Tuesday, September 30, 2008

TheAmerican Press is finally really starting to expose the corrupt regime of Yemen. Which is governed by the ruthless dictator President Saleh. Saleh's notorious duplicity for using Al-Qaeada and both the Clinton and Bush administration is actually being reported on much more often now here in America. As well as his complicity for using Al-Qaeda to further his own political agenda. And then performing an about face and asking the administration for more money and arms to fight Al-Qaeda with.
But now that America is in that limbo where we are between the current president, and the next president Saleh is showing his true colors. His Foreign Minister About Bakr al-Qurbi has said that his government will continue to reject demands to arrest suspects that are wanted by the United Nations and the United States. These terrorists are financiers of Al-Qaeda, organizers and know terrorists who have murdered Americans like our son and his 16 mates.
Instead of releasing these terrorists to American to stand trial, Saleh puts them through a religious rehabilitation program and then sets them free. Many of these "rehabilitated" terrorists return right back to their terrorist activities. And he has been doing this for years now. And getting away with it while all Clinton and Bush have done is to "lodge complaints". And to keep supporting his ruthless regime.
Saleh will not even take the step of officially banning Islamist groups that scream for more violence and Jihad. While other Arabic nations have. His so called courts have released terrorists to go to Iraq to fight our soldiers, and now its believed that some of those terrorists may have returned from Iraq to take part in the latest attack on theUS Embassy.
And just this week Saleh voiced his support for the Mass murderer of the the Sudan, President Bashri. Again.
My family and I would like to say thank-you to both the Washington Post and Newsweek for their coverage of Saleh's Regime. Its so refreshing to actually read in major papers what many of us have know for years. And have been fighting not only Saleh's regime, but our own government to stop their support of Saleh's government who did nothing to of any real meaning to bring our son's killers to Justice. And how his government did everything possible to interfere with the FBI investigation into the Cole attack, and then to release those responsible for the planning, and organization of the attack.
We were informed this month that the Judiciary Committee will hold Hearing next year into the USS Cole attack. Its our hope that our son and and 16 mates and all those wounded in the attack will not be forgotten anymore my our government.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Terrorists Use Former Israeli Land to launch Attacks

Terrorists used former Jewish Communities in the Gaza Strip as training grounds for future attacks on Israeli citizens this past week-end. The Palestinian terrorists are tickled pink that they now have so much room to conduct large terrorists training exercises. So much for Bush's Peace Plan huh?
But then again Bush will be out of office shortly which means it want be his problem anymore. And Rice was just in Israel last week to encourage the Israeli government to give more land to the terrorists, and for Israel to free more Palestinian murderers back to Palestine.
Is this insane or what? Now the Palestinians can use settlements complete with synagogues and houses that once belonged to Israelis to train freed terrorists who were once locked up in Israeli prisons to kill more Israelis. And Bush and Rice call that "peace with progress". Nothing like professional politics and politicians.
Abu Muhammad stated that Palestinian terrorists groups are using the cease fire with Israel to stock up on more weapons to attack Israeli citizens with. But then again before Israel retreated from the contested territories back in 2005 they stated that they would use the former Jewish settlements to train on and too attack Israel from in the future. Unfortunately they lived up to their word. Like no-one, except professional politicians and liberals excluded did not see this coming.
Even more sickening is that the Palestinian terrorists were showing off their training of young boys between the ages of 9 and 12. "I am learning how to fight the Jews and to kill Jewish children", remarked one 11 year old boy. Nothing like passing on a time honored family tradition to your children.
And we have politicians who actually think that by having Israel to give up more lands, and to free more Palestinian terrorists will make these fanatics stop killing Israeli citizens. Its not worked in the past, and its not working now.