Thursday, January 13, 2011

Judge Refuses To Release Terrorist From Gitmo

Looks like another terrorists gets to spend some more quality time at the world renowned Jihad resort, Guantanamo. This past Tuesday a Federal Judge declined to release Abdal Razak Ali from Gitmo. Bravo for the Judge! His denial to release the Al-Qaeda terrorist makes our world a little safer place for all people. Of course liberals are already grinding their teeth, wailing, and pulling at their hair at what they called an 'inhumane decision". The liberals are whinning that he has been held since 2002, and still no trial.

I got some news for the liberals, we have been waiting for over ten long years for a trial. And it does not look like our son and his mates will have their day in court anytime soon. Liberals need to take heart! They have a president that talks more about the mistreated terrorists and how important it is to make sure that they, the terrorist recieve a speedy trial than thier victims. I don't think that I have ever heard Obama make mention of how long we the families, and the victims have had to wait for a "speedy trial".

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Obama Determined To Set Terrorists Free

Looks like Obama will go to any lengths to keep his promise to close Gitmo. Even if it means sending the inmates to the Terrorist Haven of Yemen for Jihad Rehab. Bush tried the same damn thing, it failed miserably. Anyone who knows anything about President Saleh of Yemen knew that sending terrorists to the Saudi Jihad Rehab would be a failure. That some of the terrorists would enjoy a relaxing retreat at the Rehab, and then go to Yemen upon their release. Which is exactly what some of them did. They then picked up their guns and bombs and went about what terrorists do best, the killing of innocent men, women, and children. We Americans are dealing with the fallout of that disastrous decision to this day. The graduates of the Saudi Jihad helped to swell the ranks of Al-Qaeda in Yemen.

And now Obama wants to go one step further then Bush did. He is actually considering giving Saleh the money to open his own Jihad Rehab!! Even Bush knew that such a decision would be extremely counter productive for everyone. Saleh was constantly pestering him for the money to build one. And thank God that Bush always said NO!

Why in Gods name Hilary was even sent over there to talk with Saleh is mind boggling. Hilary should know these facts better than anyone! Her Hubby Clinton was used as a door mat by Saleh of Yemen after the attack on the Cole. Saleh lied to him and Ambassador Bodine repeatedly. But hey! Clinton was a short timer at that time. Only three months to go before he left office. Clinton talked alot of smack about the murdered sailors receiving justice and hunting the terrorist to the ends of the world but in the end didn't do jack squat. Considering that Saleh did everything possible in his power to not only hinder the FBI investigation into the attack on the USS Cole, and which our son and 17 of his mates were brutally murdered. And 39 more wounded. One of those who was wounded later died as a result of his wounds. To quote one of the FBI agents himself, "Our investigation faced difficulties from the beginning. Yemen's weak central government's on again, off again relationship with extremists meant that Al-Qaeda had influential sympathizers in positions of authority, as well as among powerful tribes in the country's vast desert. As a consequence, we regularly faced death threats, smokescreens, and bureaucratic obstructions." End quote. And here is a news flash for Obama and Hilary: Everything has only gotten worse in Yemen since then! Yemen is now considered a failed state by some experts. The main reason being Saleh and his corrupt regime. The years that he spent playing both ends from the middle have now caught up with him, his crooked family and cronies.

Saleh still refuses to extradite one of our sons killers here to America. He initially pardoned the the terrorist, and gave reduced sentences to all the other Cole bombers that he had in his custody for a brief period. I say brief, because they all managed to escape eventually. Imagine that! And then we have Al-Quso another Cole bomber who escaped from prison, and Saleh did not even bother to tell the FBI until long after his escape. He is now believed to be back with Al-Qaeda. We tried for years to get a Congressional Hearing into the Cole attack, and the subsequent failed investigation but were turned down time after time. We had credible witnesses, some in our military, others in the Yemeni military, and government, and yet a few from our own intelligence agencies. The USS Cole tragedy is shunned by most politicians from both parties. And for good reasons on their part, eleven months later 9/11 would happen. Thousands of Americans would be murdered. And all of our politicians and two presidents would claim that they had no warnings at all. That nothing could have been done to prevent 9/11. And Salehs regime played its part in that attack by trying to protect the terrorists who attacked the Cole. Valuable information would not be gathered in time to stop 9/11. All because of one petty little dictator named Saleh.

The facts as to why Saleh should not be allowed a Jihad Rehab are way to numerous to list here. Its been over 10 years now since the attack on the Cole. And my fear is that if our government keeps up it sick and twisted relationship with Saleh of Yemen, more Americans will be murdered. And citizens from other countries as well.

Why Obama continues to persist in his efforts to release terrorists back to Yemen is baffling to say the least. He was on the verge of sending at least 90 of them back to Saleh before the failed bombings that were connected to Al-Qaeda in Yemen. He put the brakes on that bad idea real fast! Yet here he is now thinking about giving Saleh the money to operate his own Jihad Rehab where the terrorists can all get together and plan their next attacks on unsuspecting and innocent people in a facility paid for by us Americans.

Is this latest mind bender of his just another effort to please his base, the lunatic left? Or is he still smarting from the whipping he got back in November, and he wants revenge? Or does he see this course as an easy way to dispose of a problem that will just not go away. Release the terrorist back to Jihad Rehab, and when they return to killing he may be long gone back into private life. Or he can always say "We always expected some collateral damage with this very difficult decision, but over all we feel that it has worked out extremely well for all parties involved." Except for the victims that is.

Here in a novel concept to Obama and other politicians: Quit making excuses as to why the terrorists are the way they are, and put the terrorists on trial at Gitmo in the Military Tribunals (without the enhanced rules to favor the terrorists) for the crimes they committed against the innocent peoples from all nations. Start thinking about the victims that have been murdered, and all the other lives that have been changed forever because of the selfishness, cruelty and meanness of a few sick, twisted and evil people.

10 years ago we were told that we had the right to be kept abreast of the status of our sons killers. We have not heard officially from our government where those killers may be in years. We have to do that ourselves. Just like we have to keep prodding our government not to forget our murdered son, and his mates. That they still have rights too. The right to have their killers held accountable in an American Court of Law. But at the present moment I don't see any trials for the victims in the near future. But I do see more being done for the killers than the victims.