Thursday, March 19, 2009

Suspected Cole Bomber Has His Purposal Rejected at Gitmo

Ahmed Zuhair, a Saudi terrorist at Gitmo just had his proposal for easing his conditions at Guantanamo rejected by the U.S. This wacko has been on and off again on a hunger strike since June of 2005, and has had to be force fed a liquid nutrient mix to keep the idiot alive. He has racked up 80 violations during his stay at Club Gitmo. He had requested to be moved to a medium security camp where his his fellow terrorists live in a communal dorm setting, have more time outside, and other privileges.

But the camp authorities fear that if they give in to his proposal that the other terrorists will demand less harsh living conditions. And they would. I wonder if it has ever occurred to this nut that if he just followed the camp rules he would then be allowed more privileges, like the other terrorists. Instead his lawyers are blaming the camps personnel for Zuhair's choice to abuse his own body. As usual.

Zuhair has been implicated in the attack on the USS Cole, he was convicted and sentenced in absentia as the leader of a car bombing in Bosnia in 1997, and he was involved in the murder of William Jefferson an American who was working for the United Nations at the time of his death.

And is it any wonder that Ahmed Zuhair is one of the ACLU and Human Rights Organizations so called favorite victims that they provide support for?

You can bet sure money that the more dangerous a terrorist is to not only Americans but other people as well, the more that the liberals will defend them and call them victims.

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