Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Saleh of Yemen Supports The Mass Murderer of the Sudan

President Saleh's support for the mass murderer President Al-Bashir of the Sudan comes as no surprise. The only major difference between Yemen and the Sudan is that Yemen was taken off the list of nations that support terrorism back in "92". Which of course was a major mistake for our government.

Both Saleh and Al-Bashir aid and abet terrorsim, and oppress their own people. An arrest warrant was recently issued by the International Criminal Court(ICC) for Al-Bashir. Last year when the ICC indicted Al-Bashir Saleh was one of the first nations leaders to voice his support for the madman, Al-Bashir.

Al-Bashir provided protection for Bin laden and other Al-Qaeda terrorists for years back in the nineties, in exchange for a ton of money from Bin laden. Saleh has done the same thing and still uses Al-Qaeda when he needs too. The Sudan was found responsible in Federal court for aiding in the attack on the USS Cole two years ago. But our lawyers are still fighting our own government to get them to release the monies that was awarded to the victims families as a result of that trial. And no doubt will be for years to come. Our Justice Department has 3o days to appeal the judges ruling. The judge ruled last month that the banks which hold the frozen funds to pay up. I suspect that the Justice Department will file their appeal on the last day. So much for our own government supporting victims of terrorism. But unfortunately our government will go to any lengths at not helping victims of terrorism. Especially when there is oil involved. Our case in that regard in not unique.

The Bush administration in its last two years was attempting to normalize relationships between our country and the Sudan. The Sudan has oil reserves which are comparable to Saudi Arabia. But then the indictment by the ICC put the Bush's administrations attempts at making nice with the mass murderer in the limelight. And they backed off somewhat from getting so cozy with Al-Bashir. And now we have Obama who is to meet with the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon this week to discuss the warrant for the Sudanese president.

The Shiek of Hate Al Zandani was also present at the rally for Al-Bashir in Sana'a Yemen. Al-Zandani has his own University in Yemen where he teaches aspiring terrorists how to hate and kill Jews, and Americans. The UN has listed him as a major supporter of terrorism. But President Saleh of Yemen refuses to take any action against him. Even though two of the Cole bombers attended his school of hate. And other graduates of his university have gone on to fight our soldiers in Iraq. I have written our government numerous times asking why they do not issue an arrest warrant for Al-Zandani numerous times, but never receive an answer back. The answer is obvious though. Our government knows that Saleh will not do anything against one of his biggest supporters. Which would only make our own government look even more foolish for their continued support of Saleh and his corrupt regime which aids and abets terrorism.

Representatives from Iran, Syria, Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad have all expressed their solidarity with Al-Bashir as well. I can understand all the above nations and groups coming together to support the mass murderer. They all have America and Israel as their common enemy. But to know that my own government supports Saleh of Yemen who not only supports but helps those nations, and groups with their sick and twisted agenda of killing innocent people is shameful.

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