Monday, March 31, 2008

Bush Refuses to Back Victims of Terror

The Palestinian Authority won a major legal battle against Ms. Aharon Ellis, another victim of terrorism in federal court last week. Her husband was brutally murdered by a Palestinian terrorist. A federal judge agreed to set aside a judgement of $200 million awarded to American victims of Palestinian terrorists attacks that a lower court had awarded.
The Palestinian government hopes that it can hide behind sympathetic American judges and politicians who care more about so called governments like the Palestinian Authority than they do their own citizens. The Palestinian Authority has been pleading with the Bush administration to help them win the court battle. Of course as so often happens in these type of cases our own politicians will publicly state how they support the rights of American Victims of Terrorist Attacks, while in reality they do absolutely nothing to help the victims.
The last article I wrote concerning Ms. Ellis's attempts to obtain some form of monetary justice is when I wished her good luck in actually getting anything from our courts. Historically, our own government has been, and continues to be the worst enemy of small groups of victims of terrorist attacks. Our presidents and politicians know that they can ignore our pleas for help, and get away it in most cases. Our elected leaders will often remain silent during these trials except to mouth the obligatory "Yes! We stand behind our citizens in their quest for justice!".While behind closed doors they make deals to ensure that the victims get the shaft. All for the sake of political expediency.
How refreshing it would be if our own government would apply even half the amount of energy it expends on protecting the Yemeni regime and the Palestinian Authority from their support of terrorism to putting that energy behind their own citizens efforts to obtain justice for the murders of their loved ones.
For decades now American leaders have been wrestling with the Palestinian and Israel conflict.Has that situation improved? No. As a matter of fact its deteriorated. And will continue to do so. It has to. Everyone knows that there is only two options for that problem. The first one is if Israel ceases to exist. And the second one is a continuation of what we have now. A constant state of war between Israel, and the factions that would destroy her as a nation. And all Israels enemies continue to grow in numbers, and strength with the passing of time.
I for one am disgusted at how our government caters to these thugs who call themselves civilized. And then our politicians will ignore our own citizens rights to justice so as not to offend these brutes. This past Saturday Condoleezza Rice embarked on yet another trip to Israel and Palestine to facilitate another round of Anger Management therapy between these two life long enemies. If there is one thing our government has not learned is the age old adage: "Keep doing the same thing over and over, and you will get the same results."Anybody remember old Peanut Carter blaring to the world back in seventies how "Peace is secured for the Middle East".Uh huh.
I can bet you good money that the issue of Ms. Ellis's lawsuit against the Palestinian Authority was one topic that President Mahmoud Abbas spoke to her about. And I can also bet that Ms Rice told him "not to worry" that your terrorist faction will not be bankrupted by that lawsuit.
And why can I make such a bold and incriminating statement against our own government you may wonder. Judge Marrero who set aside the award and will allow a new trial actually gave the Bush administration a chance to side with the American Victims and or the terrorists. Bushy chose the terrorists. All old Bush had to do was tell the judge that they supported "compensation for victims of terrorism." But that would have ticked off the Palestinian Authority. We can't have that now, can we? God forbid that our politicians take a stand for their own citizens, and do the right thing for once. They are more concerned that by protecting American citizens that it will anger the terrorists and keep peace from happening. What friking peace! These psychos could care less about peace. They want Israel the only true democracy in the Middle East demolished for good. So here we go again, applying another band-aid to the so called peace process. What a farce. But then again if there is one thing that our politicians excel at is doing nothing and just hoping that the problem will go away, or at the very least be stabilized until they can retire.
The Bush administration actually told the judge that lawsuits by victims of terrorist acts could harm the "financial and political viability" of the Palestinian Authority! Like if most Americans care if a bunch of terrorists lose money.
And to demonstrate my point in the futility of our government dealing with the Palestinian Authority for a lasting peace all one has to do is research how every terror loving fanatic in the Middle East is traveling to Palestine to set up camp. And you can bet that they are not going there for a camel barbecue, and a sing along.
Even Bin laden announced this past December that Palestine is the next big "Jihad Playground" for Al-Qaeda. He does not plan to really get engaged there until after the American elections.Excellent decision on his part. If we elect a democrat here in America half his work will be done for him. He is probably praying his heart out to Allah that we elect another Clinton. Can you blame him. He had free hunting during the Clinton years. Bin laden's is probably doing a little dance just at the thought of another spineless president like Clinton.
Al-Qaeda is now in the process of preparing for their arrival in force to Palestine by issuing instructions for Palestinians. Informing them on nifty little things such as how to make homemade bombs, training in the martial arts, and the teaching Palestinian youth the "fighting and scientific skills". Just to name a few things. Its not as if the Palestinians don't know how to kill innocent people. They have proven themselves very efficient at that skill. But now they will be getting help from another big time player. Plus they already have the backing of Iran, and Syria. So they are off to a good start as a fledgling nation that not only supports terrorism, but actively engages in terrorist acts as well.
And then we have our own politicians and some Americans that are doing everything in their power to ensure that they will continue on this path without any negative consequences. All for the false perception of peace between Israel and Palestine. While America victims of terrorists attacks are ignored, and treated with the utmost disrespect in their attempts to acquire some small measure of justice for their murdered loved ones.
Our government should be ashamed of itself. How our politicians can continue to protect thugs like the Palestinian Authority, and the corrupt Yemeni Regime is beyond me. Especially in lieu of the facts that the terrorists in the Middle East continue to make gains in just about every area.You would think that our government would at the very least take a more supportive stance for the victims here at home. But then again that is the right thing to do. And since when has our government put right before political expediency in dealing with small groups of victims?
How about never.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Bush Want Back Victims of Terrorism. Again

The reported today that the Bush administration is concerned that lawsuits by victims of terrorism could harm the "financial and political viability" of the Palestinian Authority. Same old story. Our government continues to ride the fence while stating how much it supports compensation for victims of terrorism. I can understand why Ms. Knox does not want the US State Department to get involved with her case. They would likely rule in favor of the terrorists.

Sad, but true. As I have wrote previously our government has done everything in their power to protect the corrupt regime of Yemen from being sued by us. They have also stood by as our sons killers have been pardoned, and given reduced sentences. All for the sake of political expediency for themselves. They also refused to let the FBI investigate Yemen officials for their part in our sons murdered. And rightly so from their point of view. Americans would be outraged if they knew their country was doing business with a government that has ties to Al-Qaeda, and supports terrorism. And that there is ample evidence to demonstrate that the Yemeni government was involved in the attack on the USS Cole.

I wish Ms Knox success in her battle with both our own government and the Palestinian Authority. She is going to need it.