Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Congressman Drafts Bill To Stop Gitmo Terrorists From Comming To America

Republican Congressman John Shadegg has introduced a bill (HR1238) that would stop any of the Gitmo terrorists from ever being placed in a prison on American soil. Good for him! I commend the congressman and only wish that more of our politicians would follow his lead.

But the bill has to make it past the House Judiciary Committee , which will be a major hurdle in itself. If the bill gets past the Judiciary Committee which I doubt, it would then go to the House floor to be voted on. The second hurdle. In the past we(the Cole Families) have had one bill that never made it out of the committee, its still there somewhere gathering dust. Just like all the unanswered questions about the failed Cole investigation. And at least two requests for a Judiciary Hearing refused. The second request for a Judiciary hearing was actually looking like it would actually make it, when Democratic Senator Leahy killed it.

Leahy is now focusing his time on members of the Bush administration, trying to get them before a Truth Commissions on charges of authorizing torture, and anything else he can think of. So I don't see any democrats going against their main man Obama in trying to stop his plans on bringing the terrorists to America.

I personally find Leahy's Truth Commissions disgusting. The man is more interested in finding out if any of Bush's people broke any laws, then he is in finding out the truth in the failed Cole investigation and why our government is still supporting a dictator in Yemen who freed our sons killers, and still supports Al-Qaeda. Yet Leahy wants to find out if there is any truth that terrorists like al-Nashiri the Cole bomber was tortured, and who did it. Yet he denies the Cole families the right to have their questions answered. And he states that his actions are not political, and only for the good of the country.

What would be really unique is for more of our senators, and congresspeople to be just as worried about the rights of American Victims of Terrorism as much as they worry about the rights of the Terrorists. But then again we the victims have very few rights. So it would only be good politics to worry about the terrorists who can sue the government, than the families who have no options.

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  1. It's just a disgrace...who WILL speak out for the rights of the American people?