Monday, October 11, 2010

Ten Years Since The Attack on The USS Cole and Justice Still Eludes The Victims and Their Families

I normally write President Saleh a letter this time every year. Just to let him and his cronies know that their are still people who have not forgotten the attack on the USS Cole on 10/12/00. And of course to make sure that he knows that those same people are still working at getting our government to stop their support of his corrupt regime.

But I have had a serious illness this year. Better now. And plan to write that letter not long from now. I had also hoped that I could also point out that a real trial had taken place for one of the Cole bombers, but that was not to be either. And from the look of how the Obama administration is handling the trial of Al-Nashiri I don't think that a trail for him is anywhere in the near future. Of course there is no excuse as to why there has been no trial for al-nashiri and or bin attash. The fact that Obama has played politics with the Cole Bombers trials is shameful

I for one am sick and tired of hearing about the rights of the terrorists. I don't even think that Obama can use that excuse anymore. He had the Military re-write the rules to be used in the trials to favor the terrorists. But then he cancels the trials again. And leaves us in limbo again.

I thought that the puppet trials of some of the Cole bombers years ago in Yemen was a laughable farce. And they where. Yet even here in America justice still eludes the real victims and their families. That justice could go forward at anytime if the president would only give the word. But instead he plays politics. It was bad enough to have to read about the Cole trials in Yemen and to know their outcome even before the terrorists went to court. We wrote letters to Bush and his administration telling them that Saleh would have them freed, and or that the terrorists would get off. And for the most part many of them did. Yet here we are again, in American with our own President playing a shameful game with the terrorists that are supposedly to be tried here all in the name of politics.

Will our son and the other victims ever get their day in court. Or will it always be about the terrorists, and their rights. Or will the court date only happen when the political atmosphere is right for Obama? Our son and those other 16 sailors were real people with real hopes and dreams, and lives. Their hopes and dreams were shattered along with their lives over 10 years ago, along with our own hopes and dreams for our son.

To many times times I have read where the liberals tells us that we must focus on forgiving the killers for numerous reasons, that its too late for the real victims, that they are dead and we must move on. And why should we ruin another individuals life in the name of justice. What the liberals conveniently forget is that its the killers that chose to kill innocent people like our son, and his mates. That justice was supposed to served in a timely manner. 10 years is not a timely and or swift manner.

At the present time al-nashiri and bin attash are safer at Guantanamo than they would be back in their own back yards. It appears that al-quso, one of the Cole bombers may have been taken out last month by a cruise missile. If so then great! I wish him a merry trip and a happy stay with Allah and his 69 virgins. So far I cannot get a solid confirmation on it. But it does not hurt to hope its true! And not to mention that at least two other terrorists who helped with the Cole attack have been sent on their heavenly journey in the same manner when Bush was president.

It would be wrong me not to mention that at least al-bahlul, Al-Qaeda's propagandist's was tried and convicted at Guantanamo in 08. He got life in prison. He had used pictures of the Cole attack in his videos. As much as I hate to admit it, President Saleh of Yemen has a better track record at getting terrorists to trial then Obama does. Granted he lets them go after the trial, but at least there is a trial. And at the present time it appears that the terrorists have a better chance at getting whacked by a cruise missile than they do at getting a trial and being held accountable for their crimes here in America. And that is a shame.