Monday, November 24, 2008

We all knew that Bush would send Bin ladens driver back to Dictator Saleh of Yemen. We had just hoped that he would not do it. But he has done it. Bin laden's former driver and bodyguard Salim Hamdan, who got only five and half measly years in prison for personally helping Bin Laden will soon be a free terrorist!

It had to happen in this "sympathy for terrorists" politically correct environment here in America at the present time. And more than likely that same attitude will be present for a few more years. Or at least until the next big 9/11 happens. But by then the damage will have been done.

The liberals would have us believe that Hamdan was totally ignorant that he was working for one of the most evil men in the world. That he was taking money for driving and guarding the man responsible for killing thousands of Americans in a matter of minutes. Plus the attack on the USS Cole, and all the attacks that killed Americans back in the 90's too. That in reality Hamdan had emotional issues,and that he had endured a bad childhood, and had seen horrible things which had lead him to make bad decisions. Plus he had a big family and he needed a job! The same BS we hear at just about every other terrorist/murderer's trial who has directly and or indirectly hurt and or killed innocent people. Your standard defense for sleazeballs. But it works about every time. He was not responsible for his own actions in other words.

So its extremely difficult for me to believe that Hamdan just kept his headphones on while jamming out to Def Leopard on his walk man when driving and guarding Bin Laden. Like Bin Laden would not do a through back ground check on his drivers and bodyguards loyal to his own fanatical beliefs. And not to mention that Hamdan did not overhear Bin laden and other top dogs bragging about, and planning other attacks.No! None of that could have happened according to the Space Cadets! Hamda was just in the wrong place at the wrong time! The poor guy.

So now Bush with only a few weeks left in office gives his old Buddy Saleh one last final present before he rides off into the sunset. I wish I could say that Hamdans release would be in exchange for one of the Cole Terrorists that Saleh refuses to let our government have. But I don't think so! I hope I am wrong. I just hope that Obama does not treat Saleh as good as as Clinton and Bush have. This guy has gotten over like a Fat Cat way too long.

Maybe what Clinton and Bush got back from Saleh will compensate in their minds at least, for the murder of 17 American sailors, and all the other evil that Saleh has committed on his own people too. I know I can't see any so called positive returns from supporting Saleh's corrupt and evil regime, and the number of other people who cannot see it either are growing everyday. Saleh is going to have to start building more prisons just to keep "unhappy journalists and citizens" in.

I wonder if Al-Qaeda will give Salim Hamdan A Welcome Home Party! Will he get his back wages from Bin Laden too? Or Will he at least get his old job back as driver and bodyguard? There is no excuse this time for Hamdan to hang out with killers. There never was really. But now he has completed years of psychotherapy while in prison, explored and healed his inner wounded child, and gained closure on several other troubling issues as well. So lets all hope that if he should return back to his old employer, that he will be able to persuade Bin Laden into turning himself in for the Greater Good of the World, and its Peoples.
I don't think so.
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Monday, November 17, 2008

I have been surfing the net and reading blogs, newspapers, and articles on the result of the trial of the terrorist Al-Bahlul held two weeks ago at Gitmo. Which I was in attendance for. I knew that there would be much wailing, pulling of the hair,and grinding of the teeth amongst the liberals over the Bonehead's Life in Prison sentence which he received from the court.

But boy oh boy! I had no idea of the level of support that this producer of a snuff film has amongst liberals. Liberals are a weird bunch. That's why I used the picture of old Nancy to convey the perfect image of a liberal. They are supposed to be educated and mature adults. Yet they still act like they are back in college, the ivory tower. Where all the answers are in a book. Where everyone loves each other, where the world and all the peoples live in peace and harmony. Where we are all equal in intelligence, and physical strength. Where when you are presented with a problem, you just write a paper with the answer for the problem on it, and then turn the paper in to the professor, and presto the problem is solved! And then move on to the next problem.

I can see young people falling for this romantic Utopia ideology that is a core belief of communism, and socialism. Hell! It even sounded good to me when I was young. But these older liberals are either idiots, the terrorist Al-Buhul said that, not me. Or they are a few cans short of a six pack. Either way they need professional help.

What is it so hard and difficult for a liberal to understand that Al-Qaeda wants to kill Americans, and Jews. They could care less if the Americans they kill are liberals, conservatives, and or moderates. Al-Buhul said it so simple that even a liberal could understand it. "It does not matter if its a democrat or republican that is elected. We will still kill you."More or less those words. And,"the only difference between a democrat and a republican is that the republicans fight us." As I have said before, That's one big major difference.

I know that not all liberals have succumbed to these naive and unrealistic beliefs. That the main culprits are groups like the ACLU and other similar groups that hold radical and hardcore liberal beliefs, and some individual Americans. Here is sampling of what I found on their sites: "the educated detainee sat silent as he heard the sentence of life in prison", and "the detainee and his lawyer both refused to speak during Al-Buhlul's trial, yet received life in prison for making a video", and "the video Mr. Al-Buhul produced was a way for him to express his frustration at the Bush administration's war on Islam", and "Mr Al-Buhlul is not a violent man. All he wanted to do was to show the world how America and Israel are destroying Islam, and his people." I could on and on with more insane quotes from mentally unstable liberals. But the terrorist scumbag was given opportunity time and time again to speak. But refused too. And that video was and is nothing but a tool to be used to recruit more fanatics to kill more innocent people, and it revels in the blood and carnage that Al-Qaeda has inflicted upon its victims. Like I said, nothing but a snuff film. And Al-Buhlu is responsible for making that film, and for aiding and abetting Al-Qaeda. He chose not to defend himself. That was his choice. Not making a choice is a choice.

He had it all planned out. One Big Grandstand at the end of his trial. It was obvious to anyone. He kept asking the judge to delay his response before his sentence until Tuesday. The day of our elections. Thank-God the judge refused to play into his little game. So finally when he realized that he had better speak now or no one would hear his words of hate and violence, he began his speech if you can call it that. He ranted and raved about nothing but death to American and Jews. He had made a little ship, and airplane out of paper to represent the Cole attack, and 9/11 attack. He bragged about those attacks, and the attacks to come. It was sickening.

And now we have the New President who wants to close Gitmo, and to have the terrorists tried in our legal system. Where in the end they would walk away as free men, who got away with murder. And that's just what the ACLU and its radical followers want to happen. It my hope that Obama only used that promise to get the liberals to vote for him. And will not close Gitmo.

If Gitom closes it will be a major victory for the enemy. If terrorists are treated like common criminals are treated in our justice system today, then we forget about ever obtaining any useful information against the enemy. Another win for the enemy.Maybe though that's what its going to take to wake some American up again. When our streets have become like Israel. Where our schools are bombed, and our buses, and the malls. Where we will have to wear helmets, and flak vests when we go out shopping. Don't laugh either. Its amazing how we as humans can adapt to and even normalize abnormal behavior.

I know I never thought I would see the day that thugs like the terrorists are protected under the Geneva Convention. The Geneva Convention was drawn up so as to protect, and provide a few privileges to soldiers who represent nations at war. Not men and women who hide in civilian clothes while they kill unarmed civilians, and soldiers. Its called common sense. It was to dissuade the type of violence that Al-Qaeda engages in. You either fight in a recognized military or suffer the consequences. And yes I know that liberals have no understanding of common sense. You cannot find that in any text book. Common sense is learned through experience, and having a firm grasp on reality. And who ever accused Nancy Pelosi of living in reality, and or having common sense?
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