Thursday, March 19, 2009

Suspected Cole Bomber Has His Purposal Rejected at Gitmo

Ahmed Zuhair, a Saudi terrorist at Gitmo just had his proposal for easing his conditions at Guantanamo rejected by the U.S. This wacko has been on and off again on a hunger strike since June of 2005, and has had to be force fed a liquid nutrient mix to keep the idiot alive. He has racked up 80 violations during his stay at Club Gitmo. He had requested to be moved to a medium security camp where his his fellow terrorists live in a communal dorm setting, have more time outside, and other privileges.

But the camp authorities fear that if they give in to his proposal that the other terrorists will demand less harsh living conditions. And they would. I wonder if it has ever occurred to this nut that if he just followed the camp rules he would then be allowed more privileges, like the other terrorists. Instead his lawyers are blaming the camps personnel for Zuhair's choice to abuse his own body. As usual.

Zuhair has been implicated in the attack on the USS Cole, he was convicted and sentenced in absentia as the leader of a car bombing in Bosnia in 1997, and he was involved in the murder of William Jefferson an American who was working for the United Nations at the time of his death.

And is it any wonder that Ahmed Zuhair is one of the ACLU and Human Rights Organizations so called favorite victims that they provide support for?

You can bet sure money that the more dangerous a terrorist is to not only Americans but other people as well, the more that the liberals will defend them and call them victims.

Obama May Set Some Gitmo Terrorists Free Here in America

Attorney General Holder has stated that some of the Gitmo terrorists may end up being released here in America. As of yet Obama has had little success in convincing other nations leaders to accept terrorists from Club Gitmo. So Obama's solution is to just release them here in America, and settle the problem the easy way. What a joke!

That is insane. Plain and simple. Other Nations refuse to accept these dangerous scumbags and all the risks that are associated with having the terrorists running around free in one of their countries. And rightly so. But Obama has a promise to keep to the ACLU, the liberals, and the Human Rights Groups to free these terrorists, and aims to keep it! Regardless if such potential actions may be detrimental to Americans, and America. I cannot understand how Obama would take such an enormous risk in setting just one of those Islamic fanatics free here in America. He must be really confident that his popularity could withstand all the criticism that would ensue if one just one of the freed terrorists was implicated in the murder of an American.

And then when you consider all the effort and resources that went into capturing these terrorists only to set them free boggles ones mind. Especially when Obama is doing all of this just for political reasons.

Of course the ACLU and friends are ecstatic about the prospect of freed terrorists living here in America. They are already talking about how they will be there for their freed terrorists friends to help them sue the American government after their release.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Saleh of Yemen Supports The Mass Murderer of the Sudan

President Saleh's support for the mass murderer President Al-Bashir of the Sudan comes as no surprise. The only major difference between Yemen and the Sudan is that Yemen was taken off the list of nations that support terrorism back in "92". Which of course was a major mistake for our government.

Both Saleh and Al-Bashir aid and abet terrorsim, and oppress their own people. An arrest warrant was recently issued by the International Criminal Court(ICC) for Al-Bashir. Last year when the ICC indicted Al-Bashir Saleh was one of the first nations leaders to voice his support for the madman, Al-Bashir.

Al-Bashir provided protection for Bin laden and other Al-Qaeda terrorists for years back in the nineties, in exchange for a ton of money from Bin laden. Saleh has done the same thing and still uses Al-Qaeda when he needs too. The Sudan was found responsible in Federal court for aiding in the attack on the USS Cole two years ago. But our lawyers are still fighting our own government to get them to release the monies that was awarded to the victims families as a result of that trial. And no doubt will be for years to come. Our Justice Department has 3o days to appeal the judges ruling. The judge ruled last month that the banks which hold the frozen funds to pay up. I suspect that the Justice Department will file their appeal on the last day. So much for our own government supporting victims of terrorism. But unfortunately our government will go to any lengths at not helping victims of terrorism. Especially when there is oil involved. Our case in that regard in not unique.

The Bush administration in its last two years was attempting to normalize relationships between our country and the Sudan. The Sudan has oil reserves which are comparable to Saudi Arabia. But then the indictment by the ICC put the Bush's administrations attempts at making nice with the mass murderer in the limelight. And they backed off somewhat from getting so cozy with Al-Bashir. And now we have Obama who is to meet with the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon this week to discuss the warrant for the Sudanese president.

The Shiek of Hate Al Zandani was also present at the rally for Al-Bashir in Sana'a Yemen. Al-Zandani has his own University in Yemen where he teaches aspiring terrorists how to hate and kill Jews, and Americans. The UN has listed him as a major supporter of terrorism. But President Saleh of Yemen refuses to take any action against him. Even though two of the Cole bombers attended his school of hate. And other graduates of his university have gone on to fight our soldiers in Iraq. I have written our government numerous times asking why they do not issue an arrest warrant for Al-Zandani numerous times, but never receive an answer back. The answer is obvious though. Our government knows that Saleh will not do anything against one of his biggest supporters. Which would only make our own government look even more foolish for their continued support of Saleh and his corrupt regime which aids and abets terrorism.

Representatives from Iran, Syria, Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad have all expressed their solidarity with Al-Bashir as well. I can understand all the above nations and groups coming together to support the mass murderer. They all have America and Israel as their common enemy. But to know that my own government supports Saleh of Yemen who not only supports but helps those nations, and groups with their sick and twisted agenda of killing innocent people is shameful.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Congressman Drafts Bill To Stop Gitmo Terrorists From Comming To America

Republican Congressman John Shadegg has introduced a bill (HR1238) that would stop any of the Gitmo terrorists from ever being placed in a prison on American soil. Good for him! I commend the congressman and only wish that more of our politicians would follow his lead.

But the bill has to make it past the House Judiciary Committee , which will be a major hurdle in itself. If the bill gets past the Judiciary Committee which I doubt, it would then go to the House floor to be voted on. The second hurdle. In the past we(the Cole Families) have had one bill that never made it out of the committee, its still there somewhere gathering dust. Just like all the unanswered questions about the failed Cole investigation. And at least two requests for a Judiciary Hearing refused. The second request for a Judiciary hearing was actually looking like it would actually make it, when Democratic Senator Leahy killed it.

Leahy is now focusing his time on members of the Bush administration, trying to get them before a Truth Commissions on charges of authorizing torture, and anything else he can think of. So I don't see any democrats going against their main man Obama in trying to stop his plans on bringing the terrorists to America.

I personally find Leahy's Truth Commissions disgusting. The man is more interested in finding out if any of Bush's people broke any laws, then he is in finding out the truth in the failed Cole investigation and why our government is still supporting a dictator in Yemen who freed our sons killers, and still supports Al-Qaeda. Yet Leahy wants to find out if there is any truth that terrorists like al-Nashiri the Cole bomber was tortured, and who did it. Yet he denies the Cole families the right to have their questions answered. And he states that his actions are not political, and only for the good of the country.

What would be really unique is for more of our senators, and congresspeople to be just as worried about the rights of American Victims of Terrorism as much as they worry about the rights of the Terrorists. But then again we the victims have very few rights. So it would only be good politics to worry about the terrorists who can sue the government, than the families who have no options.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Jew Killer Gets Only a Fine in Yemen

A Yemeni Court ruled that the killer of a Yemeni Jew was mentally incompetent, and that he only had to pay a fine. The murdered Jew was Moshe Yaish Nahari who was shot by Abdel Aziz al-Abdi, a retired Yemeni Air Force pilot.

The killer had confessed to the local police chief that he killed the Jewish man "for the sake of Allah." The police chief also stated that the killer had told him that he had told the Jews to either embrace Islam, leave the country, or be killed.

The Yemeni courts ruling comes as no surprise in in view of all the support that President Saleh of Yemen has shown to Hamas and Palestine. The courts in Yemen do as they are told to by Saleh's regime. Jews have never had it easy in Yemen, and most of them immigrated to Israel back in the 1950's and 1960's. There are currently only about 280 Jews now in Yemen. Their requests for government protection appears to have fallen on deaf ears.

Every month brings more news how Saleh's regime continues to flaunt it relationship with radical Islam, and Al-Qaeda. While our own government looks the other way at the favoritism that the Yemeni courts have shown to the murderers of 17 American sailors, and Jihadists who were released to go and fight our troops in Iraq. The Yemeni courts routinely throw journalists in prison for criticizing Saleh' government as well. click on title