Friday, June 10, 2011

Why Does Our Government Continue To Protect Saleh of Yemen Who Has Protected Terrorists Who Helped With The USS Cole and 9/11 Attack?

Our governments continued attempts at protecting President Saleh of Yemen even as Saleh has lost his grip on power is one of the most insulting, and disgraceful acts that I have seen our government do in a long time.  And these disgraceful  acts continue to this present day. Our governments coddling of Saleh insults not only the 18 murdered sailors of the Cole attack, but all of the people who were murdered on 9/11, and every other American.  And that is disgraceful, no two ways about it.
 Fahad al-Quso is one of the terrorists who helped with the attack on the USS Cole, and  also was in attendance at the 2000 al-Qaeda summit in Malaysia where the attacks on a Navy ship and the 9/11 attacks were planned. After the attack on the Cole al-Quso was caught in Yemen, but he was protected by Saleh's government. When the FBI arrived to interview him they saw a Yemeni Colonel kiss al-Quso on both cheeks. This is a recognized signal that al-Quso was protected by the Yemeni government. Of course Saleh freeing al-Quso is a big giveaway too and it shows that he has always had a soft spot for terrorists who kill Americans.
 Suffice to say al-Quso did not fess up to all that he knew to the FBI. And why should he have, he had the protection of President Saleh, and Saleh had Ambassador Bodine in his corner as well, protecting him from the FBI requests that they have access to members of Saleh's family, and government for questioning.  The FBI had their hands tied by the Clinton administration when Clinton sided with Bodine, and refused to back the FBI.  Skip ahead to after the 9/11 attack approximately 10 months later. Now our government finally gets serious after thousands of innocent Americans have been murdered.  That attack finally got Bush to reconsider his previous idea to just forget about the Cole attack. So Bush  gives the go ahead to all the agencies to fire the Cole investigation back up, and get serious with the old dictator Saleh of Yemen and to send him the message, "You will cooperate, or else."  And low and behold they find all the evidence that was there to find immediately after the Cole attack. But this time the FBI were not blocked by Saleh's goons, and Ambassador Bodine. The pieces of the puzzle started to fall together. Yeah I know, 10months late and thousands more Americans murdered, but who's counting right?  Bush was finally ready to take off the kid gloves in dealing with the backstabbing and lying Saleh. And he got results too. Its just a damn shame that our leaders did not take that same kind of action after 17 sailors were murdered, but had to wait for the American body count to increase before they found their political nerve  to confront the scumbag Saleh to get him to let the FBI and other security agencies conduct a proper investigation. To a point that is. Saleh, his family, and goons were still not included in the investigation. But Saleh makes all kinds of promises to Bush to be good in the future and to cooperate with our government in the new war on terror. And Bush believes him!
 So then we fast forward to 2003 when al-quso, al-bedawi, and some other Cole bombers are tried in Saleh's puppet Courts. Their sentences varied from three years to life. Don't fret liberals! They were all eventually freed, and some went on to fight our troops in Iraq, and to hook back up with their old playmates, Al-Qaeda.  The Bush administration proclaims its a great day for all Americans, and free peoples of the world! But it was all a cruel joke. And we knew it. We wrote Bush and told him exactly what Saleh would do, that he would free them by any means necessary after the show trial. Which of course he did. Any idiot could have foreseen that outcome based on Saleh's long history with Al-Qaeda. As of today no Cole bomber is in prison. They were all freed by means of escape, and or given their freedom by President Saleh of Yemen.
 In 2007 al-Quso was secretly released by Saleh. Our government made a few obligatory feeble protests, and left it at that.  Except for their continued support of one of the most devious and diabolical men you can name, nothing has changed. A man who has been caught repeatedly aiding and abetting al-Qaeda. Which brings to mind one of those old statements that Bush used to make when he was riding high on the country's enthusiasm for the war."Any country and or man who aids al-Qaeda is no friend of ours. And they will pay for helping them..... You are either with us, or against us!" But Saleh must never have gottne the memo on those threats, and or he was excluded.
 Either way Saleh has never been held accountable.  Only rewarded time and time again. And us Americans have been the ones paying Saleh now for over 10 years!  We Americans have made him, his family, and cronies rich with American dollars, while they in return have continue to protect the killers of 18 American sailors, and al-Quso who was involved in both attacks.
  And while our news media here in American continues to tout our governments line that "Saleh is our ally." Even Fox news who will usually go the extra mile in obtaining their facts does not deviate from that line. There is one exception, Neil Cavuto who has at least made the effort to get our side of the story out to the public. For which we will be forever grateful too.
  I have not even heard of any reports here in American how Saleh's soldiers are using military equipment that was bought and paid for by our government to murder his own people as they fight to rid their country of the evil Saleh, family, and friends. Our own government is still living a big lie. And our media has bought it hook, line and sinker.
   How anyone can discuss the current state of affairs in Yemen with-out bringing up the the attack on the USS Cole, and 9/11 is mindbogglingly to say the least. Before the Cole attack Yemen was just another backwater country that no-one knew anything about. And after the Cole attack our government tried successfully to keep the American people in the dark about Yemen's brutal dictator, and all of his dealings with Al-Qaeda as they started funneling money, arms and equipment to Saleh's regime. They always focused on his so called one and only positive trait, he took their money so they could have limited access to go after al-Qaeda. And now our government is doing damage control. They backed a tyrant for over 10 years, and ignore his crimes not only against his own people but against 17American sailors, now 18. And 39 wounded as well. 
 Both our government, and Saleh's evil alliance is coming to its rightful conclusion. Saleh has been seriously wounded and is out of the country. With any luck he will die from his wounds. I suspect that the opposition  will take full advantage of his absence and take their country back from Saleh, and his goons. Good for them! While Obama will have to look for a new and willing partner to help him in his war against the al-Qaeda elements within Yemen. If he can find one after the way that not only Obama, but Clinton, and Bush treated the opposition.
 Obama could have made a great start with the opposition parties by agreeing to their demands that Saleh stand trial for all of the atrocities against the Yemeni people. But instead he chose to try and save his old friend repeatedly from what he deserved thereby  ccompounding years of mistakes made by three different presidents in dealing with Yemen. Yemen is of vital interest to America. It could easily become an even bigger Al-Qaeda stronghold than it already is.  And who helped to swell the ranks of Al-Qaeda in Yemen? Our good and trusted ally Saleh, as our own government pretended not to notice his double crossing actions, and or made excuses for them. In the past 10 years Saleh has released hundreds of terrorists including the Cole bombers so they could pick up where they left off. The Killing of innocent people. And in that process the released terrorists built one of the strongest Al-Qaeda units in the Middle East.  His and our own government's program of "catch and release" is the one of the reasons that our government is now helping Saleh to fight in Yemen.  Total insanity. Giving new and potent meaning to the age old adage, "that with friends like Saleh, we don't need enemies."  For 10 years now our government saw only the so called strongman Saleh that they could deal with. In reality Saleh was nothing but a devious and sly straw man at the head of a regime that was rotten to the core and using our government as a means to it's continued and worthless existence. Yet our presidents refused to take off their blinders, and too listen to any other ideas about supporting any other potential leaders in Yemen. All the while lying to the Cole victims families and all Americans just so they could continue with their backroom deals with Saleh, and his goons.
 Our government along with the help of Saleh has done an excellent job of  ensuring that little or no justice will come to those terrorists who murdered 18 American Sailors, and wounded 39 others. Three American Presidents all had their excuses why nothing could be ever be done, and never was. But in the end both Clinton and Bush ensured that 9/11 would be an eventuality by their lack of action after the Cole attack. And then Bush and Obama's continued support for the evil dictator Saleh led to all the murderers being freed, and staying free. And that Al-Qeada would only continue to grown and prosper in Yemen. And now they are doing all they can again to keep anything about Yemen out of the news, and to clean up the mess that they all helped to create by getting in bed with Saleh. And to add another insult to the growing list, they are going to let Saleh and his family get away with all their ill gotten riches at the expense of the Yemeni people, and the murdered sailors from the USS Cole.

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