Thursday, September 15, 2011

Al-Bahlul, Obama, Gitmo, and Freed Terrorists

Yup! This past Monday was a sad day for Liberals everywhere, and a great day for people who despise terrorism, and those who engage in it. The cause of that sadness, Ali al-Bahlul had his conviction and life sentence upheld by a military court. Al-Bahlul had some concerned liberal lawyers working on his behalf since the day he got sentenced for 35 counts of conspiracy, solicitation to commit murder and providing material support for terrorism.
 So it look like al-Bahlul will still be spending his time at Gitmo, unless Obama figures out a way to close it completely. Obama has failed to implement a policy that ensures that terrorists will be sent to Gitmo, and  tried by the Military Tribunals due to his own liberal beliefs as to how terrorists should be treated. Instead each terrorist that is caught is handled on a case by case system since Obama has refused to let anymore terrorists be confined there. Not a very efficient system at all.
  Obama has managed to have some of the terrorists transferred to other countries where some of them were released to return back to their profession of terrorism. Some of these terrorists went right back to the front lines fighting our own soldiers, again. And or allied forces in Pakistan, Yemen, and Afghanistan. Total insanity. But now Obama is facing more heat and pressure from Congress to have diplomatic cables, and other materials on those released terrorists sent to the Senate Intelligence Committee.  Of course Obama has threatened to veto any bill that would release any such incriminating material that would only shed more light on Obama's altruistic, but yet dangerous decision.
   So even while Obama fights to have his irrational and dangerous decisions made public on the release of the terrorists, he is still doing his best to try and close Gitmo for good. While at the same time trying to give the impression that we will have a trial for the USS Cole and 9/11 terrorists. Excuse me if I don't believe him at all. We could have had the trials of the terrorists years ago, including those that were released to fight again. But Obama deemed those actions were wrong for whatever reasons. But yet he refuses to see the wrongness of denying trials to the actual victims, and their loved ones, and the wrongness of freeing captured terrorists to kill again which will only make more victims. Thereby ensuring that one of the real problems of what to do with the terrorists, and their victims will never have an ending. At least while he is president.

Friday, September 2, 2011

No Trial for the Victims of 9/11? Welcome to The American Federal Justice System!

   I have heard this week that some 9/11 families fear that they will not live to see a trial for the terrorists who murdered their loved ones. I hate to say this, but welcome to gang!  I wish I could believe and say that we the Cole Families will live to see a trial for the psychos who murdered our loved ones, but unfortunately I think there is only a slim chance of that happening in our lifetime. Why? Because we the families and friends of victims who have been ruthlessly murdered by terrorists have become lost way down deep amongst the cogs and gears of the colossal and uncaring machine called the Federal Government. Whats so sad its not by accident either, but by purposeful design on the part of our current president and some politicians.
  I really believe that Bush had good intentions, but he had no idea of the amount of organized resistance that he would meet with when he implemented The Military Commissions, and the Military Tribunals to deal with the terrorists.  But the political left and all their supporters reared their ugly heads immediately, and saw an excellent opportunity to go after Bush for all the pain he had supposedly brought them, and their twisted beliefs on justice, and their other political issues as well. All the fights about to use or not to use Military Tribunals were and are for the most part purely political on the part of the liberals and aimed at crippling the Bush administration. Which I must add that the liberals were more than sucessful at.
   Its rare to hear on the news how before Obama was elected that the tribunals were working, and moving along. Yes, that movement was a snail pace, but it was movement with a purposeful direction nevertheless. And then along comes Obama with his enlightened views on how the terrorists were and are victims too in their own right. The real victims and their rights were pushed even deeper into the bowels of the federal machine of Justice and government. And there they remain to this day, while the battle over when and where the terrorists will be tried still rages on.
   The Cole Families are used to being ignored and treated like second class citizens, we even expect it now as standard operating procedure from our government, and the press. Its as if the USS Cole raises all those embarrassing questions that no one likes to answer. Let alone dwell on.  Like how we seen how our own government did nothing when their favorite boy President Saleh of Yemen released the killers of our loved ones, and provided them protection. Oh! Yes! They did pour tons of money into Salehs coffers, but as for standing up to him and demanding real justice for the terrorists who murdered our loved ones? Nothing but a few obligatory feeble protests followed by more and more money to the little despot. And did the lame left media do any major stories how the killers of 17 American sailors, and the wounding of 39 more were freed by our trusted ally Saleh? No. On the contrary, their was very little press on that heartbreaking story and many more such stories to follow out of Yemen in relation to Yemen's support and use of Al-Qaeda.  The Cole attack began to fade from the public mind over the years. Which was and is fine with the Obama administration. Instead the liberal press kept their focus on how bad the 9/11 terrorists had it, and that they the terrorists had rights too. And that Saleh of Yemen is our trusted friend and ally who has has done so much for us in the war on terror. Nary a word about how he has been one of the most evil dictators alive, and has used al-Qeada to achieve his own agenda. The administration had to change their attitude towards him when his own people tried to overthrow him and to build a real democracy. But that's another story for another day. So politics interfered with the Cole terrorists that were freed back then, just like Obama is using politics now to keep the 9/11 and the Cole terrorist from being given a swift trial to appease his supporters.
  Since Obama could not live up to his campaign promises to his liberal base to close Gitmo, and to have the terrorists tried in Federal court he has realized reluctantly that he has to appear that he will use the Military Commissions. Notice I said in appearance only. And appearance is everything in politics, as well in many other areas of life too. Obama cannot take the risk that even one of the terrorist trials would end in a similar fashion as the recent Casey trial did. Especially before the next election. Granted the liberals and a few other Americans would hail a no guilty verdict as a major victory, and a shining example of American Justice. But most Americans would be furious, and no doubt even hold a sense of shame as to how something like a no guilty verdict could even happen with such mass murderers. And they would be looking for someone to hold accountable, and Obama would be more than likely the candidate to fill that well deserved role.
  So what better way to attempt to satisfy the majority of Americans in their demands for a trial than to proceed with only the appearance of a trial. He has reassured his base that the tribunals have undergone changes that will make the trials more terrorist friendly. Thereby making everyone happy and contented in the end with another example of his never ending wisdom in dealing with such complex problems. But in reality the truth is another and completely different story.
  So will we and all the Americans who want a trial for the terrorists ever get one? Maybe. But it will take a president who like Bush in the beginning really tried to stand firm with the courage of his convictions in the area of having the terrorists tried in the Tribunals. But was thwarted by the liberals and liberals judges and politicians who used the terrorist as a means to an end. To pave the way for a president who shared their own beliefs, values and agenda. I use the word values very loosely when connecting that word to liberals by the way.
  Our sons birthday was yesterday, the 1st of September. This past August leading up to his birthday was an extremely hard month for us emotionally. Nearly eleven long years now and still no trial for the major players in his murder and those of his mates. Yes Bush did kill some with his use of our military and other agencies. For that we will always be grateful for. And Obama had Bin Laden shot and killed, another victory over the savages who would destroy not only their own society, but ours as well. And he has our thanks too. But in no way does that condone Obama's refusal to have a swift and speedy trial for the real victims. His behavior in relation to a trial for the terrorists is a shameful indictment of how Obama really feels about the real victims, and their families. So over the course of those eleven years we have grown sick and tired of all the broken promises that our government has told us repeatedly. What ever happened to a swift trial to the victims and their families? Why all the focus on the terrorists who murdered him, and the terrorists who murdered so many of his fellow Americans. Why no specials on TV and or in the press about them, the real victims and how they are all being cheated out of justice for having all their lives cut so short, and so tragically by a bunch of radical terrorists? Why no thought provoking documentaries as to why American victims cannot have their day in court? Why no shows that demand answers as to how such a miscarriage of justice can happen here in America? Instead all we see out of the media in most cases is how bad the terrorists have it, instead of how thousands of Americans were butchered and other citizens from other nations too.  And still no trial for their killers. Only more worthless excuses. Or we hear from Obama that there has been a new change of plans on how and where the terrorists will be tried. That they will receive a fair trial for sure this time. And everything will proceed swiftly and smoothly. That is till the next change of plans.
  Its a nice and necessary gesture with all the ceremonies planed for 9/11. We need to remember the real victims, and who they were. And why they were taken from all of us in such a cruel way. But we also need to live up to our promises to ensure that their killers would be held accountable, and a strong message sent to others who are trying to do the same thing to more Americans even as I type this now. We should have honored their memory,and their sacrifice and not have sullied those ideals by using politics to advance the ideology of the right and or the left. Or for the personal advancement of career politicians. And as of to date we have not done the latter. Obama and his supporters have only made excuses as to why we could not have any trials.
   Our son was an American citizen who used to have certain rights, like the right to a swift and speedy trail for his murder. But that right has been trampled on and pushed to the back of the line, in favor of Obama pushing the rights of the terrorists who murdered our loved ones. Currently we still do not have a recognized system for terrorists to be tried here in America after all these years either. Instead the Obama administration is all over the board with where and how to put these terrorists on trial. Even new terrorists caught overseas have been held somewhere else just so Obama and crew can figure out a way to get them tried in Federal court, and bypass Gitmo and the Commissions. Pathetic and disgusting. Every politician should be furious about this one issue alone. But instead they fall back on that all time favorite politician solution to every problem they encounter, "we will deal with it when and if it happens." Its already happened. And will continue to do so until we get a few good men and women who will take on this issues and demand a resolution. Now.
    I have had complete faith in the Military Commissions. We were fortunate that we were able to see them in action. I cannot say enough about how professional they all were at the tribunal of al-Buhlul back during the election of Obama. And how Gitmo is one of the most proficient and professionally run prisons I have ever seen. Some of the Commission staff paid us a visit last week the day before our sons birthday. I know they all mean well and take their jobs seriously. They all conducted themselves extremely professionally as usual. I became emotional not because of them, but because of the political mess that the Cole and 9/11 attacks have turned into over the course of 11 long years. They handled it all in stride to all their credit. My words of criticism is in no way a reflection on them, or the Commissions. They all have an extremely difficult job in so many ways. They don't make the major decisions. Obama and Holder make those decisions. They may have their own political beliefs, but I did not witness anything but their professionalism to their work as always.
  So until we elect an individual who will tackle the trials of the terrorists with-out putting politics first, I see no trial happening anytime soon. This newly elected individual will have to go head to head with the likes of the ACLU, liberal politicians and other liberal organizations that are determined to protect the terrorists from their own murderous acts, and choices. And only God knows when that will happen, if ever. I take that back! God forbid that Obama gets re-elected but if he does you can bet your last plug nickel that he will then let the terrorists be tried in his court of choice.
   For those of you who have followed my posts you know that I have been hard on Bush too for other issues relating to the Cole attack, and 9/11. I do not buy into that old adage of "hear no, see no, speak no evil" against republicans. When any politician makes mistakes he/she needs to be held accountable.
   Personally I think that is one of the major reasons that we are all in such deep trouble at that the present time with so many problems. That we as citizens have been willing to criticize the other side, but not our own side. And in between those two sides are the politicians who saw an excellent opportunity to do nothing about anything except to turn each side against each other so as to ensure that they would keep getting re-elected in all the confusion, frustration and anger. I also think that time of pitting Americans against each other so they can advance their own political careers may be coming to an end as more and more Americans are waking up to them and their destructive little games. If we keep refusing to hold them responsible for their lack of efforts, and broken promises why should they change?
  The day 9/11 happened we were just as hurt, sad, sick and angry as any other America. maybe even somewhat more. We had been pressing the Bush administration to take action against the madman bin laden and his murderous henchmen since the attack on the USS Cole 11 months earlier. But unfortunately Bush and many of our politicians did not have the political fortitude at that time to be proactive, and to take the initiative against Al-Qaeda. So yes we were even more angry after 9/11 than we had been before. But we at least had the small hope that our government would not be able to ignore such a large group as the 9/11 victims as they had us in their quest for justice for the murder of their loved ones. But we were and are wrong in that assumption as well. Don't get me wrong, once Bush woke up to the threat that Bin laden and radical Islamic terrorists posed, he went after them like a hound dog on the trail of a raccoon. And for the most part he was relentless in his efforts at eliminating and capturing them. While all the while driving the liberals crazy with his anti-terrorist policies.
    As for the 9/11 victims and their families? I think that they too are now caught in that political limbo, being exploited by both sides when they need them, and shoved back into the closet when they don't. At first I thought they would have more success with obtaining trials for the murderers because of another old adage "there is safety in numbers".
  But even such a large group of victims in the thousands being treated the same way as our little group has been now makes me worry that they too may have many more years to wait for any trials to take place just so the terrorists and the few Americans who support them can have their way with what they call justice. While our murdered son, and thousands of other murdered Americans and their families, friends and other Americans will have to wait for another president to be elected to find out if he/she has the courage to bring all the terrorists to trial, and to set up a standard operating procedure for captured terrorists waiting to be tried. And pray to God that he/she does not throw everything out the window, and start all over wasting more years in our governments never ending quest for the perfect courtroom, legal system, and using the victims for his own political agenda. Like Obama has done, and is still doing to this day.
  We need to all remember all the innocent victims of Bin Ladens murderous rampage in all of his attacks, and to keep demanding that those victims have their day in court. And soon. Not on Obama's schedule either. May God Bless All of Them and the sacrifices that they all made for all of us only because they were Americans just like us.