Wednesday, November 17, 2010

US Embassy Bomber Gets Convicted on Only One Charge Out of 285!

Was I surprised when we heard the News Flash on Fox News this evening that the US Embassy bomber was acquitted on 284 charges out of 285? No. I was not. I not only predicted that he would have most if not all the charges dropped, but expected it. And why. Simple really. I think that anyone who pays any attention at all to America's Judicial System knows that the courts are more concerned with the welfare of the criminals than justice for the victims.

Our courtrooms have become mini theaters where the criminals, their lawyers, and their advocacy groups have the perfect opportunity to use the courts as a political platform to achieve their goals. In this trial it was to have any incriminating evidence that was obtained by torture, dropped. And of course it was. Even if you disagree with the use of torture, two wrongs do not make a right. And the court was wrong. Obama and Holder had to be stupid to expect any other outcome.

Not one conviction for the murder of any innocent people. How sad. Its like throwing the baby out with the dirty bath water. How many times have I not heard "Well its too bad. Yes he was guilty! But we had no choice!" Yes we do have a choice. We can start by admitting that we have some serious flaws in our Judicial System. Where criminals are allowed to use the courts to escape justice. Not any time soon though I bet.

Eric Holder needs to be fired immediately. Yet I just heard on the tube that the White House is thrilled with the verdict. What? Huh? They just got 284 charges thrown back in their face, and they are thrilled?

Well Obama just got a good taste(depending on how you view this outcome) of what will happen if the Cole Bomber and the 9/11 terrorists are tried in a Federal Court. I hope and pray that their is no way that he can spin this utter defeat as a victory. I also hope that no terrorists will come to trial until after 2012, when Obama and his team have ridden off into the sunset with their heads bowed, and their tails between their legs. He just recently got served a heaping bowl of humility in the last election. But will he change now, even with this latest defeat? I doubt it.

So maybe at least the republicans and a few democrats can keep the trials from happening till we have a President who is just as concerned for the victims as he is for the killers.

Oh! The terrorist's name is Ghailani. He helped some other sickos to murder innocent people in the 1998 American Embassy bombings. Back when Bin Laden had publicly and verbally declared war on America. Back when Clinton and our other politicians did not take him seriously. We would all have to wait for another three more years, more attacks, and thousands of murdered Americans before our leaders would sit up and take serious notice of that bearded man who worn a white turban. And here we are now, years after those attacks and courtroom justice is still not a reality.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ten Years Since The Attack on The USS Cole and Justice Still Eludes The Victims and Their Families

I normally write President Saleh a letter this time every year. Just to let him and his cronies know that their are still people who have not forgotten the attack on the USS Cole on 10/12/00. And of course to make sure that he knows that those same people are still working at getting our government to stop their support of his corrupt regime.

But I have had a serious illness this year. Better now. And plan to write that letter not long from now. I had also hoped that I could also point out that a real trial had taken place for one of the Cole bombers, but that was not to be either. And from the look of how the Obama administration is handling the trial of Al-Nashiri I don't think that a trail for him is anywhere in the near future. Of course there is no excuse as to why there has been no trial for al-nashiri and or bin attash. The fact that Obama has played politics with the Cole Bombers trials is shameful

I for one am sick and tired of hearing about the rights of the terrorists. I don't even think that Obama can use that excuse anymore. He had the Military re-write the rules to be used in the trials to favor the terrorists. But then he cancels the trials again. And leaves us in limbo again.

I thought that the puppet trials of some of the Cole bombers years ago in Yemen was a laughable farce. And they where. Yet even here in America justice still eludes the real victims and their families. That justice could go forward at anytime if the president would only give the word. But instead he plays politics. It was bad enough to have to read about the Cole trials in Yemen and to know their outcome even before the terrorists went to court. We wrote letters to Bush and his administration telling them that Saleh would have them freed, and or that the terrorists would get off. And for the most part many of them did. Yet here we are again, in American with our own President playing a shameful game with the terrorists that are supposedly to be tried here all in the name of politics.

Will our son and the other victims ever get their day in court. Or will it always be about the terrorists, and their rights. Or will the court date only happen when the political atmosphere is right for Obama? Our son and those other 16 sailors were real people with real hopes and dreams, and lives. Their hopes and dreams were shattered along with their lives over 10 years ago, along with our own hopes and dreams for our son.

To many times times I have read where the liberals tells us that we must focus on forgiving the killers for numerous reasons, that its too late for the real victims, that they are dead and we must move on. And why should we ruin another individuals life in the name of justice. What the liberals conveniently forget is that its the killers that chose to kill innocent people like our son, and his mates. That justice was supposed to served in a timely manner. 10 years is not a timely and or swift manner.

At the present time al-nashiri and bin attash are safer at Guantanamo than they would be back in their own back yards. It appears that al-quso, one of the Cole bombers may have been taken out last month by a cruise missile. If so then great! I wish him a merry trip and a happy stay with Allah and his 69 virgins. So far I cannot get a solid confirmation on it. But it does not hurt to hope its true! And not to mention that at least two other terrorists who helped with the Cole attack have been sent on their heavenly journey in the same manner when Bush was president.

It would be wrong me not to mention that at least al-bahlul, Al-Qaeda's propagandist's was tried and convicted at Guantanamo in 08. He got life in prison. He had used pictures of the Cole attack in his videos. As much as I hate to admit it, President Saleh of Yemen has a better track record at getting terrorists to trial then Obama does. Granted he lets them go after the trial, but at least there is a trial. And at the present time it appears that the terrorists have a better chance at getting whacked by a cruise missile than they do at getting a trial and being held accountable for their crimes here in America. And that is a shame.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Saleh Is Playing Another American President

Looks like the Obama administration is thinking about filing criminal charges against the radical Islamic terrorist Anwar al-Awlaki. Unless the men in black(also know as the CIA) don't cap his butt first. Or he is captured alive in Yemen. And if that scenario happens, then he will be either pardoned, get house arrest, and or allowed to escape. The Dictator of Yemen, President Saleh has already inform Obama that al-Awlaki will not be extradited to America. Just like he refused to extradite any of the Cole bombers and still does.

But Saleh's refusal to play fairly with Obama is paying off Big Time! He has actually gotten more money from Obama than he did from Bush. In 2006 Saleh made $5 million from Bush, as opposed to $155 million in 2010! New York Times Who said it does not pay to support Terrorism!

Saleh is more of a professional politician than Obama can ever hope to be. He is a mastermind at weaving lies, and concealing the truth. Both Clinton and Bush thought they could control Saleh, and he took both of them to the bank, and left egg all over their faces on more than one occasion. Saleh told Clinton that the Port of Aden was safe from terrorists attacks, not to worry! Clinton was also warned by top military officials not to use the port in Yemen as well. That the risk was too great. And Clinton was constantly trying to explain why Saleh kept refusing the FBI their requests to Saleh concerning the Cole investigation after the attack on the Cole. And Bush was always having to make excuses for his fair weathered friend's behavior as well. Saleh was caught helping out Al-Qaeda interests red handed more than once. But at least Bush tied the purse strings on Saleh on more than one occasion.

But as in previous American administrations their are those in Obama's team who know and see that Saleh's regime is no friends of ours. But those individuals are always ignored. Even though they are saying the same thing that others before them have said. That American money and arms could, and have been used against Saleh's political enemies. And that American money could and may even been used to help support Al-Qaeda. And probably was. Its a know fact that Saleh has used Al-Qaeda to further his own agenda. He had to pay them with something.

And now Obama wants al-Awaki to face justice. Not likely. At least not in Yemen. I mean Saleh would not even admit that a mere 25 to 50 US troops were helping his forces in Yemen in a recent speech to his beloved people. He later recanted and admitted the American soldiers are there. And Saleh keeps telling everyone the same old worn out excuse as to why he cannot be seen as a friend of America, that elements in his own country would used that admission against him. I don't know how many times he has used that excuse to justify his use of Al-Qaeda. Or how many times someone in our government has told me the same thing as to why Saleh let the Cole bombers go free.

Does anyone in the current administration remember the "Jihad Rehab" embarrassment that Bush had to deal with? Old Saleh promised Bush that any Yemenis sent from Gitmo would be rehabilitated in Saudi Jihad Rehabs if he would only send them back home. Bush did just that, and surprise, surprise! The Ex Gitmos completed their Rehab and then went back to Yemen, and rejoined Al-Qaeda! Who would have guessed that outcome!! Whats really insane is that Obama continued the practice until the spat of attempted bombings here in America took place. He then reluctantly told Saleh that he could send no more Gitmo terrorists back to Yemen. Dah!! You Think So!

Thank God! That Bush refused Saleh's request for more money to build a luxury Jihad Rehab in Yemen proper! Saleh of Yemen will never change his behavior. He will continue to tell the current administration what they want to hear, just like he did with the previous two administrations.

He will also continue to use Al-Qaeda for his own agenda when necessary, and play both sides against the middle. He is ruthless dictator concerned with only three things, his own survival, power and money. But then again are those not the same three things that drive all politicians?

What's really, really sad is that their are individuals who have been trying to tell our government for years now that Saleh's regime is extremely dangerous to America. But as of yet three American presidents have ignored their warnings. As a result the attack on the USS Cole happened, terrorists who were captured were freed to kill innocent people again, terrorists were allowed to go free in Yemen, and even given government support, and then attempted bombings took place here in America that had their beginnings in Yemen. The list goes on and on. And that does not even cover any of the misery that Saleh has committed against his own people. Yet no American President is willing to stop the insanity of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. What is it going to take to change Washington's attitude towards Saleh of Yemen?

Friday, September 10, 2010

9/11 and It's Ongoing Tragedies

9/11 was and is a day that will never be forgotten by Americans. That day was one of our nation's greatest tragedies. And to the shame of many of our politicians, and three presidents, the attack on 9/11 is still an on-going tragedy.

The first tragedy occurred on President Clinton's watch. When all the warnings that Al-Qaeda was up to no good were ignored time and time again. Even the last major attack by Al-Qaeda, on Clinton's watch which was the attack on the USS Cole on 10/12/00 was was down played and not given the proper attention by either Clinton, and or Bush. The second tragedy. I wrote letters to Clinton and Bush and just about every other politician in Washington begging them to take some kind of preventive action, before 9/11. To not let the Cole attack and the sacrifice of our son and his mates be in vain. It did not take a military genius to realize that Al-Qaeda would attack again, but with even more loss of life for Americans. Especially after I began to educate myself in all things Al-Qaeda. After the attack on the Cole and the loss of our son, I made it my business to educate myself about Al-Qaeda. I wanted to know how a group of terrorists could successfully attack an American Ship of War and then have our so called leaders tell us that they had no idea that how such an attack could have succeeded, and that there were no signs, indications and or warnings of the attack. Those excuses were chilling and implied that we were even vulnerable here at home. And if our leaders were oblivious to what the terrorists were doing overseas, then the same would hold true for here in our own backyard.

I was stunned with all the information that we discovered concerning Al-Qaeda, and all the countries that supported them in one way or another. I had kept abreast of Bin laden before the Cole attack, but I had not even scratched the surface. I made contacts with experts on Al-Qaeda, and Yemen who were willing to talk with me. They confirmed some of the information I had discovered, and provided me with even more. Many of the sites I had originally obtained the information from had been scrubbed clean. We sent all that information to the politicians in large brown envelope's. And to my surprise a few politicians from both parties responded back to us. Saying that they were aware of the threat, and were doing everything thing they could to bring more attention and action on preventing an attack on American soil. We received your standard formatted letter from the rest of them, and or no replies back at all from some.

To their credit a few politicians, and military people were already aware of the looming threat and were trying in vain to wake up our government. But politics interfered with any successful prevention for another attack. So the tragedy of 9/11 happened. Republicans blamed Democrats, and Democrats blamed republicans. Same old story, just a different day.

And now its the 9/11 anniversary again, 9 years later. And we have two more tragedies. The fact that the trials for the terrorists have been stopped yet again. And why? Politics again. And to add insult to injury we have Americans who are more worried about the terrorists who are to stand trial, then they are for their fellow Americans. These radical liberals helped to thwart the the Military Commissions efforts at giving the terrorists a trial successfully during the Bush years in most cases. Another tragedy. And to Bush's credit he fought back as best as he could to get the terrorists to trial.

And now we have people who want to build a mosque on the site were many Americans lost their lives. Its reprehensible that someone could even think of such a cold and heartless thought, let alone actually want to do it. And yet another tragedy for the 9/11 victims and their families. I am glad that many of the 9/11 families are fighting back, and we support their efforts 100%.

But Obama has no excuse now. None, zero, zip. Yet I am more than sure that he will find one if he gives a speech on 9/11 as to why he has dragged his feet on bringing the terrorists responsible for both 10/12 and 9/11. And why he supports the Mosque being built. Or he may just conveniently stay away from those two issues.

After 9/11 our country became united that I had never seen before. I had heard tales from old timers how united the American people had been during the both World Wars. And of course read about it in history books. Nary a squeak from the radical left about the war, and or the terrorists rights right after 9/11. Of course we all know how quick that changed. But what brings me hope now is that Americans are again becoming united and are standing together again. And maybe, just maybe we will be able to stop the Mosque from being built at the 9/11 site, and another maybe is that we could finally elect someone who will bring the terrorists to trial. But I am not going to hold my breath on either of those two things happening.

And to all the Victims Families, we are sorry for your loss.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Is Obama a Radical Liberal?

Obama has to be a radical liberal. I can find no other rational answer for his continued irrational behaviors. I mean you can predict with near certainty which side Obama will side with in a controversial decision such as the closing of Guantanamo Prison, how the terrorists should be tried, the building of a Mosque at ground zero, and stopping the Cole bombers trial. He will go with the radical left every time!

To name just a few major issues of contention between the radical left, and your average American. Of course we all know now that Obama sided with the radical left on all these issues unfortunately.

Obama's latest decision to stop the trial of the Cole plotter and planner was and is another victory for Radical Islam, and an insult to the victims and their families. Just like when he stopped the trials at Guantanamo, and gave the terrorists imprisoned there more freedoms when he was first elected as president. That was a great day for terrorists, and other American haters. Especially when he stated that the terrorists would be tried in Federal Court, instead of the much feared and dreaded Military Tribunals. He became an instant hero to radical liberals and Muslims everywhere.

But Obama did not stop there. Instead he wanted the Tribunals to be more "Terrorist Friendly". So the tribunals were reformed just for the terrorists. Another victory for the terrorists, radical left, and the ACLU. And now he stops the trials again, but this time for his own political reasons. Yet another loss for the victims, and their families. I have already read on numerous sites where the radical liberals are screaming how the poor terrorists have had Justice denied again to them! Not a word about the real victims.

And then he makes know his own beliefs in regards as to if a mosque should be built at ground zero. And of course he thinks the idea is just peachy king! The terrorists and their allies win yet again, and the victims and their families lose out again. What is so infuriating about radical liberals is how they are totaling lacking in common sense. Building the mosque at ground zero is perfectly legal. That's not the issue. Its not morally right, and it sure ain't good manners.

If there is one good thing coming out of all of these issues, plus many more issues not mentioned here, is how Americans are not only waking up to the radical liberal menace, but mobilizing effectively against it. And in the end maybe its a good thing that radical liberals have no common sense, or otherwise they would stop insulting Americans with their outrageous remarks, behaviors and decisions. Or is it a combination of their arrogance and lack of common sense that keeps them from seeing the writing on the wall? Or can it be denial of the present political reality? And one of the largest social changes in American history happening right before their eyes. Its as if the election of Obama and his liberal administration has been a catalyst for change and hope, but not the change that Obama and his radical liberals friends envisioned for America.

There is change happening alright! The majority of Americans have rejected Obama and his liberal policies. And if those Americans attitudes don't change by November, then alot of the Democrats and some Republicans who thought that they were untouchable, will be looking for new jobs when they get their pink slips.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Obama Cancels The Cole Bomber Trial Again!

Obama has stopped the trial of the Cole bomber Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri again. Why are we not surprised? Because this is now his third time at stopping justice for the victims of the Al-Qaeda attack on the USS Cole. The attack took place on 10-12-00 in the Port of Yemen. Eleven months before 9/11. That attack was our nations wake up call. Which unfortunately Clinton, and Bush both hit the snooze button.

But there was noway that our nations leaders could ignore the next attack which was 9/11. But they have for the most part ignored the victims of the Cole attack, and their families since that horrible day nearly 10 years ago.

Clinton did nothing at the time except for his usual smack talk. Bush did nothing either until after 9/11. But in all fairness to Bush he at least went after the terrorists with Predator attacks. And he did allow one of the terrorists to be tried at Gitmo. For which my wife and I are very grateful for. We were fortunate enough to attend that trial, and testify against the terrorist who helped to produce a propaganda video using pictures of the Cole attack.

And then Obama comes on the scene with his liberal beliefs in how terrorists should be treated, while he forgot the real victims and their families. He wanted to make sure that the terrorists had a fair trial, and a speedy one too. That the Military Tribunals were not fair, or whatever! So he canceled the trail of Al-Nashiri one month after he was in office. I was with my daughter on the way back from getting her passport to attend the trial just a few days later when his Aide called me to inform us that justice was to be delayed again!

Then more time passes while we wait and wait for the next date of a possible trial for one of the terrorists. And then his administration announces that they will use the New and Improved Military Tribunals after all. I guess Obama did not think that the Tribunals were "terrorist friendly". That the terrorists would now stand a much better chance at Obama's idea of justice in the (Reformed) Tribunals. And then the rumours that Obama was doubting his latest decision again. And now the news that Obama is concerned about the political fallout from a military trial of Al-Nashir. And has therefore canceled the trial again!

We were concerned that this would happen as Obama and his policies sank further and further in the polls with the American people. The Cole attack has been political since it happened. Clinton refused to take action for fear that those actions could hurt Gores chance at wining the presidency. Bush swept the attack under the carpet when he was elected, and there it laid until after 9/11. And then Bush needed the cooperation of the corrupt president of Yemen in the new war on terror. So all the terrorists who had been caught were eventually released, escaped, and or pardoned by Saleh of Yemen. While our leaders here at home looked the other way.

And just this past July Obama expressed his gratitude to the Dictator of Yemen in his so called war on Al-Qaeda. " They(Yemen) are cooperating." Obama did not mention the fact that Saleh still refuses to send our sons killers back here to America to stand trial. (I doubt that they even would if they were sent back) but the gesture would be nice and appropriate. But most Americans are not aware of whats been going on in Yemen. So after some recent failed attacks here in America that were connected to terrorists from Yemen, the administration has gotten all cozy with President Saleh of Yemen, again. Whats so ironic is that this New terrorist cell was made up of ex Gitmo terrorists who were released back to the Saudis for Jihad Rehab. After their rehab they went back to Yemen and starting murdering innocent people again.

At times it is extremely easy to become depressed and to just give up the battle to obtain justice for our murdered son and his mates in such a political environment. But then my wife and I get angry at how Saleh of Yemen has been allowed to get away with protecting the murderers of our son just because three American presidents think his corrupt regime is more important to them than the brutal murder of 17 American sailors, and obtaining justice for those sailors. At how he can use American tax dollars for what ever he wants too while letting our sons killers live free.

And here comes election time again here at home. And there goes any hope for a trial for the Cole bombers again. If its not politics with Yemen, its politics here at home, or both. But to cancel, postpone, etc... is plain wrong. Its wrong to the murdered sailors, and their families. And for our nation as well. On 10/12/00 one of our nations naval ship's was attacked without no warning. American sailors were killed, and many others wounded. And nothing was done about it. And now 10 years later, still nothing is being done about it.

I have not posted in quite awhile. Nor have I replied back to many messages. I apologize for that. I have been very sick. But am feeling much better. I intend to respond back to everyone who has written me this past year. I have problems with my hands so just bear with me. We just got our computer hooked up right this morning.
Thanks for all the kind words, and invites on face book.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thank God For the Tea Party!

For nearly 10 years we have waited for the terrorists who murdered our son and his mates to be brought to justice. During that time only one terrorist who was connected to the attack and Al-Qaeda has been tried. And no I am not counting the trials of the Cole bombers who were tried in Yemens terrorists friendly courts. Those trials were a joke and a mockery of justice. And back here at home any attempts at bringing the terrorists to justice were derailed by the lunatic left, and the ACLU and friends. So really we were lucky to get the one lone terrorist tried and convicted for life.

But alot has changed in the past 15 months since Obama stopped the Gitmo trials. I personally think more has changed during this short amount of time in politics than at any other time I can remember in my life time. At first we were depressed to see Obama undo all the progress that had been made in bringing the terrorists to justice. And we feared that there may never be a trial, and or if there was one it would be just like the trials held in Yemen where the terrorists were given reduced sentences, paroled, or allowed to escape. But then the Tea Parties were organized, and held rallies which led to more Americans joining and or supporting the Tea Party. And the Tea parties are still growing!

And of course the rest is history now. Obama, and the politicians who support him are now on the defensive. It now appears that the Military Commissions are back on. And I think Obama's decision to reconsider his plan to have them tried in New York in a Federal court is a direct result of the Tea Party. So thank-you to all you Tea Party members!

For years now our presidents and politicians have been able to get away with just about anything and everything that they have wanted to. We Americans had grow use to politicians and all their lies and broken promises. And they the politicians new it too. And some of them took full advantage of that mass apathy. I think Obama thought he would be able to dismantle our democracy with little or no opposition. Boy was he wrong!

I don't think Obama and his liberal supporters ever considered the possibility of any meaningful resistance from the American people to their agenda. Well they underestimated the American people big time. In a perverse way Obama and the liberals coming to power have been a good thing for America. Their insane policies and even crazier ideas have done what nothing else could do, they have gotten the attention of the American people. But even better, Obama and the liberals have led to Americans becoming united with one common goal. Maintaining our values, traditions, and democracy.

15 months ago when I talked to friends and or people most of them had no idea that a country like Yemen even existed, and or that terrorists being freed back to Yemen would be released to kill again. But even that has changed now for the better. Obama has had to slow down his sending terrorists back to Yemen because of the increased attention from Americans.
And of course he is now considering on having the terrorists tried at Gitmo like they were going to be in the first place. So maybe, just maybe we might actually get a trial before the 10th anniversary of the attack on the USS Cole. Justice for the murdered sailors and their families has been delayed way to long.

What really amazes me though is the arrogance of Obama and his supporters. How at first they belittled and minimized the Americans who supported the Tea Party. That was and still is their biggest mistake. They made the same same mistake that would be dictators have made throughout history, they laughed and and ridiculed the "little people". And now they are making every accusation they can against the Tea Party people, that they are racists, hardcore militia members intent on overthrowing the government, etc... Another big mistake. Most sane Americans know the truth when they see it. And the truth being that its our own government which has become the enemy of the people. And that its now time for Americans to start paying attention to what our elected leaders are doing, and to stop the free passes, and to demand accountability from those leaders.

Sometimes when I watch Obama on TV he seems to be taking all this anger and attention from Americans personally. That a majority of Americans see him as the sole target for all the problems. But my opinion is that its an accumulation of all the broken promises, and lies that we Americans have had to endure for years now from our politicians from both parities. How none of the big problems ever really get fixed up on the Hill. Its always compromises, and or the problems are pushed back for another year while congress bickers. While the problems continued to grown bigger, and bigger. While we watched for years as our leaders ran in every direction from the truth, except towards it.

Obama just happened to be the proverbial straw that broke the camels back. During the campaign his talent for making speeches enthralled many Americans. He told Americans what they wanted to hear from a politician, but in the end he was the same old politician. And then to compound matters even worse, he came on the scene like a runaway freight train with all of his socialist policies. But no matter the cause really, because what counts is the effect he has had on Americans. And that effect was that He has united us again. And unfortunately for him, he represents what many Americans are united against.