Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First Gitmo Terrorists Arrives in New York For Federal Court. While Obama Continues To Ignore The Tribunals

Its now official! This June 3rd the Convening Authority approved the case of Ali al-Bahlul, and that his life sentence will be executed. The accused will be confined in such a place as may be prescribed by the Commander, Joint task Force Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, or superior authority. For life! This past November 3rd we sat in the courtroom and watched as al-Buhul was sentenced to life in prison for his crimes. That was after his spill about how his friends in Al-Qaeda would continue to kill Americans no matter who became president, and so far he was right.

It was the next night at our guest quarters at Gitmo that we sat and watched as Obama was elected as the President of America. My wife's first question was, "Do you think the ACLU and friends will get Obama to give him a reduced sentence?" We both began to worry that night that such a possibility was possible. We had no doubt that Obama would and did cancel al-Nashiris trial, and close Gitmo. So we were extremely happy when we received the order confirming al-Buhlul's life sentence. Don't get me wrong, I am more than sure that Obama's favorite and most faithful supporters the ACLU, and the Far left loonies will continue with their propaganda campaign about what a raw deal al-Buhlul received at the hands of the Military Tribunal.

But even more important now though is that there is more evidence that the Military Tribunals work. Bin Laden's driver was freed back to Yemen after his trial. And then al-Buhlul got life. Yet Obama refuses to use the Tribunals as they are. At the very least he wants the terrorists to have more rights. What about our murdered sons rights Obama? And the thousands of other Americans whose voices were silenced forever by the terrorists at Gitmo. Oh that's right, their dead and they have no high profile advocates like the ACLU, and Amnesty International to advocate for them.

And just today we read where the Obama administration has transferred a terrorists from Gitmo to New York to stand trial in Federal Court. Ahmed Ghailani who helped to murder 224 people in the Al-Qaeda attack on the U.S. Embassies in Tanzania and Kenya back in 1998 will began his trial there. Even though the majority of Americans do not want the terrorists on America soil, and or tried in a Federal Court.

But Obama is determined to have his liberal beliefs implemented regardless of the risk to Americans. His reasoning to have the terrorists tried in America is completely irrational. Its a fact that Gitmo has been declared one of the finest prisons in existence. Even by Obama's own people. Its a fact now that the Tribunals can be fair and impartial. Yet all we here from the mainstream media is the opposite. There was very little coverage if any of the announcement concerning Al-Buhlul's life sentence, let alone his trial. Because such coverage would be counterproductive to the Obama administrations political agenda, and of course the ACLU too.

And now Obama is going to shove his illogical and extremely dangerous decision down the throats of the majority of Americans. Even though a bill was passed last month 90 to 6 that banned the transfer of terrorists from Gitmo.

Looking on the bright side of things though is that Ghailani apologized to all of us Americans at his farewell hearing at Gitmo. He stated "I would like to apologize to the United States government for what I did before, " and "It was without my knowledge what they were doing, but I helped them." His apology even though insincere was fresh and different for a change. As opposed to Obama running around the world and saying how sorry we Americans are for what we did to the terrorists, and radical Islam.

And now the ACLU and their cohorts will have a new so called victim to identify with right here in their own front yard. Get ready to hear a litany of horror stories that were perpetuated on this poor soul while he was a guest at Guantanamo. Even though the ACLU and friends attempts to portray the terrorists as victims, their antics can be and often are quite entertaining to rational and responsible adults. But their actions are nothing but a disguise for being one of the most evil, and detrimental organizations to America that has ever existed.

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