Monday, October 10, 2011

Nashiri to Be Arraigned Next Month. But Will His Tribunal Really Ever Happen?

  Going on eleven years now since the attack of the USS Cole on 10-12-00, and it looks like Nashiri one of the plotters and planners of that attack may actually be arraigned at Gitmo next month. That attack killed 17 sailors, and wounded 39 more. It was also the attack that should have awakened up our presidents, and politicians to the fact that Bin laden and Al-Qaeda's proclamation of war against American back in 1998 was not just an idle threat. He had already proven how serious he was even before the Cole attack with the murder of innocent Americans, and other people of different nationalities. But it would take 9/11 before our leaders realized that they could no longer afford to ignore Bin laden.  Nashiri was to have been arraigned this month, but the date was changed. He could face the death penalty if convicted. The last individual to be put to death by the military was back in 1961.
  But I still have serious doubts as to if Obama is going to let the actual trial to even take place, until after the elections. He is taking a serious beating at the polls right now, and cannot afford more bad press. On the other hand a Military trial is much more private than a civilian trial where they often turn into a three ring circus, and take much longer to finish than a Tribunal. Also all the juicy information like how were the terrorists interrogated, and other sensitive information will be limited. That's fine by me, the less said the better. And then if Nashiri is convicted with a life sentence, and or death, Obama would have another feather in his hat, and another reason to give a another speech on TV.  But the ACLU, Human Rights Groups and the liberals in general will be hemorrhaging at the nose and ears, and not at all happy with their main man, Obama. And the mainstream media will have developed a bad case of cognitive dissonance. Do they report on how unhappy they are at Obama demonstrating yet more evil  behaviors like Bush? Or do they just ignore it, and or down play the trial? Like they practically have with everything involving the USS Cole.
 But then really I don't even think that a prefect trial for the terrorists can really help Obama in the end. Its too late for that now. But no doubt his re-election team is desperate enough to try anything to keep Obama in office. Even if it means going against Obama's beliefs that the terrorists deserve the same rights as the American citizens that they so happily butchered.
  One thing is for sure though, Obama and other politicians are still using the terrorists that murdered thousands of their fellow Americans and Guantanamo for pure political reasons. Where justice for the real victims has become another casualty.
 My words and feelings in no way reflect ill feelings on the Military Commissions. They have an extremely unenviable and difficult job.  They like all of us are caught up in the political beliefs of whoever is in charge at the top of the ladder, and have to act accordingly. One day its this way, the next day its the opposite way. We have always been treated with the utmost respect by all of the staff at the Military Commissions, and at Guantanamo. Their professionalism and dedication to duty is to be admired, and respected.  And the same for all the people who work at keeping Guantanamo Bay such an excellent prison. And a shinning example of how a prison should be. Its a shame that Obama, the mainstream media, and a few liberals have been allowed to distort those facts just so they could pursue their own twisted political ideology.
 After the arraignment we will have to wait and see if the trial is allowed to proceed. And what the outcome will be.