Friday, July 8, 2011

Obama Ignores Congressional Prohibitions on Transferring Terrorists

  Obama and his main man Holder pulled a quick one on congress by sneaking a terrorist into the civilian court system. They found a loophole which allowed them to by pass congressional prohibitions on transferring terrorists to the United States to stand trial. Why am I not surprised at Obama's continued persistence at giving the terrorists the same rights as American civilians, instead of having them tried as enemy combatants?
 He did after all promise his liberal base that he would close Gitmo, and have the terrorists tried in civilian courts when he was running for president. So it now appears that Ahmed Abdulkadir Warsame will be his and Holder's guinea pig to implement this new plan to circumvent the will of congress and the majority of the American peoples belief that the terrorists belong in Gitmo, and need to be tried in a Military Tribunal as well.
  But Obama and his liberal base believe that the terrorists will have access to more rights in a civilian court than a tribunal. And unfortunately they are right. One has to look no further than the Casey Anthony trial where this woman murdered her own little daughter, and then found innocent. Liberals all over the net are rejoicing in the latest insane verdict. Yet most Americans feel as I do, first that little girl was betrayed by her own mother in the worst way imaginable, and now she has been betrayed by the American Justice System. Verdicts like Casey Anthony's are not all that uncommon either in our civilian courts. And these horrible miscarriages of justice are becoming more and more numerous everyday in our new progressive, and brave society.
 And why? Numerous reasons really. But first and foremost our courts and media no longer focus on the victim. Instead the suspect is made into an unfortunate victim over and over again. Common sense and logic have been discarded in favor of building sympathy and empathy for the killer.  And our courtrooms are turned into The Oprah Show where the liberals motto of "its unfortunate that the victim is dead, but now we must focus all of our attention on this poor, poor woman/man who is the real victim now" which prevail in our courtrooms now.
  Granted Obama and his crew have re-wrote the laws that govern the tribunals to be more terrorist friendly, but they are still concerned that the terrorists may be found guilty, thereby infuriating Obama's base. Which could translate into less votes for him in 2012.
  Since our own son was murdered over 10 years ago we have seen President Saleh of Yemen not only free the killers as our own government did nothing but reward him with even more money each consecutive year. And we have had to watch as both Bush and Obama released know terrorists back to Saleh where most of them returned back to Al-Qaeda. Those newly released terrorists are now trying out new and improved ways to kill our troops in the middle east, and here at home. Some days we feel as if we are strangers in a strange land, where up and is now down.  Where insane behaviors are now accepted as normal, and sane behaviors are ridiculed.
  Yet whats even worse than the insane actions of our leaders, and courts are their own supporters who demand that we all accept those insane behaviors as normal, and necessary. I know what is normal and sane today. And it is sure as hell not freeing terrorists to kill innocent people again, and or letting a mother go free after killing her daughter only to become rich and famous. And if you want to argue those points then find you some like minded crazy people and have at it. I am more than certain that they will agree with you.
And may Caylee find the happiness, love and respect in her new world that was denied her in this world by her mother, and our criminal justice system.

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