Monday, April 25, 2011

Obama Helps Dictator Saleh To Avoid Standing Trial In Yemen For Crimes Against the Yemeni People

I knew that Obama would figure a way to save old Saleh's worthless hide! And he has unfortunately. It now appears that the brutal dictator Saleh who has murdered his own people, had dissidents throw in prison and tortured,  used Al-Qaeda to terrorize his own people and political enemies, and to gain money from the American government, who effectively thwarted the USS Cole investigation, who freed the Cole bombers, and other terrorists, and who let wanted Al-Qaeda sympathizers work and live in Yemen. Just to name a few of Saleh's crimes. 

But I just read anews report from the New York Times that states that a proposal was put together by a six block nation know as the Gulf Cooperation Council(GCC), and that this council had the input of the Obama administration. Of course it did. And that the opposition coalition in Yemen accepted the offer. But the opposition is made up of different groups, some who are not happy with the offer at all. And rightly so!

The proposal will let Saleh, and his family escape being tried in a Yemen Court for all his crimes against the Yemeni people.  Saleh and family have driven the country to the brink of total collapse. And they have all become millionaires in the process. Not counting all the Yemenis that Saleh's army and goons have murdered in cold blood. Its Sick, just plain sickening that Obama would take such action to help such a sick and twisted man like Saleh. But then again, Saleh was probably screaming his head off about how he would tell all of his dirty secrets to the courts if tried. Secrets that could make three American presidents look like bigger fools than they were for trusting Saleh in the first place.

The good news is that not all Yemenis have sold out to Obama, and the GCC. The youth movement and the street protesters have refused the offer. And stated that they will continue to protest.

Now it remains to see which opposition group in Yemen will win out. The Yemenis with political aspirations, or the everyday people. I hope for Yemen it will be the common people. Those who will not let Saleh, his family, and his friends escape the consequences that they all deserve so much, for all the pain and suffering that Saleh and company have put the Yemeni people through. And some Americans as well.

To the Protesters still fighting to have Saleh tried in court, Keep Up The Good Fight!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Obama Has Know For Two Years That Saleh's Regime Was Going To Crumble

Classified cables from the American Embassy in Sana, Yemen make it clear that Yemen's revolution was plotted and planned a long time in advance. That our European allies even warned Obama to forget Saleh. Even Yemen's neighbors, Saudi Arabia and Oman tried to warn Obama that all was not well with Saleh. But Obama chose to stick by his old friend despite all the warnings from other nations and the Yemeni opposition, and from members of Saleh's inner circle as well.

Same old story, different day, with a different president. Clinton exclaimed that "We had no credible warnings on the Embassy and USS Cole attack!" Now we know he did. And then Bush, "We had no warning about 9/11!" Now we know he did. And now Obama, "We had no warnings that all of our friendly Middle Eastern Dictatorships were going to be overthrown!" And now we know he did. Some of us have know for years that the Dictator Saleh was hanging on by his fingernails. We and others kept writing Bush and Obama as to why they kept throwing away good money on Saleh when his days were numbered. I am glad though that the press has finally caught on to the fact that Saleh's regime was not the strong and stable government that our presidents have portrayed it as for all these years.

What is so scary is how many times have we heard our presidents, and politicians tell us that they are the professionals, and we have nothing to worry about! And yet they keep doing the same things over and over and expecting different results! We are to believe that the uprisings in the middle east was just a spontaneous event! On One day everyone in the middle eastern countries are all Happy Campers and love their dictators. And the next day they are out in the street screaming for their dictators to be removed from power, and tried for corruption and murder. Yeah! Right! Obama and company were caught asleep at the wheel, and are trying to blame someone else for their own mistakes again. Like I said nothing new there.

 Three years ago we requested a Congressional Hearing into why our nation was supporting the Dictator Saleh, and his regime's part in the failed Cole investigation. It actually looked like for a time that the Hearing would take place. We had credible witnesses from Yemen, and America. Also, FBI agents, former military members, and members from different security agencies as well. But then all of a sudden we received a letter from Cornyn's office stating that there would probably be no such hearing. End of story. No reason why. Nothing. Now we know why, its about that time that Bush began to really amp up the counter terrorism aid to Saleh. And of course after Obama came on the scene, he gave Saleh even more money, and arms, and equipment. There was no way in hell that they could afford to have Saleh and and corrupt regime brought into the spotlight.  So both Bush and Obama made the decision to protect Saleh, instead of standing up for the murdered 17 sailors, and 39 more wounded, and stopping their support of a man who has routinely murdered his own citizens.

Both Bush and Obama had ample time to cultivate relations with Saleh's rivals, but neither one of them pursued that avenue. Even when members of Saleh's rivals reached out to both Bush and Obama. But both Bush and Obama just stuck to the same course regardless of how many times Saleh was caught lying, and or using Al-Qaeda for his own personal agenda. And It did not matter what Saleh did to his own people either, because in the end he still got a free pass. In the end the only people to stick by the brutal dictator Saleh, and his regime was Clinton, Bush, and now Obama.

Like the old saying goes, "you reap what you grow". And now Obama stands to have an even bigger headache than he did in dealing with the New Yemen, when Saleh is gone for good. And its all because three America presidents did not know when to change direction.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Obama Now Wants Saleh To Go!

Obama has maintained his support for the soon to be ex-president Saleh of Yemen even when Saleh's thugs and his military murdered innocent Yemeni protesters. Only because Obama and crew needed Saleh so he could continue his "war against Al-Qaeda". But it now appears that Obama has sold Saleh out, and is trying to broker a deal with the new Leaders of Yemen, who ever that may be. Its even rumoured that Obama is trying to find a place for Saleh and his family to be deported too. Along with his millions of dollars that Saleh and family have stolen from the Yemeni people. But at least Obama can now see what so many others could see for years, that Saleh needs to go! Obama is now backing the Yemenis who want Saleh's vice president to take the reins of power. There is one major problem with that choice though. The Student led Protesters don't want any of Saleh's old cronies and or Family members left behind. I agreed completely with the students. Their slogan should be "Out with the old! In with the New!" If the old VP is allowed to stay he will just be another Saleh with a different face. Or, "Here comes the New Boss, same as the old Boss".

The Students are angry with Obama because he refused to recognize their calls for democracy and Saleh's removal like he did with Mubarak of Egypt another long time ally of America who Obama wasted no time at all in throwing him under the Bus, in favor of the Egyptian people. And the students should be angry at Obama and company, and extremely leery of any proposals that he makes to them. It would not upset Obama at all if the VP was just another crook like Saleh was, as long as Obama gets to run his anti-terrorism programs in Yemen, the VP could continue Saleh's policies of looting Yemen of its resources, clamping down on the press, throwing dissenters in prison, etc...

There are those in Obama's crew who state that Saleh's replacement has to be one of Saleh's old gang, or someone who will continue to let the U.S. run its counter terrorism programs in Yemen, and have the Yemeni military continue its half hearted war against Al-Qaeda. Yet the young protesters have rejected that proposal. So Yemen remains a country on the brink of civil war, and becoming a failed state as well.

I hope the young people have the final say for the future of their country. But they will have to stand firm against all the competing parties that want to control the Yemeni government. Because some of those parties like Obama and crew are more worried about terrorism than things like dictators, and democracy.