Sunday, July 17, 2011

Obama and Holder Hire Top Gun Lawyer To Help in the Defense of Cole Bomber

  The defense for the terrorist who helped to murder 17 American sailors, and wound another 39 others is getting some extra help from Rick Kammen  an Indianapolis lawyer who has worked on 30 other federal death penalty cases.
  The defense believes that al-Nashir should be given the death penalty because he was given some dunking sessions at Gitmo, and a over zealous interrogator held a power drill to the side of his head at one time during an interrogations. The defense was able to use the services of Kammen as a result of Obama Reforms for the Military commissions. These so called reforms were to make the commissions more "terrorist friendly". Which they have.
  As I have said before, I really don't believe that Al-Nashir would ever  be put to death if he was ever convicted in the first place. But I guess that Obama, Holder and their crew want to hedge that bet in their favor even more with this latest "terrorist friendly" action. Al-Nashir would no doubt just the spend the rest of his miserable life on the tropical island of Gitmo if it remains open.
 Also, I would like to clear up the ever present, and prevailing myth that other Cole bombers have been tried and convicted. The paper which you can read where I took some of this information claims that other Cole bombers have been tried and convicted. They are telling an enormous white lie! Yes, some of the other Cole Bombers were tried and convicted in the corrupt courts of President Saleh of Yemen some years back. But what this paper conveniently leaves out is that our own government looked the other way as their good friend President Saleh of Yemen released them, reduced their already light sentences, and or allowed them to escape! Oh! And Saleh even provided some of them with a government job and car. The ones still alive are back with their old friends and still trying to kill innocent people regardless of their nationality. I know its hard to believe that our own government would sell out 17 murdered sailors, and dozens wounded who were only doing their job in the defense of their country, and their spineless and ungrateful politicians but its the hard, and stone cold truth. Click on the title to read the paper. But our own government has used and is still using an effective propaganda program to justify their backing of the thug Saleh of Yemen, and his rotten regime.
  Their unquestioned support of this homicidal, and brutal dictator came real close to blowing up in their faces this past spring when Saleh's own people kicked his worthless hide out of the country. Up till then Obama kept up his support for his old friend, but then realized that he would have to denounce him if he wanted to have a chance at deciding who would be the new dictator of Yemen. So now Obama and company are putting their support behind the people who are just like Saleh. Instead of the young people who want a democracy, and to have Saleh stand trial for the murder of innocent Yemenis, and stealing the country's wealth. The last thing our government wants is a trial for Saleh which would put our own government in the world spotlight for all the support that three administrations have given him, even as he interfered with the FBI investigation of the attack into the Cole, released the Cole bombers, freed Gitmo terrorists, and other terrorists to return back to Al-Qaeda. Way too much embarrassing and incriminating information would be revealed that would leave many politicians and at least three presidents that would have to answer for some serious mistakes.
   Why else would our government over look all the anti-American behaviors demonstrated by Saleh of Yemen. Besides releasing all the Cole Bombers, he has had know terrorists working in his own government that were and are wanted by the FBI. His courts routinely freed terrorist on their way to Iraq to fight our troops there, and  some of those freed Cole bombers, and Gitmo terrorists are now in the upper echelons of command in the new and improved Al-Qaeda in Yemen. Courtesy of two presidents, Bush and Obama !
  So keep your eyes on Yemen. With Yemen in such a state of disarray,  sooner or later someone is going to let the cat out of the bag in such a way that our government will not be able to contain that kind of incriminating news with all the propaganda in the world. Even if they have our media buying all their BS about what a wonderful guy Saleh and his regime which is riddled with corruption, and support for Al-Qaeda.
  And an update on the Art Classes at Gitmo. I just read where 40 of the terrorists have signed up for the classes. The liberal press is praising the artistic talent of these natural born artists. And even the prison's cultural coordinator" has remarked that they have demonstrated artistic talent!" How cool is that, huh! One terrorist even wrote what his inner child was feeling, " this soul which has suffered at the hands of the protectors of peace." Wow! So profound that it makes one wonder how a whacked out terrorist could be such a deep thinker on so many issues.
  I guess its a good thing that they can re-direct all that artistic talent into painting instead of blowing people up with bombs. But so far many of the freed Gitmo terrorists have gone straight back to their favorite way of expressing themselves by butchering innocent people with all kinds of unique and interesting weapons. And regardless of what the liberals feel and think, I don't think that kind of behavior could leave any sane person feeling all warm, cozy and giddy with delight when thinking about terrorists and their artistic talents.

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