Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama May Set Some Gitmo Terrorists Free Here in America

Attorney General Holder has stated that some of the Gitmo terrorists may end up being released here in America. As of yet Obama has had little success in convincing other nations leaders to accept terrorists from Club Gitmo. So Obama's solution is to just release them here in America, and settle the problem the easy way. What a joke!

That is insane. Plain and simple. Other Nations refuse to accept these dangerous scumbags and all the risks that are associated with having the terrorists running around free in one of their countries. And rightly so. But Obama has a promise to keep to the ACLU, the liberals, and the Human Rights Groups to free these terrorists, and aims to keep it! Regardless if such potential actions may be detrimental to Americans, and America. I cannot understand how Obama would take such an enormous risk in setting just one of those Islamic fanatics free here in America. He must be really confident that his popularity could withstand all the criticism that would ensue if one just one of the freed terrorists was implicated in the murder of an American.

And then when you consider all the effort and resources that went into capturing these terrorists only to set them free boggles ones mind. Especially when Obama is doing all of this just for political reasons.

Of course the ACLU and friends are ecstatic about the prospect of freed terrorists living here in America. They are already talking about how they will be there for their freed terrorists friends to help them sue the American government after their release.

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  1. This sounds bad but, so far, these people were found innocent. Still, I'd be happier were they shipped back from where they came.