Monday, July 4, 2011

Obama Continues To Play Catch and Release With Terrorists

Our government is up to more crazy antics with the terrorists our military catches in the war on terror. Vice Adm. McRaven told a Senate panel this past week that in many instances whenever a terrorist is captured by the Seals and or Delta Force that the terrorist is confined in a U.S. Navy ship till he can be tried in a U.S. Court, or transferred to an allied country. And if neither of those two options are open the terrorist is released. He also stated that Gitmo is still off limits for the military to send terrorists too. The last time a terrorist was sent to Gitmo was back in March of 2008 during the Bush Administration.
  When if ever will our government quit playing politics in the war on terror? Politics which endanger the lives of our troops, and the distinct possibility of more innocent people being killed by released terrorists. Instead they always put the captured terrorist lives ahead of our troops, and the public safety.
 How many people have been murdered by all the ex-Gitmo terrorists that Bush and then Obama freed back to their own countries? And or Yemen where both Bush and Obama knew exactly what Saleh of Yemen would do with them. He released them, and or they were allowed to escape from prison. And most of them made a bee line right back to Al-Qaeda. No-one likes to talk about that embarrassing solution that two presidents used in their attempts to get rid of the terrorists in Gitmo. Just so both presidents could appease the liberal left a small minority of our population that the problem of Gitmo was being resolved. But only at the cost of creating a much bigger problem, a re-organized Al-Qaeda in Yemen. Short term political gains, that created long term nightmares for all the innocent peoples of the world.  Both sides know that if one accuses the other side of having let know terrorists return back to Al-Qaeda that the other side will do the same thing. So both the republicans, and the democrats keep quiet on that  little topic. And do you hear any of their supporters cheering those disastrous decisions? No. Nary a word.
  So in the end the decisions of both presidents to free the terrorists back to Yemen were politically motivated in the futile hope of appeasing the liberal left, and as a bargaining tool to persuade Saleh to keep his worthless promises.  Our presidents and their supporters will usually say something like "A few must suffer, so many can prosper!" But even they know when they cannot justified such irresponsible behaviors as letting terrorists free to kill again. So everyone remains as silent as the terrorists victims about such incomprehensible behaviors committed by both presidents.
  And now Obama is still playing the same political game with the terrorists, and Gitmo. What will it take to get our leaders in both parties to stop such insane and dangerous behaviors, another massive attack on American soil? Why do they forget the painful lessons that America had to pay for in blood, and is still paying for to this very day.
"The essence of war is violence. Moderation in war is imbecility." John A. Fisher

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