Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Judge Refuses to Let the Trials at Gitmo Move Forward

Susan Crawford the judge who is responsible for deciding whether or not to bring charges against the terrorists at Gitmo refused to letMohammed al-Qahtani's trial go forward. Even though she admits that he is a very dangerous man.
Military prosecutors have stated that they would refile charges against Qahtani. But the good judge stated that the terrorist has recanted his previous confession. So what if he has recanted. How many convicts don't say that they are innocent even when there is a ton of evidence against them. Regardless she said that she will not let the prosecution go forward.
Either way its going to be an uphill battle for the Military Commission to get any of these guys convicted. Now that the lunatics are running the asylum things will get even more crazier if that's possible. Which it is.
What gives me hope is one article I read inNewsweek A liberal magazine that did a half decent article on this delima.And actually said something good about Bush! It appears that the more rational liberals have realized that Obama will not be able to satisfy all the insane and ludicrous demand concerning the closing and freeing of the terrorists. That these terrorists are fact in dangerous, some have killed American citizens and will kill again if given the chance. That obama will have to anger some of his radical supporters by figuring out just what to do with these brutal killers. One option, which I think he will use if he can,will be to release the terrorists to a country that promises to keep them locked away. And then if that host nation turns around and releases them, its not Obama's problem anymore. President Bush did exactly that same thing and it worked great. He was able to proclaim a great victory for the war on terror. Meanwhile the terrorists were released and pardoned in Yemen.
Either way Obama will have to do something. You know that he has to realize that we can be attacked again. And more Americans killed. If that happens his anti-terrorist policies will be front and center. And more importantly his political career could suffer big time. And no politician is going to risk their career.
It would be nice if that Judge would realize that two wrongs don't make a right. Was it wrong if that terrorist was tortured needlessly? Yes. But would it not be wrong just to release him. Yes. The fact remains that he planned to kill Americans, and was a member of Al-Qaead who had sworn allegiance to Bin Laden, and took an oath to kill Americans. And traveled all the way to America to do it. But that's the problem with liberals, they will burn down the village to save it. There is no middle ground in their book.

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