Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied

I cannot recall how many times I have heard the lunatic left use the phrase" Justice delayed is justice denied." But only they use that phrase to rally support and sympathy for the terrorists at Guantanamo. Never have I heard them complain how the real victims, the murdered Americans and their families have had justice delayed and denied to them for years now. But then again we all know that they cannot and will not ever take the sides of the terrorists victims. Because the liberals, the ACLU, Amnesty International and similar like minded groups are the main reason that the terrorists have not been tried in the first place.

I just read that phrase again in the Los Angeles Times in their biased report on how Sen. Jim Inhofe's efforts to keep Gitmo open and to stop Obama from sending terrorists to American prisons was squashed by Senate Democratic leaders. Still Senator Inhofe's efforts to stop Obama and his liberal supporters needs to be recognized as a courageous deed in these insane times. So thank-you Senator Inhofe for standing up and fighting for all the victims, their families, and all Americans.

The liberals go out of their way in ignoring the real victims, the sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, and friends that the terrorists at Gitmo murdered in cold blood. Yet rarely will you ever hear the liberals mention the murdered victims. And rightly so. Its their own guilt that keeps them from mentioning the thousands of people butchered by their terrorists friends at Guantanamo prison. Instead they harp incessantly on how bad the terrorists have been treated, and or that they are still waiting for a trial after all these years. But yet its their own fault that the terrorists trials have had "justice delayed and denied." Its the liberal groups that have successfully fought to keep the terrorists from being tried in the Military Tribunals. And then they turn around and blame Bush and or the Tribunals for the terrorists not receiving speedy trials. When in reality they knew that the terrorists would no doubt be sentenced to life, or at least most of them. And that is the last thing that the liberals want, is any form of real justice for the terrorists, and the real victims.

Its the liberal organizations like the ACLU and Amnesty International that actively aid and abet the terrorists at Guantanamo Prison. These groups and other like minded groups help the terrorists to file lawsuits that will effectively cripple and or stop the Tribunals. These groups and their liberal minions then use their victories in the Federal Courts to make the absurd claims that the Tribunals do not work. Its all liberal propaganda, designed to help the enemy.

Just look at some of the nations that openly support the liberals in their attempts to shut down Guantanamo and the Tribunals. Iran, Yemen, Syria, and Palestine to name a few. These nations all support terrorism in one way or another. My grandfather always told me to look at the company an individual, and or organization keeps. That a mans friends will speak volumes about him. Any right minded person would think that the ACLU and the liberals would be extremely embarrassed that all their efforts are endorsed by Bin Laden, the President of Iran, President Saleh of Yemen, and other terrorists groups.

The liberal mind must be an extremely sick mind. Liberals have become so angry and resentful at Bush and his successes at killing terrorists, and locking them up that they are willing to over look how American citizens have had justice delayed and denied to them and their murdered loved ones time and time again. Yet the liberals remain silent on that fact. And Obama does too. His efforts like his liberal supporters are all aimed at helping the terrorists, and to marginalize and or to forget the victims of the terrorists. It took years of hard work on the part of our military, the FBI, the CIA, NSA, and others to catch all the terrorists that are at Guantanamo. Not to mention all the work that went into building a system to have the terrorists tried in. We were safe and no attacks here at home, and the Tribunals when used were effective. And the terrorists had dates set for their trails to begin two over three months ago. And in a matter of three months Obama and his liberal supporters have undone all that progress. Plus Obama is freeing the terrorists as fast as he can. Just so he can claim that he has "resolved the Guantanamo issue". At Obama's present pace in freeing the terrorists, there will be none left too to stand trial. And still the trail dates have not been rescheduled.

And why all of this irrational behavior on the liberals part? I can think of nothing else except that they are blinded by their hate of the republicans, and are willing to not only sell themselves out, but their own neighbors, and country as well to the enemy just so they can "get even". Like the old adage "he is cutting his nose off to get even with his face." And of course the terrorists are more than happy that they have traitorous Americans on their side who are working with them and their lawyers so that they can escape the consequences that they so justly deserve.

Its my hope that more and more senators will follow Senator Inhofe's example, and start fighting Obama and his insane policies on dealing with the terrorists who are at Guantanamo. All the murdered Americans who were killed by these terrorists deserve Justice now. Their families have suffered enough delays and been denied their day in court far too many times already.