Thursday, June 25, 2009

Former Human Rights Watch Lawyer Is Now On Obama's Detainee Task Force

Cmdr. Lippold sent me and other family members a copy of the article that he had wrote for the Washington Times this past Wednesday. He had attended another meeting this past Tuesday with the Detainee Task Force set up by President Obama to review each of the terrorists files at Guantanamo to determine how, and where each terrorist would be tried, or if some of the terrorists would be freed. Obama had stated that the victims families opinions would be considered in the final disposition of the terrorists. But so far Obama has not lived up that part, and it appears that this week's meeting was no different then the other meetings.

I have to agree with Cmdr. Lippold in that these meetings are only for Public Relations. That Obama's team will eventually make the determination on how, where, and when the terrorists would be tried and with-out any in-put from the families. And that the family members were there for window dressing, and nothing else. But the paragraph that really hit me like a freight train was the part where Cmdr. Lippold relates how family members had to tell their stories of how they have been affected emotionally and physically by the terrorist's murdering their loved ones to a member of the Task Force and this individual is a former Human Rights Watch lawyer who is now working for the Task Force that Obama created. Her name is Jennifer Daskal.

That's the part I had to re-read at least three times. I thought maybe I had mis-read it, and or a that there was a misprint. I know and trust Cmdr. Lippold so therefore I knew that I could trust the source. But this latest news about Obama's task force only reinforces my belief that Obama never had no intention of really listening to the victims families. Let alone taking into account their suggestions as to how, and where the terrorists should be tried.

This latest insult to the victims that were murderer by these terrorists, and the victims families is just one more insult, in a long string of insults that Obama and his team have committed upon the victims families. These meetings are nothing but a pitiful attempt by Obama's team to only act like they are doing the right thing. He is releasing the terrorists at Guantanamo as fast as he can, regardless if congress and the American people disapprove of it. Its more than obvious now that he is out to obtain his own political agenda, regardless how the victims families feel.

And now I am glad that we did not attend this latest meeting. I would not have been able to sit in the same room with Jennifer Daskal who has spent the last few years doing everything in her power, along with the Human Rights Watch Organization to make sure that these terrorists are not fully punished for their crimes against her fellow citizens. And from the looks of it, she is in an even better position to help her terrorists friends.

Having a former Human Rights Watch advocate on the Task force is analogous to the Nuremberg Jury Selection Committee having a former member in good standing with the Nazi Party on their team. It would never have happened. And rightly so. Just like having Daskal in the same room with the real victims of the terrorists should never have happened. It was and is one of the most egregious insults that I have seen in a long time. Daskal should have had the common decency and common sense to excuse herself from the room.

Maybe I am wrong about her. Maybe she has had a spiritual awakening, and has realized that she has been sympathizing with the killers, America's enemies and not the real victims. And now with her newly found insight she has set out to atone for her past mistakes. But I seriously doubt that. I would also think that Obama would see her presence and opinions as a conflict of interest on having her on the task force. But then again, Daskal's being on the team will only help Obama to ensure that none of the team members speak out for the victims and their families. That everyone on his team has the same beliefs, and singleness of purpose. That the task force was not created to take into account the victims and their families, but only the interest of the terrorists, and Obama's liberal beliefs into how our enemies should be dealt with. So really everyone benefits from her presence, except the victims and their families.

Cmdr. Lippold goes on to write how the task force members never even mention taking the rights of the victims of terrorism into consideration when they were discussing on how to bring the terrorists to justice. But with members like Daskal on the team its more than apparent how Obamas team will respond in the end. All one has to do is read a few of the articles that Daskal has written for her former bosses, the Human Rights Watch organization. Its no secret that her sympathies lie with the terrorists. She criticized the Military Commissions, Guantanamo and everything else Bush did in trying to get the terrorists tried for their crimes. She has portrayed the terrorists as the real victims, and the Military Commissions as the evil villains. I never read one sentence in her articles about the innocent Americans that her clients murdered, and or their families.

In her old job when she was working for Human Rights Watch, I could to a point understand how she was working so hard and diligently to have the terrorists tried in Federal Court, Guantanamo closed, and or the terrorists freed. But now she is working in our own government with those same beliefs. And that is not right. No matter how Obama and his team tries to spin it. The terrorists have enough sympathizers in our government, they did not need another one on the Task Force.

We had hoped there for awhile that maybe, just maybe our son's killers would obtain a trial here in America that was not partial to the terrorists. We had to watch as his killers were given reduced sentences, and pardoned in Yemen by President Saleh. And some not even tried for their crimes. But then we had new hope when we seen the Military Commissions in action. But now all that hope has faded away as we realize that Obama is doing the same thing here in America as President Saleh did in Yemen. He is more interested in appeasing the liberal left, and carrying out his political own agenda. Saleh had to appease those in his country who supported the terrorists, and justice was forgotten there for political gain, just like its being forgotten here in America now.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Obama Frees Gitmo Terrorist With Documented History of Crimes

Why in the world did Obama release a know car bomber and terrorist from Guantanamo back to the Saudis. The terrorist that got the happy news that he was being freed is one dangerous character called Ahmed Zaid Salim Zuhair. The Department of Justice made the announcement late Friday, in the hopes that this illogical and dangerous decision on Obama's part would have the week-end to get buried by other news.

But the DOJ failed to mention that the terrorist's that Obama freed has a long and bloody history of mayhem and violence. And the articles I read from the mainstream media were only concerned that he had been on a hunger strike for three years. Not the fact that he had been convicted in absentia by the Bosnian Supreme Court for a car bombing which injured at least a dozen people. Zuhair worked closely with Al-Qaeda to carry out that attack. He never served a day for that crime either. According to the Summary of allegations presented to him at Gitmo he was also involved in the murder of William Jefferson, an American who was working for the United Nations in Bosnia at the time he was shot to death. But you probably want be reading any of that in Americans free and unbiased press.

Zuhairs list of crimes does not stop there either, as if that's not enough. In 1993 a witness fingered him for participating in a massacre of Croatian civilians during the war. He was also arrested by Bosnia authorities for carrying not one, but three illegal machine guns. For some unexplainable reason he received a pardon for that crime. U.S. intelligence think that he belongs to the a special group of Al-Qaeda terrorists, the Takfiri. Kinda like the Nazi SS. They don't just hate Americans, but everybody and their brother as well.

And then Zuhair may have been involved in the attack on the USS Cole. That allegation was listed on the Summary of Evidence against him at Gitmo too. Looks like all of Zuhairs crimes have been forgotten by Obama. But I guess that is something else that we will never know, because Obama has released the psycho to continue his bloody rampage against innocent people. I can hear the lefty loonies now, "But he will be rehabilitated in the Saudi Jihad Rehab. He will renounce his murderous ways, and live in peace with his brothers and sisters!" Yeah, right.

Obama also released two more Saudi Terrorists form Gitmo along with Zuhair. As if Zuhair who is clearly an extremely dangerous man was not enough. If this latest release of a know terrorist is Obama's idea of justice for the victims of terror attacks, then we are all in some serious trouble. Or will be as soon as they complete their Jihad Rehab and hook back up with their old buddies in Al-Qaeda.

We disagree completely with Obamas latest decision to let these terrorists get away with their crimes against humanity's. He was, and is wrong. For the life of me I cannot understand why he made such a dangerous decision. To appease his liberal base? Or is Obama so insistent on releasing these killers that he will just simply ignore the majority of Americans who want Gitmo to stay open, and the Tribunals to go forward. Or maybe it was because the majority of congress told him not no, but hell no to any terrorists being released here in America. And that he has to have a plan on what to do with these vermin before he actually opens up the gates at Gitmo and turns them lose on the world to do what they do so well. Killing and maiming innocent people.

But Obama has figured out away around congress and the American people on how to free these terrorist, and to get his way. Regardless if other responsible thinking leaders of nations don't want anything to do with these low lifes, because now Obama will just send them to Rehab in Saudi Arabia. Problem solved!

And if this Zuhair was involved in the attack on the USS Cole, that means that those murdered 17 sailors and theirs families have been denied justice yet again. President Saleh of Yemen always figured out a way to protect and pardon the Al-Qaeda killers in the Cole attack. But this time its an American President who is releasing know terrorists.

Well at least its good news for the terrorists, the ACLU, Al-Qaeda, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and the far left liberals. And from the looks of it based on Obama's behavior and decisions towards the terrorists locked away at Gitmo, many more of them will soon be free to resume their careers of terrorism again.

My hopes for a partial, yet fair trial for the terrorists that murdered our son, and the terrorists that killed thousands of our fellow citizens grow dimmer with each passing day.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First Gitmo Terrorists Arrives in New York For Federal Court. While Obama Continues To Ignore The Tribunals

Its now official! This June 3rd the Convening Authority approved the case of Ali al-Bahlul, and that his life sentence will be executed. The accused will be confined in such a place as may be prescribed by the Commander, Joint task Force Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, or superior authority. For life! This past November 3rd we sat in the courtroom and watched as al-Buhul was sentenced to life in prison for his crimes. That was after his spill about how his friends in Al-Qaeda would continue to kill Americans no matter who became president, and so far he was right.

It was the next night at our guest quarters at Gitmo that we sat and watched as Obama was elected as the President of America. My wife's first question was, "Do you think the ACLU and friends will get Obama to give him a reduced sentence?" We both began to worry that night that such a possibility was possible. We had no doubt that Obama would and did cancel al-Nashiris trial, and close Gitmo. So we were extremely happy when we received the order confirming al-Buhlul's life sentence. Don't get me wrong, I am more than sure that Obama's favorite and most faithful supporters the ACLU, and the Far left loonies will continue with their propaganda campaign about what a raw deal al-Buhlul received at the hands of the Military Tribunal.

But even more important now though is that there is more evidence that the Military Tribunals work. Bin Laden's driver was freed back to Yemen after his trial. And then al-Buhlul got life. Yet Obama refuses to use the Tribunals as they are. At the very least he wants the terrorists to have more rights. What about our murdered sons rights Obama? And the thousands of other Americans whose voices were silenced forever by the terrorists at Gitmo. Oh that's right, their dead and they have no high profile advocates like the ACLU, and Amnesty International to advocate for them.

And just today we read where the Obama administration has transferred a terrorists from Gitmo to New York to stand trial in Federal Court. Ahmed Ghailani who helped to murder 224 people in the Al-Qaeda attack on the U.S. Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya back in 1998 will began his trial there. Even though the majority of Americans do not want the terrorists on America soil, and or tried in a Federal Court.

But Obama is determined to have his liberal beliefs implemented regardless of the risk to Americans. His reasoning to have the terrorists tried in America is completely irrational. Its a fact that Gitmo has been declared one of the finest prisons in existence. Even by Obama's own people. Its a fact now that the Tribunals can be fair and impartial. Yet all we here from the mainstream media is the opposite. There was very little coverage if any of the announcement concerning Al-Buhlul's life sentence, let alone his trial. Because such coverage would be counterproductive to the Obama administrations political agenda, and of course the ACLU too.

And now Obama is going to shove his illogical and extremely dangerous decision down the throats of the majority of Americans. Even though a bill was passed last month 90 to 6 that banned the transfer of terrorists from Gitmo.

Looking on the bright side of things though is that Ghailani apologized to all of us Americans at his farewell hearing at Gitmo. He stated "I would like to apologize to the United States government for what I did before, " and "It was without my knowledge what they were doing, but I helped them." His apology even though insincere was fresh and different for a change. As opposed to Obama running around the world and saying how sorry we Americans are for what we did to the terrorists, and radical Islam.

And now the ACLU and their cohorts will have a new so called victim to identify with right here in their own front yard. Get ready to hear a litany of horror stories that were perpetuated on this poor soul while he was a guest at Guantanamo. Even though the ACLU and friends attempts to portray the terrorists as victims, their antics can be and often are quite entertaining to rational and responsible adults. But their actions are nothing but a disguise for being one of the most evil, and detrimental organizations to America that has ever existed.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Gitmo Terrorist Get Satellite TV and More Goodies!

The Obama administration has provided satellite TV, and Sudoku puzzles for the terrorists at Guantanamo! After Obama was elected he had sent Holder down to Gitmo to check the prison out first hand. Holder reported back to Obama that all was good at Gitmo, and that the ACLU, and the liberals could stop their screaming about mass torture and other abuses that were happening at the prison. But regardless of all the inspections that concluded that Gitmo was and is one of the best and most secure prisons in the world, Obama is still going to have it closed. But not before the terrorists get their satellite TV!

This new develop of letting the terrorists have satellite TV to watch al-Jazeer's English channel and another Middle East channel is nothing but more pandering to the far left loonies, the ACLU, and other Human Rights Groups on Obama's part. And lets not forget that the announcement of the new amenities at Gitmo came just in time for his Middle East and European Tour.

I am more than sure that these new amusements for the terrorists at Gitmo will only increase Obama's popularity amongst the inmates and in the Middle East, and Europe. According to Obama we Americans reacted with undue anger, fear, and arrogance towards Radical Islam after 9/11. Obama never fails to get a standing ovation from a Muslim and or liberal audience when he talks smack about America.

But hopefully with Obama telling the rest of the world how wrong we were to defend ourselves, and to prevent more innocent Americans from being killed they will know that we have seen the errors of our harsh and evil ways. Not to mention all the other Americans who were murdered by radical islamic terrorists before 9/11. But hey! Who's counting right?

At no time in our our Nations history has an American president told the world how sorry we as a nation are for going to war, and or the methods that we have used to stop and prevent more attacks. But Obama is bound and determined to demonstrate to the world that under his leadership and benevolent guidance that we Americans have indeed learned our lessons, and ask only for their forgiveness, and understanding.

And if that means shutting down one of the best prisons in the world, and letting some of the terrorists go free while trying other terrorists in civilian courts where they will receive lesser sentences than so be it!

Whats more important here? Justice for the murdered victims, and the continued protection of American citizens, or attempting to change the negative perception of a few nations and our enemies?

I personally cannot believe that even with Obama tearing down America, and those individuals who have kept us all safe these last 7 years is really going to change our enemies minds about wanting to kill us. Quite the opposite in fact. They will be even more embolden now to carry out more attacks on us.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Justice Department Sides With Saudi Royal Family Against 9/11 Families

Obama is supporting the Saudi Royal Family to defeat a long running lawsuit holding them partially responsible for the 9/11/01 attacks. No surprise there at all.

And its no surprise either that the Justice Department took action just one week before Obama is to meet with the King Abdulla as a part of his feel good trip to the Middle East and Europe to reach out, and blame America for our aggressive behaviors towards radical Islamic terrorists. So it would not look good to the Middle East nations if Obama was to stand up for America Victims of terrorism that were murdered by Middle eastern terrorists.

The Saudi Royal family was extremely close to the Bush administration and plan on being just as close to Obama if not more so. Regardless of the facts that many rich Saudis including some members of the Royal family donated monies to charities which in turn gave that money to Al-Qaeda to kill Americans.

For years the Royal Family refused to openly condemn Bin Ladens murderous rampage against innocent Americans and other people. I did not hear one word from them after the attack on the Cole in 2000. It was not until Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda murdered thousands of Americans on 9/11 that they decided to put some healthy distance between themselves and Bin laden. The Saudi Royal family and the Ladens have been close friends for years.

One of the most frustrating and heartbreaking things for victims of terrorism to have to live with is knowing that certain individuals in a foreign nation's government were and are directly responsible for the murder of their loved one. And that in most cases that individual will be protected not only by the foreign government, but by their own government as well. No matter how much credible evidence they may have against the individual.

But I do admire and respect the 9/11 victims and their quest to achieve some form of justice for their murdered loved ones. I also wish them the best of luck in their quest. They are going to need it. click on title for story