got a life sentence at Gitmo when we testified against him back in 2008 at Gitmo. The liberals immediately went ballistic upon hearing the verdict. We knew that the liberals would attempt to get his verdict overturned, and or reduced. And that is exactly what they have been trying to do since his conviction. There is this one team on liberal lawyers who have come together "to correct the injustice" that was inflicted on al-buhul in recieving such a harsh sentence.This team of lawyers is only one group of many liberals working hard to protect a terrorist who actions played a big part in recruiting more psychos to kill innocent people.
  If some Americans had tried to protect the Nazis back in WWII like the liberals have and are doing now with the terrorists at Gitmo they would have been thrown in prison for treason. But not today. Instead the liberals are supported in their efforts by many in the press and media, and of course our own government. The liberals effectively waged a propaganda war against Gitmo during the Bush years, and then thier liberal judges helped them in their fight to stop and or slow down the Tribunals tremendously. And of course along came Obama who had the the laws re-vamped so as to ensure more protection for the terrorists, and does everything in his power to stop the Tribunals, and close Gitmo as well. I only wish that the victims and their families had as powerful allies as the liberals do.
  And now al-Nashiri has the European Parliament in his corner as well. And since Obama loves everything European I see no reason as to why he would not feel like they do when it come to the death penalty for a terrorist who murdered his fellow citizens. He has to keep to keep his liberal base which is approximately twenty percent of the population happy so as to get their votes.

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